This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is women with January Birthdays.

A Kate Bosworth sort of morning.

The Defense Rules the Day as the Packers beat the Bears 10-3 and advanced to the playoffs as the $6 seed.

Ol’ Bag of Donuts has their Quick Thoughts on the Packers’ win .

Packer Geeks also has some  Game Thoughts  to share.

CD gives the Packers an overall grade of a B in his Packers Report Card .

Packer Update says the  Packers ride defense into playoffs .

And finally, Brian’s  “Chips Report” From Packers Win Vs. Bears .

While the Packers held up their end for the state of Wisconsin, the Badgers not so much on Saturday in the Rose Bowl, losing to TCU 21-19. The Bucky Channel though finds it pretty hard to be too upset about the loss .

The big question now for the Badgers football team will be to see who is staying and who is not. Wisconsin’s JJ Watt has sets timetable on his decision  as to whether or not to stay or enter the NFL Draft.

To make things worse for Badgers nation, the hoops team didn’t fare well last night against Illinois as  Wisconsin chilled in Champaign .

An a bright note, the Bucks beat the Mavericks 99-87 over the weekend,  finishing a sweep of Dallas to start 2011 .

Just to prove that not all heros’ are heroic,  The 11 most inept TV heroes of all time .

These are all pretty cool, 5 Things You Use Every Day That Are Getting Awesome Upgrades .

Do you make any of these New Years Resolutions you’ll break before Labor Day?

Go Ducks!  Oregon Ducks Cheerleader Amanda Pflugrad .

Win Some, Lose Some – Sort of a bitter sweet weekend for Wisconsin Sports Fans but all in all I think most will take what we got.  Yes, the Badgers lost but it was a really good game and they had a chance to tie it up there at the end and force overtime.  Full credit needs to be given to TCU, they made the adjustments needed to knock off Bucky.  As for the Packers, I like I’m sure many of you, were watching that game with a nervous feeling.  While I never gave up hope the Packers wouldn’t come out on top the team seemed just a hair off, at least offensively.  The defense once again proved while they are one of the best in the league though, which will be tested this coming Sunday against the Vick led Eagles.  No matter what though, the Packers are in the playoffs and now it really is one game at a time.

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