Welcome to the Week 10 Version of the Milwaukee Bucks Mid-Week Report:

Both the Milwaukee Bucks and Green Bay Packers have something in common this weekend: important, ugly wins. Perhaps the Bucks’ win wasn’t as important as the Packers, but it was crucial nonetheless. And just because the other team was without their top star doesn’t make it any less satisfying for Milwaukee, who seriously need to put together a string of good games. They currently sit 5 games below a .500 record, and 8.5 games behind division-leading Chicago. With a very tough stretch of games ahead, 7 of 10 which come on the road, Milwaukee has to put their foot on the pedal and leave it there.

What We Have Seen :

It’s good to see Andrew Bogut start looking like Andrew Bogut. He had 3 blocks to go with his 8 point, 8 rebound performance. The Journal Sentinel had a great article on the 15-foot basket Bogut made against the Mavericks. They point out how it was the longest shot Bogut made all year, and could be a sign that his injury from last season is close to recovery. Here’s the link to that article: “Bogut’s 15-footer”

What We Have Not Seen :

We haven’t seen Ersan Ilyasova get 17 rebounds ever. But now we have. The 17 he pulled down against Dallas was a career high for him, and a big rebound from the previous couple games for him. He’s a weaker version of Dallas’ Dirk Nowitzki; someone who usually battles well around the hoop, but can also drain the outside shot. His game needs to continue in this fashion.

What We Wish We Would Have Seen :

Some people might wish the injured stars would have played for Dallas. Some people might say that the victory is watered-down when you play a down team like that. That’s just some though, and most people will happily walk away with the “W.” If your team loses a key player and struggles after that (Dallas has lost all 3 games Nowitzki has missed), then you should have signed a quality player as his backup. That was what Milwaukee attempted to do in this off-season, and they’ve gotten some big scoring nights from backup point guard Earl Boykins.

What We Wish We Would Have Not Seen :

The Bucks outrebounded Dallas by 20 and held them to shooting 38% while Milwaukee hit near 50%. And surprise surprise, Milwaukee out-assisted the Mavericks 24-16. That statistical line will win 99% of your games. And with that, there is nothing we wish we would have not seen.

What We Wish We Could See But It Has Not Happened Yet So Therefore We Cannot See It :

Milwaukee clearly ran at a pace that proved to be too quick for Dallas. There aren’t too many games the Bucks will win when Bogut only takes 9 shots. The flow of the game was dictated by the guards and the big men didn’t have to be as dominant. The fans (and the team itself) are STILL waiting to see what happens when the whole team is healthy. The team is only allowed 12 active players per game, and when all 15 are available to battle for playing time each game, their true ability will shine.

Some Stats to Know :

Last 10 Games: 5-5 Record (3-3 road, 2-2 home)

Next 10 Games: 7 Road (.495 Oppenent’s %), 3 Home (.630 %)

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