We’re back to the time of year when everybody gets really excited about the new year and a fresh start on life. The tradition of picking a set of resolutions to work on, then abandoning those resolutions within a month, is alive and well in America today. How about a look at some hypothetical* resolutions the players and staff of the Milwaukee Bucks could be making as they enter 2011:

- Andrew Bogut: “My resolution is to stay healthy enough to pry the Defensive Player of the Year award from Dwight Howard’s warm, living hands (as opposed to his cold, dead hands)

- Brandon Jennings: “My resolution is to become less like my childhood hero Allen Iverson, who is no longer in the NBA, and become more like other point guards and future Hall of Famers who are still in the league, players like Jason Kidd and Steve Nash, players who pass the ball and become true leaders on the court.”

- Corey Maggette: “I resolve to earn a chance to get on the court and stay on the court, by playing smart, quality-defensive basketball. Hopefully I can stay off of coach Skiles’ $#!T list.”

- Drew Gooden: “My new year’s resolution is to find a team that is a good fit, and stick around for a couple of years. Hopefully Milwaukee is that team.”

- Carlos Delfino: “I had a terrific summer in the World Games, and a great start to the season before neck and concussion injuries set me back. My resolution is to get healthy and maintain the level of play I was enjoying before my long-term absence.”

- John Salmons: “I was the hero last season for the Bucks, becoming a catalyst for the big run to the playoffs after I got traded to Milwaukee. I resolve to not try to be the hero anymore. Everyone has the capability to score on offense, and it doesn’t always have to be me.”

- Ersan Ilyasova: “My New Year’s resolution is to change my nickname to something other than “Turkish Thunder.” In reality, thunder strikes only every-so-often, and I need to strike on a much more frequent basis.”

- Luc Mbah a Moute: “My resolution is to find a way to add offense to my game without losing any of my defensive edge.”

- Chris Douglas-Roberts: “I would resolve to shed some of the behavior that dogged me in New Jersey and create a new identity for myself, one that puts me in the ranks of the hardest working players in the league.”

- Jon Brockman: “I too have a nickname resolution. As the Brockness Monster, it’s a stunning result when you get to see me. I would however like to be seen more often.”

- Michael Redd: “I love it here in Milwaukee, great fans, great city. Whatever the future holds, I resolve to maintain a relationship with this organization after I retire.”

- Keyon Dooling: “My resolution for the new year is to have as close to a breakout year as I can in the absence of Brandon Jennings. Wherever I play next year, I want teams to know I am capable of being their starter.”

- Earl Boykins: “I resolve to never push a referee that is bigger than me! In truth, I don’t have much left to strive for, just be thankful for the opportunities I have and do what I can to help out.”

- Larry Sanders: “My New Year’s goal is to pack on a few pounds to help myself be a force in the paint.”

- Coach Scott Skiles: “All my resolutions involve coaching a team of professionals that aren’t going to get sluggish and give up on me after a year or two. You put a fast-paced, hard-edged system on the court, you plug in smart pieces that fit into the system, and success will follow.”

- GM John Hammond: “I resolve to do something mind-blowing with the $18 million we get back from Michael Redd’s contract. One huge move and a series of crafty smaller moves will put this team over the top.”

- Senator Herb Kohl: “My resolution is to invite Milwaukee Brian down from his upper level row U seats to sit with me and get some advice from him on how to help the team.”

* “hypothetical” is just a fancy word for made-up, fake, fiction. Not real. Perhaps some should be real, but that’s not up to me.

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