This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is women making multiple appearances in the Daybreak Doppler 2010..

A Gemma Atkinson (Pre-Themes & British Babes Week) sort of morning.

Seeing as the Rose Bowl is now only 2 days away, seems only right for today’s Thursday Q & A to be talking Badgers, which we’ll be doing with Dave Heller from the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel. 

Ol’ Bag of Donuts is back in business with a Q & A with Bears Blog Bears Headquarters .

Mike at GPN takes a Closer Look at the Chicago Bears .

Miller Park Drunk venturing into football territory with the  Green Bay Packers face tough test this Sunday .

Badgers Mix on the Running Back Lineup for the upcoming Rose Bowl.

Courtside Analyst is  breaking down the Bucks miserable season .

BQ5 is out West to cover the Rose Bowl and there are  Plenty of questions to be answered before TCU and Wisconsin kickoff .

Anonymous Eagle recaps Marquette’s loss to Vanderbilt, 77-76 saying  Fourth Verse, Same as the First .

I’m generally opposed to linking to larger, mainstream sites but these are too funny not to -  Quotes of the Year: Wisdom and lunacy .

I can live with this group,  The World’s Coolest Athletes in 2010 .

If you’re visiting the Fox Valley, maybe you can lend a hand here:  Does Anyone Know Where Kimberly, Wisconsin’s Time Capsule Is?

Once again, ads from the past show a much, much different time… 25 Unapologetically Sexist Ads From The Past .

‘Squirrels refuse medical care’,  The 50 Funniest Headlines Of 2010 .

Looking forward,  The 30 Most Anticipated Movies of 2011 .

The 20 Hottest Celebrity Midriffs

Here to serve  - When I started the Daybreak Doppler back in March of this year I really wasn’t certain what to expect.  Thought I would give it a try and see what would happen. Fast forward 10 months and we’ve got quite the nice little site going here with daily content beyond the morning post & across a variety of topics.  I give all the credit to the people behind the posts . Any idiot can put up a daily link dump, but these people offer up funny, knowledgeable, entertaining & insightful material for your reading pleasure & would be nowhere without them.  While I’m at it, a genuine thank you to everyone out there who takes the time to visit every day or every other day or whenever.  Without our readers we would have hung it up long ago. So I would ask you, gentle readers, what do you want to see out of in 2011?  More content on a specific team? More weekly columns? More Dudes, less Dames?  You very own coffee mug or headband?  Please let me know below. Unlike the comments, this is anonymous so feel free to put in what you want.

Lastly, I’ve said it once and will more likely than not say it again, if you’re someone with an opinion on Wisconsin sports teams (or sports in general) and want to be a part of this new, crazy fad called sports blogging drop me a line as the door is always open.


Have a link, tip or something else that should be included in this space? Email us and give us the scoop.


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  • Anita

    My son walked up behind me this morning and said, “WHY are you looking at a website with naked chicks on it?!” I sighed and said, “They’re not naked…well, not completely. And it’s the Wisconsin sports blog I contribute to. It’s just Wally. He likes broads with very little clothing, so his posts feature a different one everyday.”

    I think my son was concerned for a nanosecond.

    • Wally

      Figures he’d pick a day where the photo is of someone wearing a two piece ensemble, Monday he just would have seen a fully clothed Carrie Underwood.

  • http://PocketDoppler Carol

    Hey Wally, I’ll start by just saying “thanks”. Mike gave me the “heads up” about the Dames, so I wasn’t surprised when I was greeted by sometimes scantily glad females. I do appreciate the “balance” the Dreamy Dudes gives us (and I’ve made a few suggestions of my own). I enjoy the links (I’d never have the time to look any of that stuff up) and my favorite would have to be the Cleveland Browns letter. Truly a classic–and it made the dinner conversation at my Mom’s house a bit merrier!

  • BigSnakeMan

    I like the coffee mug idea. In fact, I’ll expect one of those when I come over for the game on Saturday.

  • BigSnakeMan

    Oh, and never apologize for showing Gemma Atkinson……