I’ve refrained from chiming in on the “Bears still suck” debate, because well, I haven’t experienced enough of the rivalry (yet) to form a well balanced opinion. That said, I believe Mignon McLaughlin sums up the entire situation quite eloquently. Yes, eloquently. 

“Hate leaves ugly scars; love leaves beautiful ones.” -Mignon McLaughlin

We love to hate Bears fans. We may chant, rant and rave, but it is purely out of bitter, irrational and mind-bending hatred love and respect. I am fairly certain the Chicago Bears faithful feel the exact same way. Out of love, scar away.

Still, it is all minute compared to the match up today between the NFC North Champion Chicago Bears and the Green Bay Packers. The Bears are playing for pride, respect and possibly the #1 seed in the NFC (don’t count on it). The Packers, on the other hand, are playing their most important game of the season. Win, they (we) are in.

Lose, barring losses by both Tampa Bay and the Giants, it’s all for naught. It’s another several weeks of postseason football void of purpose. It’s another several months before Green Bay retakes the field. It’s a season ended at the hands of the only team we hate as much, if not more, than the Minnesota Vikings. Worst of all, it’s a crucifixion at the hands of Bear fans.

Que Dios tenga piedad de mi alma…

[ http://www.spanishdict.com/  ]

RahimT12 : “If I’m McCarthy, I’d tell team that Carolina won, the Bucs won, and the Giants will win. Playoff mentality even if you play Bears JV.”


Pregame news and notes:

kareemcopeland : “Bears inactives: QB Hanie, CB Graham, CB J. Moore, RB Bell, G Johnson, G/C Williams, WR Bennett and DT Harrison.”

packers : “Packers inactives: Harrell, Bigby, Hall, Gordy, Zombo, Dietrich-Smith, McDonald, Jenkins. Walden will start at ROLB for Zombo.”

Harrell is out?!

jasonjwilde : “Pack Journalism: Sunday, January 2, 2011: Here at ESPNMilwaukee.com and ESPNMadison.com, Jason Wilde writes A…. http://bit.ly/hGNriD

jrehor : “New on GPN: Packers vs. Bears = Football Heaven-it all comes down to today http://bit.ly/g4BVyS

crichar3 : “Packers get props for finding a way to contend despite injuries — http://j.mp/dVpGMD

FanPackers : “Joes Gameday Preview Bears at Packers: It’s the last game of the 2010 regular season for the Chicago Bears, and … http://www.nflfootballonline.com/joeya/weblog/9830/joes-gameday-preview-bears-at-packers.html?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter

MattBowen41 : ” NFP’s Dan Pompei talks with Packers’ coach Mike McCarthy in his Sunday Blitz, plus Pro Bowl snubs, NFL news and notes. http://bit.ly/ezp4Vt

Is it just me, or has McCarthy become much more candid and direct this season?

PACKERHQ : “Week 17: Chicago Bears (11-4) @ Green Bay Packers (9-6) http://tinyurl.com/25l7j7q

ESPN_NFCNblog : “NFC North Friday injury report – http://es.pn/fs7RLo

PackersLounge : Jersey Al: “Hey Lovie Smith, Play With Your Best (Packers Will Win Anyway) http://bit.ly/dTbIgU

And because I’m fair…

bearshq : “Chicago Bears vs. Green Bay Packers Gameday Preview http://bit.ly/eCUEGr #beardown

bearsgab : “Bears-Packers preview and prediction: I’m a Nebraska Cornhusker fan. Unfortunately, we just came off our most… http://bit.ly/h7dmn5

And some trash talk…

PackerRanter : “Sometimes I like to ponder what the inscription is on Jay Cutler’s night light. I bet it’s sweet and affirming.”

Jay (Dirk Diggler) Cutler :  “I am a star. I’m a star, I’m a star, I’m a star. I am a big, bright, shining star. That’s right .”

BearsHQ : “So, the Packers fans are recovering from long evenings of liquid courage. They know today is elimination day…”

BlaqShady : “My prediction,and this coming from someone who’s been as pessimistic as they come the last month or so: Packers cream the Bears. No contest.”

BearsHQ : “I love how the Packers fan keep saying ‘The Bears still suck’ …Since the Packers will finish behind the Bears, Packers really suck.”

***Number of Championships: Green bay = 12, Chicago = 9***

bearshq ; “The past is for cowards and losers -Mike Ditka”

RichWardJr : “Says a coach known today more for an SNL skit, a DWI in ’85, trading the farm for Ricky…”

That’s the first time I’ve ever posted my own comment. I feel…dirty.

And Brett Favre doing his best Vanilla Ice…

Dan_ODonnell : Brett Favre + Vanilla Ice = Pure Hilarity. http://bit.ly/icqEO6

And random Tweets I found amusing…

PackerRanter : “Is 2011 the year I can finally get bratwurst and kraut in pill form? It would save a lot of a space when packing for tailgating.”

h_t84 : Painkillers, water, daughter asleep, same shirt and pants as last weeks game, leftover turkey. I’m ready for the Packers game.

And intriguing side bets…

BearsGab : “Hey Tundravision We still on? Straight up, loser wears opposing team garb & posts pic to blog.”

TundraVision : “Straight up. *twitterhandshake*”

jrehor : ” BearsHQ and I have a wager. If the Packers win, I get to post on his site. If the Bears win, he gets to post on GPN. Should I be nervous?”

