Well, that kinda stunk. Following are some of my immediate post-game thoughts after Wisconsin’s 21-19 loss to TCU:

1—TCU played a great game. No turnovers, great strategy to attack Wisconsin’s secondary, and classy post-game behavior.
2 – Wisconsin nickel back Devin Smith had his name mentioned more by the announcers than JJ Watt. That is a bad sign.
3 – Wisconsin needs to find better cornerbacks.
4 – Two running backs make for a nice rotation. Three is a crowd. The running attack was effective, but by trying to get carries to three running backs I felt there lacked some rhythm and continuity to the offense.
5 – The fake punt worked…probably won’t be able to use that again for about two years. You can’t stop Brad Nortmann, you can only hope to contain him.
6 – I liked the 2-point conversion play…Pederson was wide open and Carder made a nice play to knock the pass down. That pass gets completed eight out of ten times.
7 – Tolzien will finish his career as one of my favorite Badger QB’s, but man o’ man he holds the ball too long sometimes.
8 – The clock management at the end of the first half will be second-guessed for about eight months. With 4th and 1 at the TCU 19 with 41 seconds left and three timeouts remaining, trying to get the first down would have made sense to me. Heck, Bielema showed an aggressive streak running a fake punt a few minutes earlier, why get conservative now? I respectfully disagree with the logic.
9 – Wisconsin’s defensive game plan was way too vanilla and conservative for my taste. I am planning to attend the Wisconsin-Northern Illinois game next September, and I will be extra-motivated to cheer for UW and against Doeren’s Northern Illinois squad after today.
10 – Tough loss. Good effort. Someone wins and someone loses. Wisconsin wins this game six out of ten times…just not today.


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  • http://www.milwaukeebriansports.com/ Brian

    I made the same comment during the game as you did in #9. Yes, Doeren is leaving after this game, but it’s not like he’s looking ahead to his next job, this is the Rose Bowl! Of course he wants to win it.

    That said, I wish teams couldn’t hire coaches from other teams until the season is complete. Has Doeren made any trips to Northern Illinois’ campus in the last month? Met their staff, looked over their roster? I sure hope not.