This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is women with January Birthdays.

An Abigail Clancy sort of morning.

This is good news for Packers as they enter the postseason:  Jenkins, others ‘making progress’ .

Packer Net says  Baby I like it .

One thing in common for both the Packers and Eagles is they are both dealing with substantial injuries .

Oh yeah, this came out yesterday as well,  more trouble for Favre .

Bucks can’t catch a break as now  Drew Gooden to miss next four games.

In their Monday Film Session, BQ5 has  Thoughts and Reaction from Rose Bowl Loss .

Cracked Sidewalks is asking  Is Defense Marquette’s Achilles’ Heel?

The Brewers Bar with  11 Expectations For 2011 .

At least the Chick-Fil-A commercials are mildly entertaining,  9 Lamest Bowl Game Sponsors .

Once again, hardly anything is original these days: 11 Pixar Films — And the Movies They’re Accused Of Ripping Off

Now that Mila Kunis is single,  who should she date next?

Awesome and cute, until they rip your guts out that is:  Curious Polar Bears Destroy BBC Spy Cams .

Is Chat Roulette even still around?  The 30 Funniest Chatroulette Photos Of All Time .

Bad Girls -  The 50 Hottest Chicks With Rap Sheets .

We & Them  – Sort of caught the tale end of the whole we & them debate which was started and going on between friend of the show Jason Wilde and other friends of the show on twitter yesterday morning.  Wasn’t quite as heated as the whole ‘suck’ deal from the week before, but somewhat entertaining none the less.  What I don’t get though is why fans of teams, who will almost always refer to the team and them as ‘we’, get upset when others who aren’t fans or are paid to be impartial call them out on it.  Of course the same could be said for the impartial people (re:reporters) when it comes to being a little more understanding of the foibles of those fans of the teams they are covering.

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  • Anita

    I was actually floored that someone that looks like Mila Kunis was with Macauley-freaking-Culkin all this time! When is the last time he’s been cute? Home Alone 2, Lost in NY?

    And I say this as a perfectly straight female!

    As I tweeteted to Wilde, I catch myself saying “we” all the time. I try not to, but I do. In my defense, I also say “we” when the Packers are screwing up, not just when the team is performing well. It’s MY team. It’s been MY team since I was a little girl, through good and bad. It’s natural. I also refer to Notre Dame as “we.” But, I’ve worked there for 18 years. I know the student athletes and work with them. I’m part of the University. That seems to make me a part of the extended team. Sort of. Makes more sense to say “we” in that regard.

    However, I do think it’s bad form for a professional journalist to refer to the team they are covering as “we.”

  • Winks

    For all the money that I’ve spent on Packers games, trips, jerseys, even trading cards back in the day… to all the time I spend caring about, watching, and talking about them, I feel like I’ve earned the right to say “we”. I think most of us here would be in that same boat.

  • Mark

    mila kunis should date clay btw

  • foundinidaho

    I don’t think journalists should say “we”. I do think it’s okay if fans do, or don’t. When I get irritated is when a fan tries to tell me I shouldn’t say “we.” I don’t tell them they should do so, why nag at me?

  • Jayme Joers

    I’ve stared at this picture for a while. And yes, she’s hot, but wth is going on in her underwear? I think its just the shiny-ness, but there seems to be a bulge….
    Okay, I’ll go back to work now.