I had an idea a couple weeks back that it would be cool to interview the people behind the posts here at PocketDoppler.com.  Seeing as we’re closing out the year I thought this would be good time to do that so I asked everyone ‘on staff’ to each ask a question of another person and then respond to a question from someone else.  I should have known better than to ask a bunch of writers to write as almost everyone asked multiple question of their assigned person and those people in turn answered all of them.  It was a tremendous effort by all involved and it turned out (I think) to be a lot of fun. I was going to try and edit this down but while reading through all the questions asked & then answers provided there was just too much good…nay, great…stuff to remove any of it.  So this being the Thursday before Christmas Eve I figure most people are just biding time till they can go home so pull up a chair, get settled in and find out what the people at Pocket Doppler think about the Packers, Badgers, Brewers, Buck and a whole lot more.

Mike/BSM asks Anita…

Q: There seem to be two schools of thought regarding the Green Bay Packers this season.  Either the team has A.) overachieved in light of the personnel losses, or B.) missed opportunities because of coaching that will ultimately cost them a chance to make/advance in the playoffs.  While elements of both are obviously true, most fans fall more on one side or the other of this question.  Which opinion do you find more valid and why?

A: I think that “overachieved” is the wrong adjective, even in light of the injuries. These guys are professionals, and even the ones who the Packers sign as replacements are looking for a permanent gig, whether it be on the Packers, or some other team. It is to their advantage to make the most of the opportunity they’ve been given.

After last night’s game, I definitely reside in camp “B.” The confusion during the last play in the Patriots game was surreal, but hardly surprising. The saddest part is that even though the Packers were moving the ball in that final drive, I wasn’t expecting them to score and take the lead, because THAT’S what happens during the McCarthy era. Something always happens that keeps the Packers from making that final score and winning the game.

Q: Also curious to know how/when/why you became a Packer fan and the progression that took you to Notre Dame.

A: I was born in New York, but moved to the Midwest when I was eight years old. We lived in Burlington, WI for ten years. I graduated from high school in Burlington. After graduation, I left Wisconsin to go to school. My father’s job took him back to Michigan, so I no longer had a “home” to go back to in Wisconsin. I still go back to visit old friends, though. After graduating from Indiana University-South Bend, I started working for Notre Dame and have been there since 1992.

My years in Wisconsin were spent rooting for Wisconsin sports teams. It stuck!  I still consider Wisconsin “home.” It’s the one place I truly feel comfortable. The Packers, especially, are HOME to me. My regret is that I’ve never been to Lambeau. I’ve seen the Packers play in Milwaukee, Detroit, Chicago and Indianapolis, but have yet to attend a game in Mecca. It’s on my bucket list.

Baseball is the only sport in which I have some confusion. I was a Brewers fan growing up. I spent many years at County Stadium, including attending the ALCS and the World Series. I liked the Brewers in the AL and the Cubs in the NL. The Cubs were the only Chicago team I liked. They were harmless. I hated the White Sox because they were rivals of the Brewers, even though they were in a different division.

After I moved to this area, the Cubs were considered a local team to the South Bend media market. It was easier to keep track of them. Plus, they were on WGN all the time. The Brewers were struggling. They were never on TV. I was able to follow the Cubs more easily. Then, Bud Selig did an unforgivable thing (in my eyes). He put the Brewers in the NL and into the Cubs division. I could no longer be a fan of both, evidently. I had to choose. It sucked. It was like Sophie’s Choice. I know plenty of people in the southern part of Wisconsin who were put into the same position. I will never forgive Selig for that. EVER. I want the Brewers back in the American League. Period.

And I still hate the White Sox.

Jon asks Brian C…

Q: If you were a trusted advisor for John Clay, JJ Watt, and Nick Toon, what would your advice be to each of these three players as to whether or not to apply for the NFL draft?

A: Because of the uncertainty surrounding the NFL’s collective bargaining agreement, I would tell most underclassmen to stay in school this year unless they were an unquestioned first or second round draft choice. However, I’m going to go against the grain for a guy like John Clay for a couple reasons.

If I were Clay’s advisor, I wouldn’t tell him this to his face, but he’s the third-best running back on the Badgers. People don’t like to believe that because he was the Big Ten’s offensive MVP last year, but I think it’s the truth. I still think John Clay has a place on the team, I just think it’s only for eight to 10 carries a game and as a short-yardage back. Montee Ball and James White deserve a bulk of the carries. Clay’s stock will never be higher than right now. If he comes back next season, he risks his stock plummeting when the rest of the nation finds out he’s the third-best option on his college team.

