This morning on Green and Gold Today there was some talk of QB1 and his possible love interest.  Apparently this girl, Jessica something or other, is a star of the show Gossip Girl.  I gave the ESPNMilwaukee a little slack this morning regarding the amount of time spent on Gossip Girl and it’s characters.  I for one, don’t care about Gossip Girl or who Rodgers is dating.

Matthew Fox 1 But I suppose a little back tracking on my part is in order.  There are some TV shows are there that I become completely obsessed about.  Anyone who reads my writing over at the Lounge , knows that basically believe I live in East Dillon, Texas with the characters in Friday Night Lights.  I thought about choosing a character from FNL for my Dude today.  But then I realized that unlike the men of Green and Gold Today, I don’t find people playing high schoolers (ie. jail bait) that attractive.  So I searched my recent memory of other television obsessions of mine and of course I fell into Lost.

There’s two schools of thought when it comes to the hotties on Lost, Jack or Sawyer, and while I’ll generally go for the long hair, there’s no denying my love (lust) for Jack.  So today’s dreamy dude is the delicious Matthew Fox.  I feel fully confident that he rescued the island and will rescue us from any midday blues.

Matthew Fox 3 matthew fox 2

  • http://PocketDoppler Carol

    You had me hooked as soon as I saw today’s title mentioning “Getting Lost”. Jayme, you’ve picked another one of my passions….but I was hoping to be saved from this dreary winter day by the totally spectacular Josh Holloway, his wonderful smile and killer dimples. (Oh yeah, the body’s not bad either.) I hope we’ll continue to be rescued by our Castaways, specifically Mr. Holloway, Naveen Andrews and Henry Ian Cusick (“Brotha”). Thank you

  • Colleen

    I love Matthew Fox. I did hear, incidentally in light of today’s developements, that he lives in Bend, OR (where my sis in law lives) and that he cheated on his wife. I know, I know, none of my business. But it made me sad.

    I didn’t care for Lost, but he is an amazing looking man. I was a huge Party of Five fan.

  • Anita

    Mmmmmm. Matthew Fox. He’s yummy.

    And he appeared in a football movie (We are Marshall), which makes him even hotter. I don’t think my Keanu Reeves crush would have ever come to pass if I hadn’t seen him in football pants in The Replacements.

    I think Sawyer is hot, too. I wouldn’t have a problem with either one.