I didn’t ask Santa for much this Christmas…Flat screen television, winning lottery ticket, whatever shoes Mike Vick is wearing, bottle of Clay Matthews’ conditioner and a blowout victory over the New York Giants. No, not much at all.

[Note: I'm in the midst of a crazed-kid-filled family Christmas party, so let's hope this turns out half decent. I apologize in advance for the sloppiness. Also, there are kids everywhere, Heineken and wine flowing and family shouting...You've been warned.]

But seriously, we all know what time it is – insert cliche here. Crunch time, do or die, all or nothing, win or go home, etc. If the Packers win, they are alive. If not, we celebrate the New Year pondering who Ted Thompson should draft, shouting “feer the deer” and looking forward to Zach Greinke’sdebut. Not terrible, but for the sake of everyone in attendance at this family gathering, let’s hope that is not the case. Game on.

Pregame News and Notes

PackersHQ : “Inactives: QB Graham Harrell, CB Josh Gordy, RB James Starks, LB Diyral Briggs, LB Frank Zombo, OL Nick McDonald, OL Marshall Newhouse and Cullen Jenkins”

***Entire panel of FOX analysts pick the Giants to win***

How’s Lambeau Field  today? Let’s go down to someone with firsthand knowledge…

  jrehor : “Beautiful day at Lambeau Field http://plixi.com/p/65792901

And another…

Midwestfan : “I’m at Lambeau Field w/ @ doddpower @ epmckenna http://4sq.com/dX8X9i

adbrandt : “As Packers-Giants starts at Lambeau, a look back at last time: http://bit.ly/fOr1g2

…We all remember last time New York came to Green Bay. Lord help us all.

1st Quarter

RahimT12 : “Don’t even know how I’m gonna make it through this game.”

Deep breaths, chamomile tea, purple drank?

15:00 Green Bay set to receive.

jasonjwilde : “Packers win the toss and will receive, changing up their defer-a-palooza of late.”

13:05 With kids surrounding me, I miss the first two minutes of the game. Ah well, Packers are up to the 45. This better not become a recurring theme.

12:59 2nd and 10, Brandon Jackson gobbled up by Mike Goff. I asked Santa for a running game too.

BillMichaels620 : “New York looks good in the trenches. Going to be tough going for the Packers”

12:28 3rd and10, Rodgers “floats it” to Jordy Nelson. Nope, incomplete.


***Eli Manning 29 TDS, 20 INTs – Nice stats, but he can be had***

12:10 Giants begin at their own 32…Play action, Hakeem Nicks for 10.

11:59 Brandon Jacobs gains 5.

packergeeks : “The Packers can get in the head of Brandon Jacobs by forcing a fumble early. Would be big.”

11:26 Bradshaw gains 4.

I’m not sure who scares me more, Bradshaw or Jacobs.

11:12 3rd and 1 at their own 47, Ahmad Bradshaw plows ahead for 4 (He’s 6/8 on 3rd down and short conversions this season).


9:33 2nd and 14 after a false start at their own 46 yard line. Manning hits Bradshaw for quick gain of 5. Nobody else open.

Troy Aikman : “That gives you an idea how good this defensive secondary is. They’re awfully hard to get loose from.”

Kind words for the Packers from Aikman? Must be sipping eggnog.

8:30 3rd and long, Manningham gains only 5. Come on out Matt Dodge…Yes, we still  remember last week.

BigSnakeMan : “Finally, another team with problems on special teams.”

Heard that.


Joe Buck : “And the punt is just shanked.”


7:59 1st and10 from the 20. Rodgers plenty of time to thr…JORDY NELSON! Play action! Nelson over the middle! Antrel Rolle whiffs! 80 yards, to, the, house, young, man!

My grandma —> (Packer fan for 82 years): “That Jordan Nelson is pretty fast…for a white man.” … Jordan is pretty fly too.

jasonjwilde : “Rodgers-to-Nelson for an 80-yard TD makes it 7-0 Packers. Anxious to see how NYG responds. By the way, nice work, Antrel Rolle.”

Wasn’t it Rolle last year with the Cardinals who said he never wanted to face Rodgers late in the season again?

And wasn’t it Rolle who guaranteed a Giants win today? Why, yes it was. When asked if they’d clinch a playoff birth this weekend…

“I don’t think it, I know it,” Rolle said. “That’s because that’s what going to happen. I know it’s going to happen this weekend. I have no doubt. I said it’s going to happen, it’s going to happen.” (via New York Newsday)

It’s a long game though, and we have seen hot starts from Green Bay before.

BobGlauber : “Giants have been outscored 35-0 in last 15 minutes of football.”

