This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is women with January Birthdays.

A Kelly Kelly sort of morning.

Ol’ Bag of Donuts loves BJ Raji , can’t say that I blame them.

4th & 26 on Packers vs. Eagles II: Why past results can predict future performance .

PackerNet is  starting to get nervous .

It wouldn’t be a pre-game Friday without Holly’s Opposition Talking Points .

Looking at the NFC Wildcard Games with Midwest Sports Fans.

For once the Badgers news yesterday wasn’t about Paul Chryst, but rather on Badgers’ DE JJ Watt making his decision to enter the NFL Draft .

Bucksketball on  all disappointment all the time at small forward for the Bucks.

About time,  Taiwanese Animation Strikes Again, Thanks To Brett Favre’s Latest Allegations .

There’s a reason, starts with an ‘S’ & finished with ‘TEROIDS’,  5 Hall of Fame Worthy Baseball Players That Will Never Get There .

No need to embellish this title:  New Study Says University Of Wisconsin Is The Greatest University In The History Of The World .

Some advice for all of our readers still in school, How To Write A College Paper .

I found these pretty amusing, not sure what that says about me though: 11 Spectacularly Nerdy License Plates .

Sadly, including The Office in here is the right call,  Five Shows That Actually Weren’t Killed Soon ENOUGH .

Morally obligated to post this stuff:  Candice Swanepoel continues to dominate .

Well, gosh, kind of a lot’s happened since then – Yes, this is a re-match of two teams that played in Week 1 of the NFL season, but these are the same two teams in name only.  Injuries have forced both the Packers & Eagles to change how they do things, some for better and some for worse.  For the Eagles, Vick being able to come in for Week 1 starter Kevin Kolb and succeed has been a God send.  For the Packers, to be able to have withstood the onslaught of IR’d players and still be in the playoffs is almost a miracle unto itself. So calling this a re-match, while technically true, is far from the actual truth. 

Coming up this afternoon we’ll have our post-season version of Pocket Doppler Prognosticators, make sure to have a great no-holiday weekend and we’ll see you back here on Monday.

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