Been quite the year at Pocket Doppler.  We went from an obscure, seldom mentioned blog to a somewhat visible, occasionally mentioned blog.  We tripled our ‘staff’, interviewed 30 people in our Q & A’s, decided who was the most popular Packers blog/site, posted 216 photos of attractive women and 11 posts of dreamy dudes.  Most importantly we brought joy and happiness to Wisconsin Sports fans around the globe…well, at the very least gave them something to do while wasting time. So to round out the year, some fun with analytics first.

Top 3 Posts of the Year

  1. The very first Daybreak Doppler , which didn’t start out as the Daybreak Doppler
  2. Rich’s wildly popular Running Diary + Live Twitter Reaction from the Giants/Packers game
  3. Colleen’s Star Wars ‘ May The Force Be With You ‘ Violent Femme’s View

Top 3 Thursday Q & A’s

  1. The inaugural post with CHTV’s Corey Behnke
  2. Paige Pearson from WLUK
  3. Jen Lada from Fox 6

(Note to self, line up more women for 2011 Thursday Q & A’s)

Top 3 Sites Which Sent Us Traffic

  1. Brew Crew Ball
  2. Total Packers
  3. Cheesehead TV

Top 3 Clicked On Links from the Daybreak Doppler

  1. Knock, Knock. Who’s There? Vikings Jokes (Packers Lounge)
  2. Six Local NILFs You Need to Know (The Smoking Jacket)
  3. Picture Of The Day: The Best “Brett Pevre” Jersey You Will Ever See (Total Pro Sports)

Top 3 Countries That Aren’t the United States Where People Checkout From

  1. Canada
  2. United Kingdom
  3. Australia

To finish up, we have some New Year’s resolutions to share from some of the people here at


To get back to Camp Randall for a game next year as I had my yearly streak broken this season.  Also would like to see the “Pocket Doppler family” get together in one place, as unlikely as that is…..

Brian H

My four resolutions for the Milwaukee Bucks:

  1. That the departure of Michael Redd, whether mid-year or at season’s end, is classy and respectful on both sides.
  2. That the Bucks gain a playoff seed of 6 or higher. Stuck with the 7 or 8 seed and having to meet Miami or Boston, they might as well be a lottery team and hope for a top-3 pick.
  3. That the team performs well so that the Bradley Center fills up every game, and our Upper-Level Row U seats have more people packed in around us.
  4. That John Hammond does something with Michael Redd’s $18 million that qualifies him for another Executive of the Year award.


I resolve to remember that my Packers Therapy co-host, the Right Honorable Dave, is my esteemed friend, cherished colleague and trusted business partner, even when he senselessly skewers Ted Thompson and shamelessly lambastes Mike McCarthy on our podcast.

I resolve that, delicious as it might be, “eating for the cycle” — consuming the Brat, Polish, Italian and Dog “sausage cycle” at Miller Park –  is a challenge best left to younger men.

Finally, I resolve to post even less to this site in 2011 so as to not clog the way for the outstanding writers who have joined this year to make PocketDoppler the growing force in the Wisconsin Blogosphere that it is.


My resolution is to go to San Diego for the Packers game, and to a playoff game at Lambeau no matter what (which means the Packers better make the playoffs).


My sports-related resolution…to get to at least 4 MLB baseball games in 2011 (only made it to only 1 a year ago). I’m thinking 2 at Miller Park, 1 at Target Field, and 1 at Wrigley.


Last year was one week, so this season I hope to let at least two weeks pass before shoving all my chips in on whether the Brewers are a contender or pretender…Maybe even a whole month. I also hope to forgive Jeff Suppan.


I resolve to somehow, some way by the end of next year have at least one professional athlete following me on Twitter…can be a bullpen catcher for a minor league baseball team for all I care, I’ll still count it. I’ll also echo what Mike said to start these off, get everyone together sometime in the next year.  The grill is always hot and the beer always cold at my place so we’ll have to see what happens.

With that, Happy New Year to everyone and Go Badgers and Packers!!


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  • BigSnakeMan

    I can personally vouch for that last part. ;)

  • Rich Ward

    Good times ladies and gentlemen. It’s been a blast to be a part of the Doppler family, and I can’t thank you all enough for letting me spill my random drivel on an actual website a handful of Canadiens come to peruse the Dames.

    I’m currently being followed by someone who actually saw the field for 2 plays during spring practice in Minnesota Gopher town…He may or may not be a close friend of mine…Anyways, I count that as my “professional athlete.” Yup, ‘Almost Famous’ indeed. Cheers to a safe New Year’s Eve and excellent start to 2011.

  • BigSnakeMan

    Rich, I think you should maintain your grudge against Suppan….at least until he screws up the Cardinals like he did the Brewers.

  • Rich Ward

    ps. You could not have chosen a better start to the Dames of Daybreak Doppler than Alison Brie. Gorgeous but hilarious too. I had forgotten why you started this daily post, but it’s very cool and a great tribute. Not my cup of tea, exactly, but I think the “Dreamy Dudes” was a fantastic idea as well. Balances it all out, hah.

  • foundinidaho

    I propose that if the Packers make the playoffs that Jayme, Anita and I go the playoff game, then BSM gets his wish. THE WISH TO GET PD TOGETHER. Sheesh, you guys.

  • Brian

    I only joined on in the last part of the year, but you are all a fun bunch and I’m excited to see what the sports world has in store for PD.