Get up in those stands Jordy!  

htphelps : “Please, sir, may I have some more? #LambeauLeap”

Joe Buck : “Welcome back Aardon Rodgers. Welcome into the Lambeau seats Jordy Nelson.”

BigSnakeMan : “Don’t get excited too soon, kids. Remember they had the lead last week, too. #Packers

Buzz kill.

7-0 Packers > Giants

7:40 Giants to begin at their own 30.

…commercials… How about those 49ers?

HuffPostSports : “Quarterback feuds with head coach on sideline http://huff.to/hd6b7u

[Update (12/27): Mike Singletary fired as 49ers head coach. I like to think Green Bay had a hand in that "relieving of duties" as well.]

7:38 1st and 10, Matthews in Manning’s face – incomplete pass. Get some!

7:29 Brandon Jacobs is big, but so is Clay Matthews. No gain. 3rd and 11.

7:02 How many picks does Eli manning have this season? 20 right? Nope, 21! Tramon Williams steps in front of a balloon-ball lofted over the middle. INTERCEPTION! Green Bay football at the Giants 44!

PackerRanter : “Handshakes all around.”

MaxGinsberg : “*shakes hand*”

Business as usual.

Sarcasm at its finest —> jasonjwilde : “Well, you’ve got to be impressed with the way Eli Manning and the NYG responded to that early TD.”

***Manning with 26 turnovers this season, most in the NFL***

PurpleBandwagon : “I am watching yet another Packers game and am enjoying it. #SuxToBeVikingsFanIn2010

See, they can be turned. ;)

6:48 Dimitri Nance scoots up the middle for 7.

6:04 2nd and 4, Nance for another 6.

…(Uses restroom, washes aunt’s lipstick off both cheeks)…

4:40 2nd and 11, B-Jax takes a screen pass for 10. 3rd and barely 1.

3:56 (Kuhn 7/8 on 3rd and short conversions this season) Kuhnnnnn picks up the 1st down. 2nd effort, indeed.

greenandgold19 : “We have a screen sighting! Not bad play calling, MM…and a 3rd-1 conversion. Miracles.”

3:37 Rodgers scrambles, takes off…GET DOWN! ARGH! …Rodgers slides ahead to the 6. Phew-taaa. Not only do I want to backhand every child stepping in front of the TV right now, but I think Rodgers needs a spanking too. Scare tactics are the only way. Kidding, of course.

jasonjwilde : “Rodgers 15-yard scramble ends with Aaron Rodgers sliding and doing the umpire “safe” sign. Crowd cheers, chuckles.”


Mike McCarthy heading in to change his breaches. 

Bmarkovich57 : “HE SLID! HE SLID I SAY!!”

2:03 2nd and goal at the 4, Rodgers “fires” incomplete. 3rd down. Come on, need 6!

PackerReport : “Say what you want about close games but it’s missing gimme TD passes early in the game that’s an issue too.”

Say what?

1:47 Rodgers finds JAMES JONES for the TOUCHDOWN! Bing. Bang. Boom. Gosh, Rodgers is smooth.

***Points off turnovers***

jasonjwilde : “Rodgers-to-Jones, 3-yard TD to make it 14-0. Good news for Giants: Won’t have to worry about blowing a big lead here today.”

14-0 Green Bay extends the lead

1:43 New York starting at the 33. Surprisingly no big return given up after a touchdown this time around. 1st and 10, pass broken up by Tramon Williams. My man.

Troy Aikman : “This secondary, they are a  bunch of ball-hawks. They are very good at going after the ball in flight.”

1:27 Brandon Jacobs picks up 2 on 2nd and 10. Bj Raji, I thank you.

1:20 End it! 3rd and 7…crowds bring’n the noise…kids are screaming at the cat to get off the counter…Grandma wants me to eat a piece of fudge…And Eli manning scrambles, throws incomplete! Giants forced to punt.

Up 14, “family time” is fantastic.

…punting… Dodge bombs a 55-yarder. Sorry buddy, people don’t forget.

0:34 Starting at their own 13, Brandon Jackson picks up 4.


jasonjwilde : “Somehow, this is all Matt Dodge’s fault.”

Let’s switch up field position and take a quick break. This running diary is brought to you by my aunt’s socially awkward friend sipping Boone’s farm through a straw, my niece and sister spilling Doritos, and my dad trying maniacally to keep his cool through it all.


foundinidaho : “Trying to find a bar in Boise that has the game on that isn’t full. Grrr.”

You’re welcome here.

2nd Quarter

15:00 2nd and 6 for Rodgers and friends at the 17. Quick gain of 11 after pass from Rodgers to James Jones.

