This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is women with January Birthdays.

As Angela Lindvall sort of morning.

From Jersey Al’s Packers Blog, On Tilt: The Psychology of Lovie Smith’s Texas Hold ‘em Showdown Against the Packers .

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John shares his experiences at Lambeau the past two weeks with  A View From the Stands .

With Desmond Bishop’s extension, the Packer Update is wondering  so who’s out?

It looked OK for awhile, but  Dwyane Wade’s fourth quarter explosion dooms Milwaukee .

Don’t like the sound of this at all,  Paul Chryst on his way out of Wisconsin?

Disciples of Uecker on how new Brewers skipper Ron Roenicke Understands the Leadoff Role .

Some consolation for those with out a team playing this weekend:  How the 20 NFL fan bases that missed the playoffs should feel heading into the offseason .

But it’s sort of run to believe they’re true,  6 Sports Rumors That Are Total Bullsh*t .

Interesting and entertaining, 6 Presidential Secrets Your History Teacher Didn’t Mention .

These may actually all be true: 35 Undeniable Life Truths .

The ‘Jenny Quits’ one was the best,  The 8 Greatest “Hot Chick” Internet Hoaxes .

I am so headed to the Gin Museum:  10 Museums Dedicated To Your Favorite Drink .

Yes she is,  Caite Upton is alllll growed up .

Reaping the Reward – The big news out of Packer-ville yesterday was the extension of ILB Desmond Bishop.  Previous to this year, Bishop had always been a pre-season wunderkind, someone everyone would ooh & aah over but come the regular season would sit on the bench in relative obscurity.  With the injury to Nick Barnett this year, Bishop got the call and has played marvelously.  It will be interesting to see what happens next year with the ILB rotation, but as far as I am concerned a starting position opposite…whoever, is Bishop’s to lose.

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  • Rich Ward

    35 Undeniable Truths:

    “7. Not one shred of evidence supports the notion that life is serious.”

    Words to live by.