I’m a big believer in JJ Watt and think he can succeed in the NFL. But because of the uncertainty in the CBA, I think he’s better served by returning to college. Besides, I think he sincerely loves the college game. Nick Toon really has no choice but to return to school. If he came out this year, he’d probably be a mid- to late-round choice. If he comes back to the Badgers, his stock could improve greatly in 2011.

Chris asks Brian H…

Q: It seems the Bucks are a different team when Andrew Bogut is available. How big of a factor is he to the team and can they win without him in the line up every game?

A: The Bucks are absolutely a different team without Andrew Bogut. There are really only 2-3 centers in the league that can hang with Bogut physically, and they even have their struggles when he is on. He has such a wide range of ability whether he is facing the hoop or has his back to the basket. Growing up in a foreign country, Bogut follows the trend of big players with an excellent grasp of the fundamentals. There isn’t another player in the league who can toss up a hook shot left- or right-handed better than Bogut can. Watching him spin and put up his shot, it’s as close of an “unblockable shot” as there is in the NBA. His defensive ability has become the surprising part of his game, and his approach with timing and his presence alone on the court can alter another team’s gameplan.

The Bucks don’t always need Bogut to shoot 15+ times a game in order to win, but it usually helps. He can dominate so well with his shooting and offensive rebounding, teams often send a double team at him. That helps create countless opportunities for the rest of the team, something that Bogut constantly takes advantage of. Some games come through where he only has 12 points but picks up 6-7 assists. He is truly the leader of this team and just being there makes all the difference.

Colleen asks Chris…

Q: You seem to be a fan of all the major Wisconsin based sports teams.  Which of all the teams you follow is your very favorite of all, which is second place, and why?

A: Sure, and I suppose next you’ll ask me which of my sons I love more…

The two vying for my closest attention and sincerest passion are the Packers and Brewers. It’s an easy marriage, with the Brewers occupying that space between the end of Badgers Basketball and the start of the Packers’ season. The only real struggle are the months of August and September when the schedules overlap (although I am hoping that this October will be problematic, too).

I was born in the late ’50s, a time when MLB was the game, a time when teachers would roll a TV into the classroom so we could stay on top of the World Series (yes, they played during the day back then). But I also grew up at a time when the Packers were wrapping up their incredible run in the ’60s. Memories of those first two Super Bowls made me a fan for life.

So while it is a very close call, I my affections lean every so slighted toward the Packers. I love the Brewers, but the Packers are in my Wisconsin native DNA–the team is part of who I am. I can’t separate myself from that affiliation any more than I can separate myself from my family. So I guess it’s not surprising that I am wrapping up my sixth year co-hosting the Packers Therapy podcast.

That said, you will see a lot posts from me here, on Twitter (@crichar3) and at my blog (Zugzwang) talking about the Brewers. My summer evenings would not be complete without our Patron Saint, Bob Uecker, calling the action from Miller Park.

Brian C asks Colleen…

Q: As a Nevada alum, how do you think Wolfpack stars quarterback Colin Kaepernick and running back Vai Taua will perform at the NFL level?

A: That is an interesting question.  Taua and Kaepernick are two of the best players ever to come out of Nevada football.  I’m not sure if everyone realizes that they are the first two players on the same team in NCAA history who both broke 1,000 yards rushing for the season; they accomplished that this year.  Their record and the victory over Boise State in particular ignited some extra interest at the pro level in both of them.

That said?  I think they can both perform at a pro level, and I don’t think I’m just being a fan here.  I will say I am not sure Kap can play QB in the NFL, unless it was a very different offense than the one the Packers play at least!  His arm, though improved, is not especially accurate, but the distance and speed are there.  He might be able to make further adjustments in his technique that would allow him to be under center, but I really see him as more of a WR.  He’s got good hands, he can run like the wind and makes people miss. 

Taua looks to me like a good candidate for FB in the NFL on many teams.  He’s about the same size and weight as the Packers’ Kuhn and Hall.  He’s very powerful as a runner and can catch and block too.  Come to think of it, as much as Korey has been hurt this year, Vai might be a good pickup for the Packers.  And, we could always use another WR. Hmmmmm……

Pete asks Jayme…

Q: What is your biggest gripe about Ted Thompson?