14:34 1st down, incomplete pass. 2nd down, incomplete pass.

14:14 3rd and10 from their own 24 yard line. Rodgers back to pass, tosses and gah! -tipped and incomplete. Masthay, we welcome you…begrudgingly.

Had a chance to tighten the noose their.

Green Bay racks up nearly 150 rushing yards against the Patriots, but Mike McCarthy calls pass, pass, pass up 14?

BigSnakeMan : “McCarthy should be contractually required to call at least one running play each series of downs.”


Line drive punt, but no return. Giants to begin 1st drive of 2nd quarter at their own 29.

Rosenberg_Mike : “The Giants have been outscored 42-0 in their last 23 minutes. Can the punter be THAT bad?”

I sense a theme here. In other news, Dodge Ram sales declining rapidly.

13:30-12:30 —> kareemcopeland : “Eli with a couple completions in a row. Moving the ball for the first time since their opening drive. 18 yards to Nicks. 8 yards to Hagan.”

11:57 Giants already in Green Bay territory. Send the house Capers!

Aaron_Nagler : “God I hate zone defense.”

*** LoriNickel : “Eli’s passer rating for the first quarter: 10.7. And actually for once, not one of my typos”***

11:45 Scratch that 10.7 rating…Woodson slips…36 yard touchdown to Hakeem Nicks.

jasonjwilde : “Charles Woodson slips and falls on turf, leaving Hakeem Nicks open for a 36-yard TD from Manning. 14-7 Packers.”

Too quick.

14-7 Just like that, Giants pull within 7

PackFan52 : “GOPACKGO”

…Keeping the faith, optimism.

11:40 Shields takes the kickoff at the 14. Uh, he is bad. Just, bad…Gains about 6 on the return. Packers to start at the 20.

htphelps : “Jarrett. Freaking. Bush…”


…Holding on Jarrett Bush. Packers to begin at the 10.

MaxGinsberg : “Sam Shields isn’t comfortable as a kick returner yet. He’s not aggressive enough. Maybe he can grow into it…maybe he can’t.”

Maybes in the playoffs can’t be good.

11:38 Jennings via Rodgers for 17 yards. Won’t be a highlight, but that was a heck-of-a catch.

kareemcopeland : “With that reception, 16 yards, Jennings goes over 5,000 yards.”


10:57 Jackson gains 2.

10:32 2nd and 8, pass caught and gain of 19 by Gregory Jennings. They make it look so easy.

9:01 Two incomplete passes, and it’s 3rd down. Running plays have clearly shifted to the back of MM’s binder.

8:42 James Jones gains 12 on 3rd and 10. Green Bay down to the Giants 39 yard line.


7:03 3rd and 3 at the 33, Rodgers in the gun, ONE HANDED CATCH (lefty!) by Donald Driver! Gain of 6 on the ground; gain of a million in my heart.

wallypingel : “WOW DD”

DayneShuda : “Donald Driver I salute you.”

***6 different receivers with catches today, already***

5:33 Another 3rd down…8 to go…Rodgers in the gun, hits Jordy Nelson for big gain of?! FUMBLE. Giants football.

LoriNickel : “12 play drive for the Packers and no points for it…”

I can’t throw a kid, what do I do?! No grandma…I’ve had enough fudge! Yes, the meatballs are great! No, Tom Coughlin didn’t play an orc in Lord of the Rings! Uhhh…

5:00 Eli back to pass on 1st down…You’re kidding me.

85 yards.

TundraVision : “You can’t afford stupid mental mistakes like this in the postseason. If the Packers lose this game, we will have given it to them.”

Mario Manningham.

brove : “Blergh”

Tramon slips.

packergeeks : “That is just plain unlucky”

Touchdown New York.

jasonjwilde : “And the Giants turn Nelson’s fumble into immediate points with Eli Manning’s 85-yard TD pass to Manningham. It’s 14-14 with 5:13 til half.”

***Eli Manning, 30 passing touchdown this season***

greenandgold19 : “WTF?!? You mean the Giants didn’t wave the white flag? Come on, Pack, 60 minutes!”

Okay, pass the fudge.

14-14 Tie game

5:08 Packers to begin at the 20. Thanks Shields, I guess.

Packnic : “Is it too much to ask that we get one decent return. Like to the 40 even. Anything past the 20 would be cool”

Yes, too much to ask.

5:00-4:00 B-Jax gains 5 on 1st down. Quick slant Jennings, gain of 11 on 2nd.

3:48 Joe Buck : “Rodgers with time, shows off his arm strength…” Gain of 26 to Greg Jennings!

BillMichaels620 : “Corey Webster is fearing Jennings, giving him all kinds of cushion.”

