The most exciting thing to happen for me this week (besides THE @SusanLombardi47 following me on Twitter) was taking pride in watching the guys pull it together and defeat that pathetic excuse for a team, Da Bears (I’m half kidding. I don’t want to lose my Packer fan card by saying otherwise).

I saw some complaints (mostly from Bears fans, but there were others) that the win was by a small margin. As if that eliminates the accomplishment or the importance of the win. It is true our offense can be explosive and it is also true that there were some drops by the WRs and that horrid fumble by my beloved Double D. Also? Thank God for Nick Collins. And Jay Cutler, too, I guess!

It made me think of an answer MM gave in his presser after the Patriots game. The question was – does it hurt more when you lose by such a small margin? Considering that’s all the Packers have done, I’m not sure MM would know for sure, but his answer was perfect:

“I don’t want to be disrespectful to your question, but you’re supposed to be in every game. I don’t think I’d feel better if we lost by 21 points….We come out here to compete and expect to win every game.”

I agree. My guts are torn out whether it’s 1 point or 21 points. But I think the opposite statement can also be made – “I don’t think I’d feel any better if we won by 21 points.” A win is a win and it feels good even if there are lessons to be learned and “adjustments” to be made.

The Packers have slogged on through a significant (we thought) player suspension, so many injuries it’s mind boggling ( 193 starts missed? My God. Although I feel like Korey Hall committed most of those all by himself. ), QB1 getting his bell rung more than once; yet they have done what they wanted to do. Made the playoffs.

“Playoffs? Playoffs?” – Matt Wilhelm after the game Sunday. Made me chuckle.

Yeah, playoffs. As MM said this week “we feel very confident with our chances.”

And why not? The Packers are in it to win it. Bring on Michael Vick and those smelly birds. The Packers need to bring their three Lombardi trophies a new brother.



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  • Jayme Joers

    well said Colleen. I just don’t get the people, mostly bear fans, who say that we (fans) shouldn’t feel good about this win. Why? we had to win and we did? it wasn’t a blow out, who cares, we won. bottom line. SUCK IT. (not you, those south of the border fans…:) )

  • foundinidaho

    I think the Bears were crowing about the last win and it was of course by a small margin. Hypocrites.

  • Anita

    As Mike Holmgren said in January 1997, that trophy means a lot to everyone, but it means more to us. It has OUR coach’s name on it.

    Susan followed me, too! SO PSYCHED! She tweeted to Clay Matthews yesterday and told him that she wished he could have played for her dad and that the Coach would have loved Clay. Clay thanked her and retweeted it. Sweet.

  • Rich Ward

    That’s why the whole statistic about being 0-6 in 4 point or less football games is a wash. Wins are wins and losses are losses, period. Green Bay beat Chicago’s best. Whether it was by 2-3 TD’s or 7 points, the Packers won.

    Anyone who says the Green Bay shouldn’t be stoked about the win or that Chicago actually won in losing (whatever the HECK that means), are Bear fans morons.

    “Thank God for Nick Collins. And Jay Cutler, too, I guess!”

    Linda Cohn tweeted after his last INT: “Hey Bears fans. How confident do you feel with #Jay Cutler as your QB heading into post season?”

    …Yes, thank God for Jay Cutler too!

  • Rich Ward

    Oops! It’s suppose to say “are morons” not “are Bear fans.” Although, I suppose it fits quite well.

  • Tarynfor 12

    The only downside to being a close game at the end is one miscue does it for or against you as opposed to having a 21 point lead.But,I would rather lose by a miscue and a field goal,than winning by 21 and still losing,aka Giants.
    Plays are remembered here and there,WINS are Forever no matter the score.