This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is women from Holiday/Christmas movies.

A Kate Winslet (The Holiday) sort of morning.

Hopefully you’ll have some spare time this afternoon as we have a monster Thursday Q & A this afternoon, featuring the people behind the posts at 

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Heather Morris …no, not the one from Glee.

Keep dragging me back in – Just a few weeks back I commented about how I was ‘done’ with Favre and how he had eroded to a point in my consciousness where I didn’t really care anymore.  Of course, then yesterday this whole ‘Go beat the Packers in a couple of weeks’ comment to Julius Peppers gets out and my rancor has once again been elevated.  I was all ready to forgive & forget and inevitably welcome Favre back with open arms some day, now not so much.  Everyone tells Packers fans to ‘move on’, well it’s a little hard to do that when the object of that ‘moving on’ continues to just piss on your team.  Most of us, whether we want to admit it or not, deep down still harbor some good will for Favre as much we may rant about him publicly & look to the day where he can sign that one day contract and truly retire as a Packer. It’s comments like these though that only prove as much as we Packers fans have tried to move on, Favre simply hasn’t. Now, inevitably someone out there will say ‘If you were forced out of your job and went to work for a competitor wouldn’t you want to get back at your old boss/company?’.  To which my answer would be yes, and you are an idiot.  In no world will I ever live or work in where I will have a job where 100′s of 1000′s of people will live & breath with every move I make not to mention adore and respect me to the point they are naming children and pets after me. People who try to make this a logical argument as an excuse for any professional athlete are just as deluded as the athletes they are trying to defend by bringing it up. So all I can really say at this point is touche Brett, just when I thought I had left you behind you’ve got me right back…you dick.

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  • Jon

    …and Merry Christmas to you, too, Wally!

    Eventually, Favre needs to get over his feud with the Packers or he will die pissed off. You, and all of Packerdom, are bigger than that. The Packers are in the playoff hunt, Favre is not. Rodgers has had a great year, Favre has had a lousy one. So, he doesn’t like the Packers…who cares? The breakup is over…be happy with your current love (um, I mean QB) and keep moving down the highway of pigskin life. Favre has obviously not moved on from the nasty split and in many ways it is flattering that his mind still drifts towards Lambeau (albeit this time after getting a concussion). Take the high road on this one cousin, send him a Christmas card letting him know what fond memories you have of the good old days, and smile while sipping a hot toddy recognizing that you have found inner peace.

    • Wally

      Yeah, I actually wrote that yesterday and have since calmed down. I seldomly rant to that level of resentment though so thought I would leave it as was, to capture the moment for posterity and all.

  • foundinidaho

    I’m glad you left it. It’s exactly how I felt yesterday. Piss on him. (Women are slower to forgive than men, I find.) ;)

  • BigSnakeMan

    What Jon wrote. Anything that comes out of ’4′s mouth can hardly be a revelation.

    Really, at this point, who cares?