3:02 Rodgers-Driver with another 5. Woah, DD getting into it with the CB Thomas! Sitton to the rescue. Driver never gets wound up, what happened?

packergeeks : “Thomas should have been ejected. He punched him on the ground – cheap shot by a pr—”

Personal foul #24, 15 yard penalty tacked on. You know that’s right.

BillMichaels620 : “I’ve never seen Driver go after anyone like that before”

Troy Aikman : “That’s a good call by the official.”

wallypingel : “Love that Sitton came in there to protect his boys during that mini-non-scrum.”

2:28 Rodgers-Jones for another 8 yards

2:00 warning

Momentum building, packers inside the 5 yard line.

1:59 Kuhn push…push…Ah, push it! Push it real good! …TOUCHDOWN JOHN KUHN! Er, Salt N Pepa make me feel dirty.



Aunt #2 : “Why is the crowd booing?”

Me : “Because only Giants’ fans came to today’s game.” 


lifeafterfavre : “Great strong run by the cribbage enthusiast!”

Really? I learn something new every week with this bunch.

badger_dave_ : “John Kuhn, the Danny Woodhead of the Midwest (well more like 2xDanny Woodhead, sizewise)”

21-14 Green Bay retakes the lead.

***Only 5 rushing TDs on the season coming into today***

*** curriemike : “How about the FOX stat. 1st rushing TD for GB in their last 98 rushing attempts.”***

1:54 It was about this time last week a gravy-filled porker nearly took a kick return to the house for New England. And yes, that guy, who shall remain nameless, did win Special Teams Player of the Week. Encore by New York? Nothing, slides down at the 19.

1:40-0:40 Giants drive but stall. Nick Collins just missed an interception on the 3rd down play. Dang, minimum of 3 points if he comes up with that.

jsutlookin : “Nick Collins another dropped INT”


BrianCarriveau : “Disappointing that Collins couldn’t catch it, but he covered a lot of ground to even break it up.”

kareemcopeland : “Collins drop INT. Would’ve scored. No one around…”


RahimT12 : “Really Aikman? Collins has good hands? You must have missed his once-a-game dropped INT’s”


packer_update : “How many potential interceptions has Nick Collins dropped this season?”

MaxGinsberg : “All of ‘em? ;)”



Green Bay with two timeouts and the ball at the 13. Kneel it.

Aaron_Nagler : “Mike – please. Nothing stupid.”

0:30 Rodgers in the gun, hands off  to Jackson and he gains 3 yards. Tick…tick…tick…


Aaron_Nagler “Thank you Mike.”


Howie Long : “You have to be impressed with Aaron Rodgers” …Like he’s our 1st born son.

***Giants with 105 total yards during the 1st half, 30 of them rushing***

espn_nfcnblog : “Halftime: Packers 21, Giants 14 – http://es.pn/fOzUaI

ProFootballTalk : “Bears hold off Jets, still in position for playoff bye http://bit.ly/e2QGaS

Good for them. The fallout after a blowout postseason loss will be that much sweeter after a 1st round bye.

7 cookies, 2 cups of coffee, 1/2 lb of fudge, chex mix and chili…couple Heinekens…okay, back to the game.

3rd Quarter

15:00 DJ Ware brings the kickoff out to the 35 yard line for New York

Tom Coughlin : “We need to get more pressure on Aaron Rodgers.”

Nice observation, Tom.

14:55 1st and 10, incomplete pass but a yellow flag drops in. Ugh.

BigSnakeMan : “Ah, our old friend: the ‘point & shoot flag’.”

Pass interference on Tramon Williams.

Troy Aikman : It looks like Manningham had as much contact as Tramon Williams did.”

14:50-13:30 Jacobs with 2 carries, 8 yards. 3rd and 2 near midfield. Eli in the gun…GET OUT OF THE WAY MA! What happened?! Bradshaw fumbles! Woodson forced it! Bigby picks it up, Green Bay Packers football!

RahimT12 : “Today we are serving a ‘Charley Woodsonne,’ a vintage 2009 that starts smooth and finishes with a punch.”

I’ll take one, or seven.

jasonjwilde : “Woodson’s fifth forced fumble of the season is recovered by Bigby. Packers first-and-10 at midfield …”

13:00-11:00 James Jones here for 13, Crabtree there for 20. Wait, Tom Crabtree? Nice.

BillMichaels620 : “Again, Rodgers threatens to run and opens up Crabtree.”

BigSnakeMan : “Rodgers is at his best out of the pocket. Maybe partly because he rarely has one to work in.”

