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Welcome to the Week 11 Version of the Milwaukee Bucks Mid-Week Report:

The intensity that the Bucks held against the Miami Heat for an extended overtime defeat wasn’t enough to beat Miami, but it is enough to beat the other 28 teams in the league. The 23 point demolishing of the New Jersey Nets was exactly what the fans needed, and it’s too bad the win didn’t come at home, where the energy desperately needs to be sustained.

What We Have Seen :

We’ve seen the Bucks’ bench play out of their minds this week. Chris Douglas-Roberts has gotten 57 in the last two games off the bench, Corey Maggette got 20 in his first upgrade off the bench, and Earl Boykins has been a very reliable scorer for this team. With plenty of injuries still inflicting, enough guys on the bench are taking advantage of their extra playing time as a showcase for their chance to start more often. That is how true basketball teams operate.

What We Have Not Seen :

We have not seen a corresponding roster move after the Bucks got rid of Brian Skinner again this year. He was part of the training camp roster but was left out when the season started and the team was capped at 15 players. A number of injuries forced the team to bring him back, but he only saw action in 2 games and was sent on his way this week. Will there be a simple transaction to fill that spot, or does reigning Executive of the Year GM John Hammond have something up his sleeve?

What We Wish We Would Have Seen :

There is an amendment to previous statements we have made about Andrew Bogut. Yes, it is still true that the team’s chances of winning are a lot lower when he doesn’t get many shot attempts, but what about when he misses the game entirely? Bogut had 0 shots taken against the Nets, but the Bucks still found plenty of ways to win. The amending statement is that Bogut’s role with the team is still heavily-demanding. Along with a high-paced point guard, Bogut helps control the flow of the game on both offense and defense. But the other three spots on the floor contribute to the energy of the game. At certain times (Saturday vs. New Jersey), that energy can be enough to off-set a lesser performance by Bogut.

What We Wish We Would Have Not Seen :

It was tough watching the Orlando Magic game. Bogut had 5 fouls midway through the 3rd quarter, but still remained in the game as the only option possible to guard the Magic’s Dwight Howard. He fouled out in the 4th as expected, and wasn’t able to add much to the losing effort by the Bucks. Watching Andrew play soft on defense in order to avoid that 6th foul was a bit painful for fans.

What We Wish We Could See But It Has Not Happened Yet So Therefore We Cannot See It :

In the next 25 games for Milwaukee, there are 6, count them six, games against teams with winning records. That means 19 of the next 25 games come against losing teams. The actual math is that those 19 opponents have a combined winning percentage of 35%. That part of the schedule is what some refer to as “cupcake.” But for the Bucks, they will refer to it as “must win.” Perhaps the term “urgency” will be tossed in.

As of now, a .500 record is good enough for the 6-seed in the Eastern Conference playoffs. If Milwaukee wins the 19 “cupcakes” and loses the other 6, they will be 33-27 entering the month of March. Those easy schedule games are all “must win”, and the teams needs to play with some urgency, while maintaining the energy they held against Miami and New Jersey.

Some Stats to Know :

Last 10 Games: 4-6 Record (3-4 road, 1-2 home)

Next 10 Games: 6 Road (.452 Oppenent’s %), 4 Home (.551 %)

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  • BigSnakeMan

    While the Bucks no doubt will need to win against the so-called “cupcake” teams, many of those opponents will view their games against Milwaukee in the same way. If they can come out of that stretch at or even near .500, they will have done well.

    Good to see CDR finding his way. It’s looking more and more like the Bucks will have gotten a bargain in that deal.

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