And the weather…

ZachZaidman : “Tom Thayer to me moments ago: ‘This may be one of the coldest times in all my trips to Green Bay.’ The field is in outstanding shape considering the frigid temps in Green Bay.” (Zaidman is Bears’ sideline reporter, Thayer is Bears’ play-by-play announcer and a former NFL player)

WUnderground : “Today (Green Bay) – Mostly sunny. Highs 15 to 18. Southwest wind 10 to 20 mph. Wind chills to 10 below zero in the morning.”
(The) Rachel__Nichols : “Greetings from the (windy) frozen tundra of Lambeau Field. Windchill minus-7″
jrehor “A fabulous day in the Bay!”

And a random statistic…

*** ZachZaidman : Packers have been behind in games for a total of just 15 minutes and 47 seconds this season***

And, and, and, and, and game on.

1st Quarter

mikedsaenz : “Hope today is not the last time I’m saying this but GO-PACK-GO!”

foundinidaho : “I think I’m more nervous than I was before the first Minny game this year. And that’s saying something.”

jaymelee1 : “Amped for this game. ‘I am the warrior’ stuck in my head. Warrior paint on http://twitpic.com/3mfiic http://twitpic.com/3mfii8

“Who’s the hunter, who’s the game? …Bang, bang! I am the warrior!”

Let’s hope Green Bay is the hunter today.

MikeVandermause : “Today’s Packers captains: John Kuhn, Ryan Pickett, Brett Goode.”


[Update: Tampa Bay beats New Orleans 23-13.]

olbagofdonuts : “Tampa score not on the board at Lambeau. Guessing McCarthy requested that.”


***Joe Buck and Troy Aikman calling today’s game. I’m considering the mute button***

14:49 Green Bay set to receive and Shields dances to the 28 yard line

14:30-13:30 Brandon Jackson bursts up the middle for 8 yards on 1st down. Quinn Johnson just drilled Urlacher. 2nd down, Rodgers finds Driver for no gain.

13:24 3rd and 1, the give to Kuhn…1st down! (John Kuhn 9/9 on 3rd and short carries this season)

Interesting formation in the backfield.

  Aaron_Nagler : “Holy formation Batman. Every ‘Heavy’ on the roster on 3rd and 1.”


Just missed 3 plays due to Dish Network service, a glowing endoresement.

11:32 2nd and 2, Grean Bay at the Chicaco 42. Kuhn for notta.

It looks a bit chilly out there.

PackersLounge : “Dear A-Rod turtlenecks are not cool.”

10:54 3rd and short, Rodgers back to pass… “Dumps it off” to Jackson for…dropped. Wide open. 4th down.

packergeeks : “Cannot afford stupid mistakes.”


***Devin Hester averaging 17 yards per punt return***

Tim Masthay forced hester to call a fair catch at the 14 yard line. This guy just might be on to something.

BrianCarriveau : “Packers open in nickel D.”

10:47 1st down Chiacgo at the 14 yard line, Matt Forte stilled at the line of scrimmage by Clay Matthews! The mane is out in full force today.

BillMichaels620 : “Matthews shot the gap, good pick up. No gain.”

PAIGER33 : “Wow, it was as if Matthews was in the Bears brains there. Too easy.”

10:30-9:30 Cutler tosses to the right on 2nd and 10 and Forte gains 3. 3rd down and 7, delay of game…Make that 3rd and 12 at the Bears 12 yard line. Blitz, anyone?

BrewCrewBabe : “IT IS SO LOUD”

9:10 3rd and 12…Cutler with a knuckler to Forte, not nearly enough. Hello punt team.

Cutler none too pleased.

TundraVision : “Waaahhhhhhhhhhhhh! I’m Jay Cutler! Waaahhhhhhhhhh!”

Troy Aikman : That delay of game penalty realy hurt the Bears.”

That’s why the pay him the big bucks.


8:39 Tramon Williams hauls in Maynards boot, up to the 40.

Joe buck : “Green Bay runs it enough to keep the defense honest, but they make their money through the air.”

7:37 1st and 10, delayed handoff to Jackson…Picks up a short 2. 2nd and 10.

Abandon the run! Abandon the run!

7:22 Screen to Jackson, shoots by Briggs for 9 and a 1st down at the Chicacgo 49 yard line.

6:41 Rodgers back to pass… has “all day” and there is JAMES STARKS for a gain of 14. Down to the 34 of Da Bears.

Aaron_Nagler : “Put Starks in the Hall!”

***4 different receivers with receptions***

6:54 Woah, nearly picked off by DT Anthony Adams…Scott Tolzien…2 point conversion…


How long does Lovie Smith play the starters?

PackTherapyDave : “I think I saw Lovie doing Suduko on the sidelines.”

6:15 Rodgers in the gun on 2nd down an 10. There’s Driver over the middle! FUMBLE. Now Lovie’s awake…Bears recover, take over possession at their own 32 after the turnover.

greenandgold19 : “Ball got Crisco on it?!?”

PackersLounge : “This will be Driver’s last year as the #2. Nothing to do with that fumble.”

‘Quickie to the Bench’ coming out in 2011?

Foundinidaho : “Still love my Donald Driver.”


Favre all done?

JuddZulgad : Favre: ‘It’s time. I know it’s time. That’s OK. I hold no regrets.’ Favre thanks Packers and their fans. ‘It was special,’ he said.

ESPN NFC North Blog : Video: Favre on final game of season http://bit.ly/dXMafy

Brett Lorenzo : “One game doesn’t define me.” …No, but one text message does.