A: Honestly, I started out hating Ted Thompson.  He never made sense to me.  Seemed like he was always gun shy about making the big moves.  But I think that this season proved it more than anything, that he always had a game plan, I just wasn’t able to see it.  I might have wanted him to go out and sign a bunch of old veterans, but that’s just not him, and after seeing the depth of this team this year, I find it hard to fight against his ways; even if trusting him is still hard to do sometimes.

Q: What is your biggest gripe about Mike McCarthy?

A: His press conferences.  Look at last weeks game, he came out and said that the end of the game wasn’t chaotic.  What’s wrong with saying, “There was some confusion.  People didn’t know if it was first or fourth down, and it could have been handled better.”  I like him overall as a coach, but sometimes, it seems when he talks to the press and fans that he hides a lot of the truth.  I’d much rather here that there was a problem and that they will fix it then have them tell me that that is what a fourth down as time winds down is suppose do to look like. 

Q: Describe your first experience at Lambeau Field. 

A: I have only been to Lambeau three times.  Once on a tour.  Once for a preseason game (vs Jets back when JT O’Sullivan was on the team) and once in the regular season.  In 2008, I planned a trip to Wisconsin to surprise a friend for her birthday.  The plan was to drive in to Milwaukee, pick up one friend and then head up to Green Bay.  This happened to be the weekend of the home game versus the Bears.  I was driving through Indiana when my Milwaukee friend called and said that she was going to try to get tickets for the game.  How I didn’t swerve off the road, I have no idea; I was so excited.  For about the next hour, she called and updated me on her ticket search.  She had some old connections in GB and was trying all of them to get us decent priced tickets.  I was pretty convinced that the odds were that we weren’t going to be able to find tickets, at least ones we could afford.  Then she called with the best news.  Her ex-boyfriend’s father owned a bunch of car dealerships and he contacted Edgar Bennet and we got Edgar’s tickets to the game, face value!  I have a very soft place in my heart for Edgar; I literally wave to him during every game when they show him on the sideline.  I nearly died in the car.  Extra best part, my Milwaukee Friend offered to buy my ticket for me in exchange for me buying her a beer. 

So that Sunday morning, more hung over than I had been in a while, I layered up and headed over to Lambeau.  I don’t think I’ll ever forget seeing the lights start to peek out over the houses.  I feel like I remember every little detail about that day.  From the time spent in the pro shop buying winter hats, to the bathroom where we put our hand warmers in our boots, to the great runs by Ryan Grant and the amazing shut down defense the Packers played, to the man I bought the last green and gold beads from as we ran through the parking lot.  It was by far one of the best days of my life.  I have a great picture of the clouds opening up and sun starting to poke through over the score board.  I also remember that I was too hungover/drunk again to jump on to the Lombardi statue so my friend had to drag me up.  I passed out in the car as soon as we started our trip back to Milwaukee.  I didn’t take off my many layers until I went to bed that night.  I still have the ticket envelop that says from Mindy Bennet to my friend.  It sits next to my Ryan Grant one.  Best thing I brought home with me, is my yellow Go Pack Go stick.

Q: What’s your strongest Packers related memory? 

A: This is hard.  I feel like every childhood memory that I have is somehow intertwined with the Packers.  But I think I’d have to go with the end of the 1995 season.  That Pittsburgh game really tipped the hat for me and turned me from a “normal” fan into one with a clear obsession.  I was 13.  And watched the entire game kneeling on my living room floor.  I was too scared to more.  During commercial breaks, I would get up and stretch out my toes which were beyond cramped, but I always went back to the same position.  The final play, that fourth down, felt like a given, of course Pittsburgh was going to win, and of course the Packers were not going to be then NFC Central champs.  It had been 30 years, what was one more.  And then Yancy dropped the ball; I collapsed.  At that point, the joy that was felt in me and my family and everyone in our house, it was like we just won the super bowl.  Something miraculous happened that day.  The next morning, I tore apart the sports section, cutting out every article about the game.  That turned into a ritual for me, and I did that after every game until the end of the 1999 season. I cataloged them in manila folders.  If anyone else remembers that game, there’s two classic pics for me.  Post game Holmgren hugging, I think it was Sean Jones, and Antonio Freeman is skipping like a fool behind them.  The pure joy on all the part of all the players was infectious.  And then of course, its the drop itself.  When I went away to college, unfortunately my massive game clippings collection died, but I saved a few gems and one was the picture of Yancy’s hands out stretched as the ball bounces away and his mouth is wide open in disbelief.  It was the best Christmas ever. I’m smiling now as I remember the game. 