You get it? Because the offensive line isn’t good. It’s funny, because it’s true (Family Guy)

***Tom Crabtree’s 4th catch of the season, 1st in 5 games*** 

…10:14 3rd and 7 at the 13, pass cau…Dropped by Jordy Nelson.

10:12 Mason Crosby on to try a field goal from 31 yards.

24-14 Needed 7, settle for 3

9:59 DJ Ware returns the kick to the 35. Great field position yet again. What happened to Crosby’s big leg? Is it the cold weather?

PAIGER33 : “Special teams argument is used and abused.” …But true, right?

9:42 Bradshaw picks up 14 on a short pass from Eli Manning. Already up to the 47 yard line.

9:09 Joe Buck : “Wide open is Nicks…” Tramon Williams bites on a  fake, gain of 27 on pass from Eli Manning to Nicks.

8:37 At the Green Bay 26, 1st and 10, Jacobs gains 6. Matthews on the stop.

LoriNickel : “All 10 guys on D waiting. 52 never stops pacing.”

And foaming at the mouth if I’m not mistaken.

8:12 Bradshaw gains 2 on 2nd down. Wooodson plays the run so freak’n well.

***Woodson 3rd on the team in tackles***

RahimT12 : “If Woodson was bigger, he’d have been a Hall of Fame linebacker.”

wallypingel : “Me to, well, and athletic ability.”

I’m sporting a throwback Clay Matthews jersey. The least he could do is get me a sack here.

7:14 Eli looks over the middle, nobody home. Incomplete pass. Hello Mr. Tynes. Yes, we all remember the 2007-2008 NFC Championship game.

7:09 38-yard field goal is good.

kareemcopeland : “Giants start with a couple big pass plays, but run out of gas at the 20. Tynes 38 yd FG. Packers 24, NYG 17.”

24-17 Giants close the gap, but Packers lead.

…Digging through tweets, digging through tweets…

7:00-5:30 …

Joe Buck : “DRIVER what a catch! 33 yards and a fastball from Aaron Rodgers.”

Drivers for a 33-yard gain, Jennings for a 36-yard gain.

Oh my, Rodgers is lethal.

PAIGER33 : “What a snag! Luv seeing the emotion from Driver and Jennings!”

Green Bay down to the Giants 1 yard line.

5:21 Brandon Jackson loses a yard.

5:08 Rodgers back to throw…looking, avoids Justin Tuck…looking, finds DONALD LEE FOR THE TOUCHDOWN! Stone-hands with nice catch. Alright, get your butt up in those stands Don-Money!

zcalvelli : “Wait I thought Donald Lee was on IR. (kidding)”

No, that’s just Favre Tuesday-Saturday.

PAIGER33 : “Donald Lee! Surprised he remembers how to Lambeau Leap!”

jasonjwilde : “Packers go 70 yards in four plays, with a 33-yarder to Driver and 36-yarder to Jennings leading to 1-yard TD pass to D.Lee. 31-17 Packers.”

Incredible drive. Lightning fast.

31-71 Packers back up by 10. No shortage of energy from the Lambeau crowd

4:42 Hakeem Nicks takes the kickoff by Crosby…FUMBLE! Scrum! Green Bay football! And Cough-Cough-Lin tosses the challenge flag.

…Challenge, commercials…

*** jasonjwilde : “Aaron Rodgers on the day: 21 of 32, 321 yards, three TDs, 129.8 passer rating. Concussion? What concussion”?***

*** BrianCarriveau : “Packers have 20 first downs. Giants only have 10.”***

Whether it’s a fumble or not, the crowd is just flat out rocking right now.


RahimT12 : “Guarantee its the @ olbagofdonuts crew leading the GO PACK GO chant.”

olbagofdonuts : “You know it.”

Call overturned though, Giants retain possession. Lose 10 after holding call assessed as well.

4:14 1st and 10 at the 12 yard line, Eli Manning SMOTHERED AND SACKED by Bj “still carrying my Christmas meal” Raji.

***1st sack of the day by either team***

3:03 2nd down, no gain. 3rd and long and Bradshaw reaches the marker, 1st down. Nice screen play and pick up by Ahmad Bradshaw.

2:48 Eli Manning scrambles for 12 yards.

2:15 Brandon Jacobs gets outside! Rumbling, bumbling, stumbling down the sideline…CLAY MATTHEWS STRIPS HIM! 2nd effort and a half! Good God almighty what a play! Green Bay recovers the fumble!

wallypingel : “Enter every expletive you can think of during that fumble and scrum for recovery, it was uttered/shouted here.”

jsutlookin “Claymaker! DPOY!”

Cousin #1 : “That guy has long hair. He looks like Simba.”