TundraVision : ” Now begins the “Favre Forgiveness Campaign”, brought to you by Brittany Favre, Bus Cook, and Wranglers.”

[Update: Brett Favre sued for sexual harassment ]

Two minutes spent on #4 and I already have a headache. Be right back, I have to wash my hands.

5:46 After the Peanut Tillman fumble recovery, Bears with the ball. Cutler drops back and Raji says “get outta my house!”…swats the ball away.

jsutlookin : “Defense needs to get the ball back….pick 6 please?”

5:36 2nd and 10, Joe Buck : “Cutler with time, slings it and nearly picked off by Desmons Bishop!”

Up go Jay’s arms in disgust, further down drops my respect. 

My dad : “We’ve got to get Cutler crying.”

5:43 3rd and 10, Rasheed Davis picks up an irrelevant 6 from Cutler. Vanilla offense by the NFC North champs, and it’s 4th down.


Joe Buck : “Brad Maynard 2/2 after a 48 yard punt and no return. Green Bay will begin at their own 10 yard line.”

4:48 Rodgers looking…dances to the right…a hand on his back! But Jordy Nelson widddeee open across the middle and picks up 25. Does any quarterback in the NFL use their legs to create time like Aaron Rodgers? Seriously.

PackerDrunk : “JORDY”

4:30-3:30 1st down at the 35, no gain. 2nd down, James Jones is good for 8.

Joe Buck : “The minute you focus on Greg Jennings, Jordy Nelson shows up. Then it’s James Jones or Donald Driver. This is what they do so well.”

3:02 3rd and 2…Rodgers scrambles up the middle…Peppers! Concussion! …Tommy Harris! Broken ankle! …Lance Briggs! Torn ACL! …Brian Urlacher! Get down!  …Rodgers slides for a short gain of my heart just nearly exploded. 4th down.

TundraVision : “Another Rodgers concussion would really ruin my weekend.”

Concussing Cutler could save mine. Okay, maybe just a stinger.

BillMichaels620 : “Briggs and Adams were all over Rodgers. Line was a sieve there. Bears brought all the linebackers and were in Man Coverage.”

*** jenlada : “Packers now 1/3 in 3rd down situations.”***


Line drive punt and out of bounds at the 16 yard line of Chicago.

PACKERHQ : “Time to give Tim M his due…punter found!”

greenandgold19 : “Masthay’s got the game plan down…Hester, NO SOUP FOR YOU!”

What happened? I blacked out after the Rodgers scramble.

2:30 Grrr, Matt Forte counters left for 24 yards on 1st down. No outside containment from Walden, none. 1st down at the 41 for Chiacago.

Aaron_Nagler : “Terrible by Walden there.”

1:44 Forte moving left, cuts back to the right…

Little Fockers! …Was a good movie, I mean.


…Forte finally brought down by Nick Collins after another 23 yards. Chicago down to the Green bay 38.

PACKERHQ “Allow me…What the He– is going on out there!”

A 2nd is necessary…

RahimT12 : “May I repeat. WHAT THE HE– IS GOIN ON OUT THERE?!”

0:48 Chester Taylor bottled up for 2. 2nd and 8 at the Green bay 36. 

0:39 Raji responds by nearly sacking Cutler, incomplete pass. He JUST got the pass off. If he’s going to play all day, keep hitting him!

0:32 3rd and 8 at the Green Bay 36…moving from right to left…fans at Lambeau aren’t going anywhere…Ah, Cutler has to call a timeout. Somebody’s grumpy.

PackerRanter : ” Cutler: ‘Get me a damn kleenex!’ ”

0:32 And again on 3rd down…Jarius Wynn! AJ Hawk! SACKED! Decked! Lit up! Beautiful, man. 

ps. An adorable stiff arm attempt by Jay Cutler there.

DaleZawada : “Keep risking Cutler’s health, Lovie. 2 hits, 1 sack, and GB is playing mean(not good, but mean). Win or go home!”

***51st sack allowed by Chiacgo this season, most in NFL***

PAIGER33 : “Got to hand it to the Packers D after giving up back-to-back 20+ yard runs to Forte, they settled down and force another Bears punt.”

I honestly thought Aj Hawk was Clay Matthews on that play.

Aaron_Nagler : That’s the most explosive blitz I’ve ever seen from Hawk.

zcalvelli : “Totally agree. He looks like a different guy.”



2nd Quarter

15:00-14:00 Green Bay starts at 20 after the touchback by Maynard. Back-to-back carries for Starks and 12 yards total. Why not ride him all day?

BillMichaels620 : “Tinoisamoa had Starks in the backfield but Starks leaped the tackle and kept his feet going.”

13:48 1st down at the 31, Rodgers with a quick toss out to Driver. Gain of 2. Like a run, I suppose.

12:32 Driver adds another 10.

Joe Buck : Driver trying to get this crowd woken up.”

12:21 Rodgers avoids a sack… BIG gainer by Greg Jennings! Close to 40 yards, but…

kareemcopeland : “Hold on Bulaga. That will come back…”

Playoff form, indeed.

Asshalo : “Might as well be a sack. Offense needs to get a handle on this quick.”

PACKERHQ : “Not all on Bulaga..Rodgers scrambles right on a play that was designed left. Asking your tackles to do way too much.”

