This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is women making multiple appearances in the Daybreak Doppler 2010..

A Yvonne Strahovski (Pre-Themes, Women from Australia & PD ‘Staff’ picks) sort of morning.

The Pro Bowl selections were released last night and  Five Packers Make Pro Bowl; Rodgers Not One Of Them .

We still have some season left to play but whenever it ends, hopefully not till February, there will be some  tough choices ahead at linebacker .

We is not dumb:  Players say Packers fans are smart .

A South of the Border Perspective  on the upcoming Packers-Bears game this Sunday.

More debate on the biggest topic of the early week, from the Packers Lounge,  You Suck .

The Badgers hoops team opened up the Big Ten portion of their schedule last night, beating the Minnesota Gophers 68-60 and passing thier first test .

Rose, Boozer and Deng too talented for shorthanded Milwaukee , as the Bucks dropped to the Bulls 90-77.

Anonymous Eagle on  The Truth About Transfers (Or Something Like That) .

Not sure how much water this one holds, but Melvin Reportedly Interested in Fuentes .

Classics, everyone: 25 Great Moments in Trick Photography

Brooklyn as Hoth:  New York is Now the Ice Planet from Star Wars .

Some ideas to get through what is arguably the slowest work week of the year .

Amusing, scary and depressing all on one site:

Irina Shayk might be the perfect lingerie model

So now we know  - Unbelievably, the Eagles lost to the Vikings last night which means that if (when) the Packers beat the Bears on Sunday their first round playoff opponent will be the Eagles. This is most definitely not the team the Packers played in Week 1 of this season, but as proved last night the Eagles are a beatable team.  I actually prefer this scenario vs the one where we would have played the Bears two weeks in a row as I remember all to clearly how well that worked last year against the Cardinals.  That being said, let’s not be looking ahead too far until we take care of business this weekend. 

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  • Lisa

    Hey Wally,

    Thanks for the link! Best of luck in the hunt for the NFC wild card.

    Go Pats!

  • Rich Ward

    At first I shuttered thinking of the Packers having to play the Eagles *if* they make the playoffs. But if the Four-less Vikings can completely control Vick and co, then it’s clear they can be had. I don’t think last night was a fluke, either (says a homer trying to reassure himself, possibly building false confidence).

    Love the Yvonne Strahovski reappearance. Not only is she gorgeous, but she’s excellent in Chuck. The Killer Elite looks like it’s going to be a solid flick as well.

  • BigSnakeMan

    Also like the idea of Eagles having to play 3 games in 12 days, although saying they played on Tuesday night might be stretching it a bit.