Cousin #2 : “Tom Brady looks much better.”

Aunt #2 : “Where’s the boones (slur) farm?”

Aunt#1 : “Which one is Boone?”

Me : “Ahh…umm…errr…sigh…”

Coughlin challenges the call on the field, again.

TheBlueScreen : “Tom Coughlin is 7-4 on challenges this season, according to @ NYDNsports NFL columnist Hank Gola. He’s about to be 7-5.”

Aaron_Nagler : “Bishop tipped it back in. Beyond brilliant.”

jasonjwilde : “Like a basketball player saving the ball …”

GreenandGold19 : “+1″

RahimT12 : “Just an amazing heads up play by @ Desbishop55 to bat the ball before it goes out of bounds.”

It’s can’t be stated enough how big that “tip in” by Bishop was.

1:30-0:01  Run, run, Rodgers fumbles in the shotgun, and it’s 4th down. Well that sucked.

kareemcopeland : “Rodgers fumbles on 3rd and 1 trying to pass. So much for Short-yardage-Kuhn…”


MikeVandermause : “Packers have 403 total yards of offense through 3 quarters.”

jenlada : “After 3 quarterss, balanced attack has diminished slightly. 55 plays: 32 air, 23 ground. But w/ 14 point lead, expect rushing attempts to skyrocket.”

4th Quarter

15:00 Masthay punts to the Giants 41. Now it’s crunch time.

packergeeks : “Huge drive. Need a stop here.”

14:38 1st down, run for 3.

14:21 Clay Matthews crawls up Eli’s back on 2nd and 7, incomplete pass.

13:58 Incomplete pass on 3rd down. Mannings playing scared (easy for me to say).


Joe Buck : “Packers have it, up 14. It’s a game they need, here against the Giants.”


***Jackson with 26 yards today. Time to triple that***

13:38 Jackson picks up 3 on 1st down.

13:07 Rodgers scrambles for 9 on 2nd down.

How are the Vikings feeling, Visante? 

  TomPelissero : “Visanthe Shiancoe on how he’ll recover from this season: ‘I’m going to fly to Mars and stay there for a little bit.’”


12:46 Rodgers back to pass on 1st down (not a run play?!), sacked by Justin Tuck.

AshuSiralis : “I’m sure that’s a scheme issue. Run the ball Mike! How can’t you know Rodgers is going to lose the handle on it.”

BigSnakeMan : “Whatever happened to Dmitri Nance?”

He must be exhausted after those 8 carries.

11:17 3rd and 15 from the 29 yard line of Green Bay, Rodgers looks to Jones! Dropped.

BookEnd57 : “James Jones is making my hair fall out.”

Joe Buck : “Boy, he had an open path to the endzone.”

Troy Aikman : “If James Jones catches that one, there is nothing between him and the endzone.”

…punting… Giants to start at their own 18.

BamaCheesehead : “Lets go DEFENSE!”

Okay, commercial break. Now, what’s the disruption in the stands?

PGAmyBailey : “Girl escorted out of Lambeau for taking off clothes for bikini.”

Aaron_Nagler : “Wait, did they just kick out the Bikini Girls?”

jenlada : “Wait, what? Thought they lauded bikini gals?”

kareemcopeland : “What is this world coming to?!”

MaxGinsberg : “Blasphemous!”

Okay, back to the truly important matters. ;)

10:37 Gain of 21 for the Giants on a pass from Eli to someone. Don’t care who.

10:17 Big gain from Eli to Nicks! …Wait, flag! Oooh, clearly an offensive pass interfence. Great call (if only in my mind).

wallypingel : “My Dad ‘Wow, he used both hands to push off, that impressive’ re: Nicks offensive interference penalty.”

9:48 2nd and 18 for the Giants at their own 30. Eli looking sidelines…Nobody home…Ah! Sam Shields with an INTERCEPTION!

I cannot believe how poorly Manning is playing today. Or is it just the Green bay defense?

Sammy Shields definitely out of bounds with that 2nd foot. Tom, challenge it! Challeneg it! You can’t? Used both challenges already? Dang right. Either way, nice play by the rookie.

Aaron_Nagler : “Karma is a bi—.”

jasonjwilde : “Sam Shields gets the INT, thanks to earlier challenge by Coughlin. Clearly second foot was out of bounds, nothing NYG could do about it.”

***4 turnovers for the NY Giants***

*** JarrettBell : “Giants commit 39th turnover of season, an Eli pick.”***

9:38 Greg Jennings gains 24 yards on first down. Sweet pass from Rodgers to GJ.


Bathroom break…Grabbing a beverage…Patting the kids on the head…Making quick rounds saying hello to the family…TOUCHDOWN GREEN BAY!