11:55 Rather than 1st and 10 at the bears 27, it’s 1st and 20 at green bay 31. Dancing, dancing and Rodgers gets utterly dropped. Urlacher found him first, Henry Melton a close 2nd. 2nd and 24…

TundraVision : “Okay. I don’t want to belabor the point, but empty set shotgun is NOT in Rodgers’ best interest.”

Joe Buck : ” How many Giants fans are flipping back and forth hoping ‘keep the heat on, Lovie Smith’ ”

How many Joe? Oh do please tell us, will you?

[Update: New York leading Washington 3-0]

10:48 Rodgers escapes pocket, but thrown to the turf by Lance briggs…Is a gain of 2 worth the entire livelihood of your team Aaron?!

What was that about empty set? Cheese and rice.

RahimT12 : “Copious amounts of beer being consumed… GO PACK GO”

10:14 Kuhn picks up 7 on 3rd down after lowering the boom on Tillman, but Packers forced to punt again.

rothchris : “Packers 4 possessions….3 punts and a fumble. Playing with fire?”

Playing without fire.

jasonjwilde : “Not a great start, that’s for sure.”

htphelps : “Packers offense reverts to Detroit form. Blech.”


Joe Buck : “Masthay hits a beauty.”

  Midwestfan : ” TimMasthay = The man”

Is it possible to ride your punter to the playoffs?

SarahSpain (ESPN): Special teams getting it done for GB…

9:47 Bears begin at the 24 and Rasheed Davis gets just that, another 24.

9:11 1st and 10 at the 48, fake screen left…No one fooled…Forte gains 3 on a short swing pass right.

8:30-7:30 2nd down, gain of 4. 3rd and 2, Cutler avoids ANOTHER(!) sack. Forte catches the bullet from Cutler….Just like that, 20 yard gain and Bears now in the redzone.


PackersOnReddit : “I can see the lions being a 13-3 team next year.”

Nittany Lions? Columbia Lions? Southeastern Louisiana Lions?

6:49 1st and 10 down at the Green Bay 18. Rasheed Davis for 9.

“Go Pack Go” …Fans are still all in.

***Opposing offenses score TDs when in Green Bay redzone over 50% of the time this season***

6:03 Nick Collins blows up Rasheed ‘WHO?!’ Davis but after another 8 yard pick up.

BradBiggs : “Anybody tell the Packers they have to win to get in the playoffs?”

5:33 Joe Buck: “Bj Raji certainly playing at a probowl level” …takes Forte down for no gain on 1st and goal.

5:01 2nd and goal, incomplete.

Troy Aikman : “Looks like Green bay might have gotten away with a hold”

Jsutlookin : “I might jump throught the TV and strangle Aikman.”

foundinidaho : “All right D, show some poise. You’re certainly capable.”

4:48 3rd and goal…Where’s Walden! THERE HE IS! JAY CUTLER SACKED!

More than capable! :)

H_T84 : “DJ Eric Walden is mixing it up! Sackin’ & Scratchin’ all night long!”

PackerRanter “Cutler is drowning in Walden Pond.”

TundraVision : “Walden isn’t as cool to say as “Zombo”. And Zombo has that cool Zorro celebration. Perhaps Walden can do a Thoreau Dance?”

Two Henry David Thoreau references in one Packer game? Excellent. 

4:28 Robbie Gould money from 34-yards.

Sternhe : “Bend not break. Nice stand.”

jasonjwilde : “After Walden’s sack, Robbie Gould is good from 30 yards, 3-0 Bears.”

3-0 Green Bay losing. Losing!

4:21 Pat Lee catches, returns the kick to the 40. Waiting for a flag…

foundinidaho : “Nicely done, Pat Lee.”

jsutlookin : “Let’s make use of this good field position…we need a score.”

***Packers first 4 possessions - 3 punts and a fumble***

4:15-3:15 (1) Run, (2) dropped pass, false start on Bryan Bulaga, 3rd and long.

BillMichaels620 : “Peppers presence causes Bulaga to jump….3rd and LONGER now. For as good as the O line was vs. the NY Giants, they’re back to ‘n0 push’ vs. the Bears here today.”

 3:10 (3) And a Rodgers scramble…4th down. Putrid.

RahimT12 : “#Scared”


foundinidaho  “Buck up, it will be fine.”


…punting… Bears to start at the 32.


3:00-2:00 warning - ALREADY!!

1:52 3rd and 1, Cutler rifles it to Knox! Tramon “snubbed” Williams breaks it up, incomplete.


Midwestfan “1:45, 2 timeouts. Lets see how Mike McCarthy manages this.”

1:45-1:30 1st and 10 at the 17 yard line. Rodgers hits Quarless for 8 on 1st down, scrambles for 8 on 2nd.

Troy Aikman : “The Bears are hoping that missed 3rd and short does not come back to bite them.”

Joe Buck : “Starters still in there for Chicago.”

1:18 1st down, incomplete. 2nd down, Rodgers rolling left….rollling….Lets it go! Stolen out of the air by Quarless! …But out of bounds! Gah!

Flag! Julius Peppers called for a personal foul. He shouldered Rodgers to the ground. That’s a clean hit through and through. Ref got it wrong. 

Joe buck : “That’s a bad call.”

Troy Aikman : “Terrible call. I don’t agree with that.”

Okay, I change my mind. Great call!

jsutlookin : ” Oh Aikman shut the F up!”

chris_jenkins34 : “Perhaps Peppers could tickle Rodgers with a feather until he falls down on next play, to avoid penalty.”

