Each Friday during the football season the 3 founding fathers of Pocket Doppler (yours truly, BigSnakeMan & Chris Richards) will pick the winners of the Packer, Sunday night & MNF games with a running tally through out the season.

Welcome to this week’s edition of the Pocket Doppler Prognosticators.  Entering Week 16 the current standings are:

Wally: 29
BigSnakeMan: 26
Chris: 26

Heading into the home stretch here and it make take some drastic picking to upset the apple cart here as I increased my lead by a point with the faith I placed in the Eagles & Vick.


I’ve pretty much given up on catching Wally as my luck lately has been running about as strong as the Packers.  Yet, we plunge ahead……….

Packers over Giants – Now that Mike McCarthy’s no longer coaching the Packers, this one should be no…….

( Wait…what?! You mean he’s still the coach? Oh, I just thought from the reaction after last game, he’d been fired already. Okay….never mind.)

Through an extraordinary set of circumstances, which unfortunately didn’t include their own game at New England, the Packers are once again in control of their own playoff destiny. This game is a rematch of the 2007 NFC Championship, and there is almost as much on the line with both teams fighting for the postseason. The Giants won that game, of course, and their defense could give the Packers some problems. But this time, the Packers won’t have a quarterback who will fold in the cold as Aaron Rodgers returns from his second concussion of the season. No doubt the Giants defense will be attempting to give him a third one and they are pretty adept at it as they’ve already knocked out more than their share of opposing QBs this season. But now that the Packers have gotten their starting QB back, they should be highly motivated to keep him in the lineup, to say nothing of keeping their playoff hopes alive. This figures to be a tough one all the way but I like the Packers’ chances at Lambeau.

Eagles over Vikings – Let’s do the math…..The Eagles are at home, trying to secure the NFC East division title, and have a great deal of momentum after an incredible comeback win over the Giants last week. The Vikings are on the road, again outside in the cold (where they absolutely sparkled last week) and the only momentum they’re carrying is in the rush to make their offseason plans. Given that set of conditions, who do YOU think wins this game? Yeah, I like the Eagles, too. No matter which ‘stiff’ is starting at quarterback for the Vikings.

Falcons over Saints – Another game with huge playoff implications in the NFC. Atlanta isn’t particularly flashy; they just do what they need to do to win. And they never lose at home. Last year I would have given the Saints a better than even chance; this year’s edition doesn’t have the same cache. The Saints are still very good, but the running game is lacking, the defense isn’t quite as intimidating, and even the passing game isn’t as imposing. The Saints will give them a good game just as the Packers did. And just as they did against Green Bay, the Falcons will find a way to win in the end.


Packers over Giants – It’s simply inconceivable for me to pick this any other way because if I do, that means the Packers season will be over.  With Rodgers back and the team (& hopefully coaching) staff knowing what is on the line here I think we’ll see the first complete 60 minutes we’ll have seen all year from the Packers.

Eagles over Vikings – Last week I pulled for the Eagles mostly based on my desire for Michael Vick to play well for Fantasy Team in the playoffs.  Well, he did and I advanced to the Championship Game so again I will be picking the Eagles in what I hope is a collossal landslide of points. 

Falcons over Saints – Just as I am picking the above based on fantasy football, I’m doing the same here but in reverse as my opponent in the Championship Game has Drew Brees as his QB so I’m hoping for a huge defensive stand by New Orleans.  I do have Roddy White playing in this game so if Brees is going to score I hope Matt Ryan targets White all day for the same if not more points.


Giants over Packers – It will surprise no one that I am picking the G-Men to upend GB. I haven’t believed in the  Packers for a while, but not because I think Mike McCarthy is dumber than Charlie McCarthy (look it up, kids). No, when the injuries started to dip into the Ludicrous Zone, I figured that making the playoffs would be a stretch. In order for GB to make it there, they need to win out. I don’t see that happening against two quality opponents in a venue that is no longer a definite advantage for the Pack. So I expect NYG to do an encore of their most recent trip to Lambeau and take down the Pack. After all, they have powerful incentive, too — if Jersey wins out, they are headed to the playoffs.

Eagles over Vikings – I am sure this looked like an awesome game when it was put on the schedule. Now it appears to be a laugher in Philly’s phavor. The only drama here is whether Favre will get carried off on his shield this week or whether sanity will prevail and they let Joe Webb continue his development. Of course, if Joe Webb plays like Jack Webb again like he did v. CHI on Monday night, I don’t see the outcome in question. The Eagles soar at home v. an increasingly befuddled Vikings team.

Saints over Falcons – Very likely the game of the week, pitting what are probably the NFC’s premier teams. ATL has been, ah, “ice” at home behind Matt Ryan, but NO had won six in a row prior to losing to BAL this past week.  My tendency is to go with ATL–besides their decided home field advantage, they are on a white-hot eight game winning streak. But they have not been exactly dominant during that run. I am also not overwhelmed by the Falcons generally and I think they are due to lose a game, especially one at home. NO is just the team to do what GB couldn’t — I like the Saints in a close one.


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  • http://www.thebuckychannel.com Winks

    Ha, I never knew what that stupid puppet’s name was – thanks for helping me learn something new even on Christmas Eve.

    I want to be nervous and I want to be pessimistic about the Packer game, but the fact that it’s in Lambeau clinches it for me. After going to the game in Beantown last week, I don’t think I’ve ever been this pumped to go to a home game and be with the home fans. I think the crowd is going to be a good one on Sunday, and a victory will be a nice Xmas (yes, Xmas) present for the Packer faithful.