Rodgers with another touchdown pass! This one to John Kuhn!

olbagofdonuts : “John Kuhn has become a folk hero overnight. People are just going nuts every time he comes in. (GB)”

Not Vegas but…Dagger baby, Dagger.

MaxGinsberg : “Stellar”

***Green bay with 17 points off of 4 turnovers today***

jasonjwilde : “Updated Rodgers numbers: 24-36 (67%), season-high 366 yards, four TDs (ties career high), 0 INTs, 137.0 passer rating.”

38-17 Pack looking strong.

Joe  Buck : “This is a mess for the Giants, and now DJ Ware can’t field a kickoff.”

(overly full, but smiling)

Giants to start at their own 7. Add in a hold and half the distance to the goal.

6:15 Eli tosses up a gift and Nick Collins hauls it in for another INTERCEPTION! He wasn’t dropping that one. Eli certainly in the giving mood this holiday.

Troy Aikman : “Desperation throw more than anything else.”

And the celebration…?

gbpf127 : “Handshakes all around! WOOOOOOO”

…Right on cue.

wingoz  (Trey Wingo) : “Peyton Manning…just ran a naked bootleg to seal a win. I timed it with my desk calendar.”

One Manning is folding, the other rising up. Interesting, if nothing else.

How’d the Pocket Doppler Prognosticators do picking today’s game?

BigSnakeMan : “Packers over Giants”


WallyPingel : “Packers over Giants”


Crichar3 : ” Giants over Packers – It will surprise no one that I am picking the G-Men to upend GB. I haven’t believed in the  Packers for a while, but not because I think Mike McCarthy is dumber than Charlie McCarthy (look it up, kids). No, when the injuries started to dip into the Ludicrous Zone, I figured that making the playoffs would be a stretch. In order for GB to make it there, they need to win out. I don’t see that happening against two quality opponents in a venue that is no longer a definite advantage for the Pack. So I expect NYG to do an encore of their most recent trip to Lambeau and take down the Pack. After all, they have powerful incentive, too — if Jersey wins out, they are headed to the playoffs.”



[Pocket Doppler Prognosticators: Week 16 - http://bit.ly/gz6PnC ]

6:00-4:00 …driving…3rd and short. The Lambeau faithful sound like their about to tear this mother down.


PackersLounge : “Give ‘em what they want. Kuhn for the dagger.”

Aaron_Nagler : “That was like Gladiator. The Coliseum wanted Kuhn – they got Kuhn.”

3:58 Giants creeping up and Rodgers takes a shot deep, JORDY NELSON DOWN TO THE 2 yard line!

*** kareemcopeland : Nelson with his first 100-yard game of the year.***

Now Kuhn?

TOUCHDOWN GREEN BAY! 3rd of the day for…Yep, John Kuhn. Best white running back since, Peyton Hillis.

Excellent —> TetonTwit : “Giants have crawled into their Ca-Kuhn.”

Remember when Mario Manningham taunted all the way into the endzone?

packergeeks : “Mario Manningham isn’t taunting anyone right now. A**-clown”

jasonjwilde : “Rodgers now 25-37 for 404 yards and 4 TDs (139.9 rating). His first regular-season 400-yard game. (Had 422 in playoff loss to Arizona.)”

45-17 Sadly a laughable affair now.

Giants football near the 25-yard line. This one is over.


jenlada : “Been waiting for a 60 minute performance by the Green & Gold. Have to think this qualifies.”


olbagofdonuts : “Since Giants tied the game, Packers have outscored them 31-3.”


Antrel Rolle, where you at?

mneal96  (Mike Neal): “I guess u shouldn’t go public and guarantee a win…”


Interception by Aj Hawk.

Matt Flynn in the ball game.

MaxGinsberg “For the right reasons this time. :)”

Rahim T12 : “Happy, happy, happyhappyhappy, happy, happy, happyhappyhappy”

foundinidaho : “Joy Joy Joy”

MaxGinsberg : “Fittingly, AJ Hawk finishes off the Giants. Turnover number six.”


JustinDiBo : “Dominance.”

***6 turnovers today for New York, the most since 2004 against Baltimore***


Dawg20 : “What’s the crowd chanting?????”

Midwestfan : “The Bears still suck!”

jasonjwilde : “And the classy Packers fans in Lambeau break into their “The Bears Still Suck” chant.FYI, the Bears can also still keep your team out of the playoffs. What was @ Aaron_Nagler saying about karma earlier? Stay classy, Green Bay.”

Ouch, reality check.

Aaron_Nagler : “It’s a RIVALRY. I reprimand my 9 year old when she says anything “sucks” – Except the Bears.”