Aaron_Nagler : “Horrible call. But I’ll take it.”

0:55 Brandon Jackson in the flat for 5 yards.

0:50 2nd down, Rodgers steps up and “floats” it deeeepp to Jennings…(Expletive) Dropped! Could have been 6 points.

jasonjwilde : “The good news: Jennings drops would-be touchdown, but at least it wasn’t intercepted on the ricochet.”

htphelps : “Oh, hello Detroit game Jennings. I didn’t want to see you today.”

BlaqShady “Kill me.”

PackFanRyan : “Greg Jennings better wake the he– up in the second half, along with the rest of the da– team.”

0:40 3rd down, through the hands of James Jones. 4th down and the “M-V-P” chants for Masthay make a return. =|

Midwestfan : “Dow Jones with the drop.”

alex_xxv : “Now I know why there are no GB receivers inthe probowl.”

PackersTherapy “By my count, that’s four drops and one fumble for Packers WR’s in first half.”

…punting… 5th of the day.


***3 points, 9 punts total***

GreenandGold19 : “Somebody catch a dang ball! It’s like watching a bunch of ******* trying to hump a doorknob!”

Challenge flag thrown on whether or not to include the above comment, but because it’s from Dodgeball and Ben Stiller, Tweet upheld.


MaxGinsberg : “Admittedly, the Packers have looked awful, but back away from the ledge Packers fans, the score is 3-0.”


jasonjwilde  “And it’s halftime. Bears 3, Packers 0. Packers better hope the Bears starters call it a day. If you’re Lovie, would you pull them?”

Without a doubt.


kb965 : “Fact of the Day: Alcohol used to be served in Pints & Quarts. Thus, the saying mind your P’s and Q’s meant to be careful how much you drank!”

Well that was random.

Terry bradshaw, would you sit the starters?

Terry bradshaw : “Yes I would.”

Howie Long?

Howie Long : “Sit ‘em. Pack your bags and prepare for the playoffs.”

Depressingly hilarious —> fauxjohnmadden : I have to say, it’s a bold strategy by Mike McCarthy to rest his starters before the Packers clinch a playoff spot.”

espn_nfcnblog : “The Packers might need Bears to let up – http://es.pn/fteOX2

[Update: New York still leading Washington, 10-7 at the half]

richeisen : “Bucs have a shot. GB down by 3 at half; NYG up 3. Neither look with it.”

adamczech : “I wish Eric Taylor was giving the halftime speech instead of McCarthy.”  …(Friday Night Lights +1)

***Stupid statistic, but Green Bay 0-6 in 4-point or less ball games this season***

Troy Aikman : “I still think this (Green Bay) is a dangerous team if they make the playoffs” …Had to sift through much mindless drivel to find that quote.

PositiveEnerG : “Glass half full: It’s nice to have a defense”

I like it. Let’s do this.

3rd Quarter.

14:57 Bears receive, Hester out to the 25 on the kick return.

14:30-11:30 …driving… Chicago at the Green bay 48.

olbagofdonuts : “Packers put themselves in this position [this season]  with exactly the same mistakes they’re making today. We’ll see if it costs them. (GB)”

11:25 3rd and 9, Woodson asking for the noise, crowd responds…Forte stood up 2 yards short of the yellow line!

They have to punt right?

10:41 4th and 2, Lovie electing to go for it…Huge…PASS TO RASHEED DAVIS and Sammy Shields swats it away! Packers football!

No handshakes, but Peprah says “thank you” with a fist pound to Shields.

PAIGER33 :  “Might that be the spark the Packers need? Erik Walden, btw, is playing extremely well. Offensive w/ great field position, take over on 40.”

MaxGinsberg : “Packers defense stops Bears on 4th-and-2, Could this be the momentum changer the Packers needed?”

kareemcopeland : “Packers fans jamming to the Ay-Oh, Let’s-Go song. Turnover on downs gives a little energy to the building. The offense, too?

10:14 1st and 10 in the I-formation, Rodgers’ pass PICKED OFF by Charles Tillman!  Colledge whiffs, Rodgers finds nothing but air…There’s another football on the field…and he’s finally brought down at the 15 yard line of Green Bay. Judas Priest, what just happened?

PackersLounge : “LMAO at the Bear’s player who dove on the extra ball.”

*Mike McCarthy tosses out the challenge flag on whether or not the interception hits the ground before Tillman controlled the ball.*

PositiveEnergG : “Real question isn’t whether Tillman caught it … who was jackwagon on Bears sideline letting another football into play?”

kareemcopeland “Charles Tillman with an OUTSTANDING pick of Rodgers on first down. Diving in front of the receiver.”

PackFan52 “Do the Packers want this?????? COME ON AROD”

theandyman : “So much for momentum …”

I think I’m going to be sick.

BillMichaels620 : ” Replay inside Lambeau showing the ball hit the ground.”

Feeling a bit better…

jasonjwilde : Mike Peirerra joining FOX…says it’s an imcomplete pass.

Stomach settling…

packergeeks : “On that close-up replay, it’s clear the ball hits the ground and is jarred loose. Pereira is right — overturn it…”

*Call stands, Bears football.*

Yup, here comes my lunch.

dexhandle : “That changes this game from average officiating to pretty bad this game.”

***Green Bay, two turnovers. Bears? Zero.***

SusanKim4 : “Can’t figure out which Packers they are… the team that played the Giants or the one we’re seeing right now.”

