SSSSHHHHH…..don’t tell anyone. Barry Alvarez wants to keep Paul Chryst in Madison in case Bret Bielema leaves and have him be the coach-in-waiting for Wisconsin Badgers. That will be easier said than done.
Chryst has developed a reputation as one of the top offensive coordinators in all of college football and has been pursued by the Dallas Cowboys as an offensive assistant on two separate occasions. He is a hot commodity who could make upwards of $1 million at the University of Texas…likely double what he could make at the University of Wisconsin. Chryst interviewed for the University of Minnesota head coaching position, and the University of Pittsburgh is also rumored to be interested in Chryst as a head coach candidate.

Chryst is a Wisconsin native and his family is very comfortable living in Madison. Will that be enough to keep him at UW? How much money can Alvarez come up with as a raise after this past year’s outstanding success. Chryst relishes coaching football and is not an avid recruiter, something that may factor into his long range plans.

Will he stay or will he go? Stay tuned.


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  • Brian

    What is the likelihood that Bielema could ever leave? I’ve read a few articles on the perfect relationship between Alvarez and Bielema. Unless Bielema knows he could get that same support from an AD somewhere else, he’d have no reason to leave. Well, besides a ton of money.

    But yes, Chryst is a hot commodity and is going to want a top spot eventually.

  • Jon

    I think it is a good relationship when times are good…not too long ago the relationship was rocky. Where would Bielema go? No idea…but another 11 win season might open an NFL door.

  • BigSnakeMan

    I don’t think BB has the reputation yet where a lot of premier teams are going to pursue him as a head coach. And with the way the Rose Bowl played out, he certainly didn’t help himself in that regard.

    As I wrote last Sunday, I think he’s the type of coach who will be at UW for quite a while.