Rockmolder : “Eli’s just about crying.”

Na, it’s just the Manning face —> http://www.manningface.com/


jrehor : “What. A. Game. Domination”

TheKidPSD : “Packers win is the best birthday present ever.” …Happy Birthday, sir.

Final Score: 45-17, Packers abuse the Giants

Postgame reaction and some good reads:

acmepackingco : “Packers Game Ball Recap: Packers Roll Giants, 45-17 http://sbn.to/hEfNrE

PackersLounge : “CHTV: Gut Reactions: Week 16 http://bit.ly/i2UnON

ProFootballTalk : “Packers in position for playoffs after blowout win http://wp.me/p14QSB-pWF

Aaron_Nagler : “Love how everyone is ‘Don’t upset the Bears they might play mad’ Um, the Bears should be worried about the Packers too.”

DJProtegeSTL : “Game changed after that penalty on Driver’s pile drive. Don’t mess with Driver”

jasonjwilde : “Packers 45, Giants 17: Facing a do-or-die situation against a tough opponent, the Packers punched New York in … http://bit.ly/hKo7U6

PackersPulse : “Insiders Blog: Final score: Packers 45, Giants 17 http://bit.ly/

*** krautkramer : “Packer playoff picture: Beat Chicago and they’re in. Lose to Bears and still in with Week 17 loses by Bucs and Giants.”***

And because of a major snow storm in the Northeast, New York is stuck stewing in today’s loss here in Wisconsin.

VShiancoe : “A pic of the streets in Philly.. http://twitpic.com/3k1ilr ” …Weak

This just in: Governor of Pennsylvania says we’ve become a nation of “wussies.”

Deadspin : Here’s What Philadelphia Looked Like Around The Moment The Eagles/Vikings Game Was Supposed To Start http://deadspin.com/5718440/

youngkata : “Ok you Appleton folks, be nice to the Giants…they’ve had a tough day.”

PAIGER33 : Packers have 500+ yards of offense, 45 points, and playoff momentum. Packer nation rejoices.”

Great picture —> jrehor : From todays National Anthem http://plixi.com/p/65840177

PackFan52 : ” Nice win Packers”

That is exactly right. It’s a “nice win.” Today was a superb victory, but it means nothing if Green Bay falls apart next week against Chicago. Still, for today, it’s a nice win…Epic beatdown. Let’s enjoy this win right now, and tomorrow we can start worrying about next week.

It is funny isn’t it? When the Packers win, all that might aggrivate is suddenly enjoyable. Loud kids throwing toys everywhere, love it. Mind-numbing sugar rush from endless sweets, love it. Buttons gone from jeans after a massive brunch, like it. Okay that is a bit of embellishment. The point is, Merry Christmas everyone. I hope you all enjoyed your holiday regardless of today’s outcome. Enjoying a few days of vacation with those who love us is really what the holidays are all about. With a win though, it’s much easier to do so. Carry on.

BigSnakeMan : “Now we get to see the entire Fox Studio Crew admit they were WRONG”

Even better.


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  • http://pocketdoppler.com/ Wally

    You need to have your family around, well maybe just your Aunts, for all the games for the added comic relief.

  • http://www.packerranter.com Robert Greenfield

    Such a cool idea – nicely done!

  • http://www.pocketdoppler.com BigSnakeMan

    Finally, I get the last word!

    Quite the franchise you’ve established for yourself here, Rich. If nothing else, I want to see a deep playoff run by the Pack just so we can get more of these. ;)

  • Rocket

    Win or Lose we just love readin’ these. All my friends ask me when it is gonna be done. Are you sure I wasnt at the same Christmas PArty that you were at?!?!??? Great Job Rich Ward

  • LTJ8

    “Not Vegas but…Dagger baby, Dagger.”

    LOVE the Swingers reference! Good times, Rich. I’m not sure if this whole running diary idea gets a lot of recognition, but it should. Completely unique and my fav each week.

    Welcome back!

  • http://www.twitter.com/RichWardJr Rich Ward

    Thanks and I really appreciate it, fellas. Wally, I’ll definitely try to make room for cameos from the aunts, but I’m not sure I could do this sitting through another Sunday like that. Love the family gatherings, but I’m surprised I made it through with a readble product.

    I had to give last word to ya BigSnakeMan, without a doubt the MVP of Sunday’s Twitter-fest. Even with Wilde and Nagler’s “The Bears stll suck” rift, haha. Close race though, because there is so many great Tweets on gameday…I just wish I could find a way to see them ALL, because I know I miss a ton.

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  • Eric

    Heck yeah, Rich. This is too much fun.