[Update: Giants extend lead to 17-7 over the Redskins]

9:59 Holding on OL Roberto Garza, 1st and 20 at the 25. Aj Hawk handles the screen attempt easily, no gain.

9:38 2nd and 20, harmless incompletion. Walden hopped on the Cutler express and rode him straight into the tundra, though.

8:48 3rd and 19….

skjensen : “Bears defense still waiting for offense to show up…”

…INTERCEPTION IN THE ENDZONE!!! Green Bay football!!! Charlie Peprah to the rescue!

jasonjwilde :  “Does Charlie Peprah’s end-zone interception (thanks to Jay Cutler) get the Packers going here?”

PackerRanter “Charles “In Charge” Peprah”

kareemcopeland : “Cutler underthrew his target. Packers get out of bad situation without giving up any points.”

“Give it away, give it away, give it away, now!”

PackerDrunk : “Phew”

SarahSpain (ESPN): “What a waste of a great pick by Tillman. Throw it away & kick a FG. Sheesh.

***Green bay 3rd in the NFL with 22 INT’s***

8:32 1st and 10 at the Green Bay 20, short gain of 2 by Jackson.

7:38 Greg Jennings for 6 on 2nd down.

7:18 3rd and 2 yards…A short 2 yards! Run by Kuhn? Quick slant? Nope, Rodgers heaves it deep and overthrown, incomplete. 4th down.

chris_jenkins34 : “Wow, that’s your third-and-2 call, huh?”

Aaron_Nagler : “I think that’s Rodgers. Think the call was to Kuhn in the flat.”

BillMichaels620 : “That long pass was into the wind remember. Quick throws will move the chains. Not the long stuff.”

Oy vey.

theandyman : “MM needs to rip up his “short-distance downs” section of his playbook. It is seriously awful.”

bruceciskie : “RUN THE  BALL, YOU FREAKING DOPE!” —> zcalvelli “Amen”


jenlada “Lots of signs of offensive futility but what does it say that Packers haven’t even attempted a FG today. Not even in Crosby’s range once.”

It says they are 20 minutes of football away from spending next week on the couch.

***Green Bay with one play greater than 12 yards all game***

BrianCarriveau : “Feels like the type of game that’s going to take a defensive touchdown for the Packers to win.”

8:00-6:30 Chicago football at their own 24-yard line.  Incomplete pass, incomplete pass, pass caught for 7 yards and Bears have to punt. Yay…?


***Maynard averaging 48.3 yards per punt today***

6:12 Tramon takes Maynard’s offering at the 15…

…To the 30…Tramon.

…To the 40…Tramon!

…To the Chicago 43…Tramon!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

41 yard return and no flags anywhere!

htphelps : ” That return was Tramon telling the offense, ‘There. I’ve done half your job for you. Now score.’ ”

ozcheesehead : “A big return with no penalty? What???”

jsutlookin “Shhhh!”

5:31 Starks gains 4 on 1st down

Aaron_Nagler : “I hate to say it – but McCarthy needs to pound James Starks.”


5:02 1st and 10 at the 34 of Chicago. Joe Buck : “Rodgers hits Jennings, down to the 1!” 33 yard pick up! Rock an fire, heckuva throw and catch in stride. Jenings with major speed burst to get some hefty YAC.

80% of Lambeau: “KUHHHHHHNNNNN!”

4:00 Kuhn, nope.

TundraVision : “I think perhaps the Bears studied the tape and realize when the crowd yells KUUUHHN that they give it to number 30.”

Aaron_Nagler : “Come on Mike. Call two running plays in a row. I dare you.”

3:38 Rodgers with a QB SNEAK…fake…backs up, tosses it left to Jackson, loses 2 yards. What in the Todd Collins was that?!

BillMichaels620 : “What a terrible play call!”

apranica : “McCarthy so cute with playcalling, his playbook should be covered in Hello Kitty stickers.”

Now what do they do on 3rd down?

3:02 …Get sacked. Tommie Harris more than double’s his season sack total in one play.

***1/2 sack for Tommie harris coming into to today’s game***

Joe Buck : “What a stop by the Bears defense!”

Rich Ward Sr : That wasn’t a stop by the Bears; that was a stop by the Packers’ coaches.

jasonjwilde : “After first-and-goal at the CHI 1, the Packers go no gain, minus-2, minus-2. Crosby good from 23, and it’s 3-3. Ugh.”

3-3 Tie game, better than losing…

2:40 Kickoff taken at the 23, Daniel Manning doing his best Tramon. Out to the 50 yard line.

Right on cue.

dexhandle : “And there’s your required crappy special teams play from Green Bay.”

