This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is female Pop Stars.

A Britney Spears sort of morning.

Before we get into our links for the day, a quick ‘head-up’ as debuting later today will be a new addition and Brewers-centric column, A Simple Kind of Fan from BrewTownBoozer.  Make sure to check back or keep an eye on twitter ( @PocketDoppler or @WallyPingel ) to read the inaugural installment.

Aaron with what is becoming a recurring theme, win or lose:  McCarthy Can’t Win…With Packer Fans .

ACME Packing Company with thoughts on Packer Punter Tim Masthay & other items,  Miscellaneous Masthay: Green Bay Packers Punter Deserves More Respect Following Win Over Eagles .

Packer Update  Gives the D an A+ on final play  of the Wildcard Playoff game.

Better late than never, The Bucky Channel and their thoughts on the weekend’s Packers-Eagles game .

The Badgers hoops team is back on the hardwood tonight, here’s a preview from a Michigan State point of view .

 Marquette was playing last night, taking down Notre Dame 79-57 .

Wisconsin Sports Tap on Brewers pitching prospect  Andre Lamontagne .

I wish the Packers weren’t in here so much, The 50 Biggest NFL Playoff Fails .

Wait, what?  Al Gore didn’t invent the Internet?  10 Common Misconceptions Found on Wikipedia .

 I’m not sure how carried away I would get here, I mean they are making/delivering it for you,  11 “Special Instructions” For Pizza Delivery Places .

For the Dexter fans out there, or at least Chris & I,  Dexter Infographic Is a Killing Spree Scoreboard of Awesomeness .

I don’t know, roasted camel doesn’t sound that bad: Top 10 Worst Foods In The World .

We’ll go from the worst to perhaps the best,  World’s Most Expensive Foods & Drinks .

It’s Lily Aldridge, in a bikini .

Let’s Just Calm Down a Bit Here – James Starks is being treated as the possible bona fide savior to bring balance to The Force…er…I mean offensive attack of the Packers.  However, didn’t we see this before?  You’ll recall Starks debut when he played well against San Francisco and was promptly benched the next week.  I’ll be curious to see how this week plays out for Starks and then ultimately how McCarthy decides to use him and the run game in general come Saturday.  Will we see the balanced attack we did on Sunday, or will McCarthy go back to the air?  I’m hoping for the former & if Starks puts up similar numbers for a second straight game, then I may actually be jumping on the bandwagon.

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