2:08 Cutler on 1st down, time…time…TIME…SACKED! Who?! Walden, Raji and Howard Green combine to wrench ‘Cutlery’ into a misshapen spork!
Joe buck : “3rd and long, and this one’s for the playoffs for Green bay.”
1:01 3rd and 15, Chester Taylor short pass and 16 yards! I”M FREAKING OUT MAN! 1st down Chiacgo….
Midwestfan “Why, why, why, why, do we continue to only rush 3 on 3rd and long?”
….Negated! Bears called a timeout! We’ll try it again.
Aaron_Nagler : “Capers’ three man rush saved by Lovie Smith. Lord.”
1:01 Part II: Cutler hammered down and SACKED on a delayed blitz by….ERIC WALDEN! From the streets into our hearts.
***Eric Walden: Undrafted freeg agent out of Middle Tennessee State***
Sarah Spain : “That might be Lovie’s worst time out ever, and that’s saying something.”
vita10gy : “God Cutler is awful. Get rid of the ball you putz”
jasonjwilde “WOW. Walden’s second sack after the timeout wipes out a first-down by Chester Taylor. What a game-changing sequence.”
TetonTwit : “Revis Island, meet Walden Pond!
A 3rd Thoreau reference! These Packer folk are smart.
jenlada : “Defense continues to answer the call but you gotta think those guys are wearing down. Holding Bears yet again. Where’s Walden? Everywhere.”
0:32 Still tied, Green Bay to start at their own 24.
0:21 Rodger drops it off to Starks for 2, met immediately by Brian Urlacher. 
4th Quarter
15 minutes to decide the season.
15:00-14:00 Two plays, 7 yards up tp the 37. 3rd and 3…Rodgers buries the football into the chest Donald Driver all the way into Bears’ territory!
jasonjwilde “Big 21-yard completion to Driver on third-and-3 to the Bears’ 47. Big play.”
For an encore?
13:38 Rodgers a beautiful pass! 46 yards to Greg Jennings, down to the doorstep of a possible lead!
Jennings is the definition of ‘homerun threat’
13:08 1st and goal at the 1…Play action, Rodgers looking right, both TE’s open! DONALD LEE! TOUCHDOWN!
Joe Buck : “Rodgers finds his 9th different receiver of the game. His name, Donald lee! Green Bay up by 7! Touchdown number
3 on the season for Donald Lee, none of them as big as this one.”
Nothing but a “this is do or die” fist-pump from Aaron Rodgers.
MaxGinsberg : “Say what you will about Mike McCarthy’s redzone playcalling, but that call was beautiful.”
jasonjwilde “Shades of Bubba Franks! Packers dust off a Mike Sherman special with the play-action to Kuhn and the pass to Donald Lee for a 1-yard TD.”
The crowd is so loud, my TV is shaking.
Midwestfan : Man I wish I was at Lambeau.
You and me both, brother.
TheTeditorial : “Score update please? (on a plane)”
10-3 Green Bay’s offense finally shows up!
[Update: Giants lead by 10 with 12 minutes remaining against Washington]
13:00-12:00 Run, no gain (maybe 1). 2nd down and incomplete pass! Another season-defining 3rd down, 9 yards to go…Capers sends the house! Cutler skips it too low. 4th down!
olbagofdonuts : “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!”
Perfectly spoken.
Aaron_Nagler : ” Cutler playing like he’s thinking ‘I thought coach said he was going to take me out…’ ”
11:46 …punting… Tramon sccops it up and is down at the CHicago 45.
jasonjwilde : ” If I’m Lovie Smith, I’m pulling my guys now. Stadium is awake, Packers have momentum, Cutler tentative, bad punt … this one is over.”
KCousineau09 : “…the Bikini Girls were just on the Jumbotron”
They’re back!
11:00-10:00 With a chance to grind out some clock, Green Bay stalls. Another Bulaga hold a major contributor.
***The Packers have 3 penalties today…All by Bulaga***
9:47 Bears pinned inside the 5! Beautiful punt, and Jarrett Bush downs it!
Heard this from Justin Hull on AM1570: “Every time Jarret Bush makes a play, I think God kills a puppy.”
Aaron_Nagler “I think we found a punter.”
9:30-7:30 Woodson SACK! Matthews SACK! Bears forced to punt!
Crowd roaring. Dad jumping up and down. Little sister wide eyed. Mom, napping on the couch. Grandma, baking fudge. You can’t make this stuff up. 
packfansince89 : “Look for Woodsons new book “coming at you like a spider monkey”
…punting (from the back of the endzone)…
7:15 Tramon catches and Green Bay to begin inside Chiacgo territory at the 47 yard line.
jasonjwilde : “Packers have it first-and-10 at Chicago 46. 10-3 lead. 7:02 left until they are in the playoffs.”
7:00- 5:00 Nothing, absolutely nothing. Bulaga with another penalty, and the offense is stuck in reverse yet again. Green Bay forced to punt.
RahimT12 “My favorite animal is no longer the Bulaga whale.”
On the bright side, we get to watch the artist known as…
PackerRanter : “Masthaydon?” …Perfect.
4:48 Masthay! Bush! Chicago pinned inside the 5 again! 
“I don’t believe what I just saw.” -Hall of Fame MLB announcer Jack Buck  …Out of context perhaps, but seriously it’s Masthay and Bush!
Aaron_Nagler : ” The Packers defense and special teams are winning this game. Yes – the Packers’ ”
Asshalo : “Per 620 WTMJ, it looks like Masthay will have the best net punt average of any packer punter since the 70′s.”
mitchnelles : “If, heaven forbid, the Bears score – doesn’t Lovie go for 2? Why wouldn’t he?”
Cutler converts on 3rd down and 1.
Up to the 20.
RahimT12 : “If Bears score they’ll go for 2. No reason to play OT in a meaningless game. God help us.”
One-handed catch by Greg Olsen, 6 yard gain.
Up to the 30.
3rd and 4, Cutler scrambles for the 1st down.
Greg Olsen over the middle for 8 yards.
[Giants win: 17-14 over the Redskins]
jasonjwilde : “Giants fans on the edge of their living room couches I’m guessing, as Bears are second-and-4 at own 37 at 2-minute warning. 10-3 Packers.”
BearsGab : “Let’s go Chicago! Bear-down!”

 Up to the 40.



Forte catches, runs for 12.

At the 50.


jsutlookin :  “Cardiac Pack, my heart is racing.”



Chicago down to the Green Bay 40 yard line.


Cutler throws a laser to Devin Hester and another 1st down.

jasonjwilde : “Hester’s first catch of the day is a 16-yarder to Packers’ 32.”

Down to the 30.

TetonTwi t: “It comes down to two plays.”

We’ve been here before…


jsutlookin : “This is not happening again…”

Cutler back to pass, looking, looking, FIRES over the middle…

Joe Buck : “Too high!”

Nick Collins.


Wayne Larrivee : “There. Is. Your. Dagger!”

Victory formation.

mneal96  (Mike Neal): “Playoffs……”


olbagofdonuts : “PLAYOFFS!!!”

RyanGrant25 : “WE ARE IN!!!”

NickBarnett : “Wow!!!!! I see so much fire in these young guys. I love this team can’t wait to come back and join the fun!!!”

JermichaelF88 : “Great win.”


Jrehor : “Mission accomplished.”



AdamSchefter : “Pack going to postseason.”

Ashlynn_Brooke : “GO PACK GO!!!”

ChrisLKeller : “Say it again…”

ErinAndrews : “Go Pack Go”

Wait, Erin Andrews?!


10-3 Green Bay secures the 6th and final NFC playoff spot

70,000+ fans erupt.

Midwestfan : “Playoffs!!! Happy tears!!!”

…You’re not alone, and I mean that.

foundinidaho : “That was awesome.”

Awesome: –adjective  1. inspiring awe: an awesome sight. 2. showing or characterized by awe. 

And good sportsmanship all around…

Aaron_Nagler : “Major props to bearshq  for being a good fan and going to Lambeau to support his squad. Hope they meet in the playoffs.”

BearsGab : “Good job Bears (defense). Makin’ them earn their playoff berth.”

TomPelissero : “Congrats 2 McCarthy, whom I respect a lot. Packers had every reason to fold up with injuries and instead are playoff-bound.” 

joeyjojo8855 : “The Bears still su … are pretty da** good.”

But they’re still the Bears…


MaxGinsberg …the Bears? Well, they still… ;)

…Are the #2 seed. I gotch’ya!

Remember, it’s out of love.

Postgame Reaction:

*** AaronBiderman : Great vid of the Packers post-game celebration http://bit.ly/htAwus ***

Aaron_Nagler : “Initial thoughts as I get the girls ready for bed. RT cheeseheadtv : Gut Reactions: Week 17 http://bit.ly/gHE0MN

PACKERHQ : “Packers beat Bears for playoff Spot 10-3 : http://tinyurl.com/348njac

espn_nfcnblog : “Rapid Reaction: Packers 10, Bears 3 – http://es.pn/hFpnfv

ProFootballTalk : “Packers beat Bears, head to Philadelphia: http://wp.me/p14QSB-qjV

And a bit more…

BigSnakeMan : “Got to meet jrehor & wife at today’s game and heard a new description for FIB that applies-Friendly Illiniois Buddy. ;)”

Oh, so that’s what FIB stands for. Now, about FISH…  

***Green Bay still 0-6 in “close” football games, apparently***

crichar3 : “I’m confused as to why a 4 point loss is a close game but a 7 point win is not…”

Oh well.

BamaCheesehead : “Roll Tide! Go Pack!”

Alabame pounded Michigan State, so I’ll allow it. =)

djbonney138 : “Wow Pack! That was a nerve racking win. I LOVE MY GREEN BAY PACKERS!!!”

Yo tambien.

***Favre to Julius Peppers following Vikings-Bears game a few weeks ago: “Go beat those guys next week”***

TetonTwit : “Looks like Peppers won’t be granting Favre his wish.”

And early excitement for next week…

PackerRanter : Looks like Eagle is back on the menu, boys!

PackerFan_4Life : “Packers will be pluckin bird next Sunday”

And some back-tracking…

Michael Strahan : “To me, the Packers are the scariest team in the playoffs.”

And finally…

Desbishop55 : “Whoever gets plugged in there, they wear the same ‘G’ on their helmets as the rest of us. We approach the game as one.”

As “one,” this Green Bay team battled through adversity time and time again. Injuries, close losses, must-win situations, whatever the road block, the Packers battled through. The offense has struggled mightily at times, especially in the running game, but the all-around effort on defense has been inspiring.
***Green Bay: 3 points and 8 first downs allowed, 0 penalties, 3.0 yards per pass attempt, 5 sacks and 2 turnovers***
 At 10-6, they clinch a spot in the playoffs and face the Eagles in Philadelphia on Saturday.
But first, a brief speech from the movie Taken  … 
“I don’t know who you are. I don’ t know what you want. If you are looking for ransom [a victory] , I can tell you I don’t have money [it won't come easy] . But what I do have are a very particular set of skills; skills I have acquired over a very long  career [season] . Skills that make me a nightmare for people like you. If you let my daughter go now [submit now] , that’ll be the end of it. I will not look for you, I will not pursue you. But if you don’t, I will look for you, I will find you, and I will kill [destroy] you.”
Liam Neeson  -The Packers’ defense
“Good luck.”
Marko -Michael Vick
On Saturday at 4:15 PM (ET), it is on.

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