Q: How did you get involved with Pocket Doppler and Packers Lounge?

A: Mostly I blame Holly Phelps for bringing me out of hiding.  Ever since I was little I lived and breathed the Packers.  As technology progressed I went from clipping press stories to writing my reactions online.  I had a personal online journal that I would fill with sports talk through my college years, then earlier this year I decided to try to be more dedicated to writing and started my own sports blog.  Holly hooked me up with both brentfavre.com and Cheesehead Radio, and both were awesome enough to give me a chance.  Being a transplant myself, one of the hardest things that I’ve found about living somewhere outside of Wisconsin is that lack of Packer fan communities.  It was such a big part of me growing up.  So as soon as I found Cheesehead TV, I was hooked.  Alex approached me about joining him at the lounge and Wally approached me about joining Pocket Doppler.  I count myself very lucky to have found this great online community of fans and that so many people wanted to give me a chance.  In the past year I’ve gone from talking about sports to myself and boring my boyfriend to writing for a couple different websites and being really committed to helping the Lounge, Pocket Doppler and Cheesehead TV grow.  I’m really thankful for everyone who’s given me a chance and everyone who puts up with my writing. 

Wally asks Jon…

Q: You are our resident Vikings fan at PocketDoppler.com.  Obviously this season hasn’t gone to plan for the Vikings and the way they’ve built this team doesn’t bode well for the future.  If you’re the GM of that team, what course of action do you take to try and get the team back into a position to be a contender for next year and moving forward.

A: The team’s top playmakers, Adrian Peterson, Sidney Rice, and Percey Harvin, are 25, 24, and 22, respectively. Assuming they are healthy (Rice missed 10 games and Harvin 2) they will be around for a while and playing at a high level. The offensive line can be considered average…sometimes pretty good and sometimes awful (sound familiar?). Need some work there. Aside from quarterback, there is much to work with on offense.

Looking at the defense, Pat Williams will likely retire, breaking up the Williams Wall. However, defensive line is an area of strength and depth and the team should be fine going forward. The linebackers are solid…the Vikings may not re-sign Ben Leber and instead look to replace him with EJ Henderson’s brother Erin. The secondary has been a mess. They traded Benny Sapp before the season because they had too many corners…injuries to Cedric Griffen and Chris Cook then left them with too few. Cook played on two bad knees and ultimately was placed on IR…he was their best corner in camp. Bad luck…plain and simple. Going forward, Antoine Winfield may move to safety ala Charles Woodson.

Leslie Frazier will be the head coach…I’d be stunned if it was anyone else. Look for the staff, including Darrell Bevell at offensive coordinator, to remain the same.

The success or failure of the team in 2011 and beyond lies solely on the direction taken at quarterback. Joe Webb, a 6th round pick from Alabama-Birmingham, will get a long look at the end of the year. Drafted to play wide receiver, he is big (6’4″), fast (4.5 in the 40) and has a very strong arm. He also carries himself much more confidently than Tavaris Jackson (who will not be back). It will be fun to watch him play. The options are many, but the ramifications will be huge. Do they acquire Donovan McNabb, who will likely be available? Zygi Wilf may want to go this route rather than showing patience with a young quarterback. Andrew Luck will be long gone in the draft, but Cam Newton and Ryan Maillet will both likely be on the draft board when they select in the first round. Hmmmmm…..let’s see….Newton with Peterson, Harvin and RIce. That would be fun.

The stadium situation may well work itself out this spring…there was some momentum last year and with the Metrodome’s issues this winter the timing might well work out. The question then becomes,,,indoor or outdoor? Dome, retractable, or open air? Metrodome site or suburbia? My guess…look for an open air facility at the Metrodome site possibly with a retractable roof. It will be cheaper, the infrastructure is already in place, and the public will embrace outdoor football.

Brian H asks Mike/BSM…

Q: Let’s assume that with the Zack Greinke deal, the Brewers starting rotation ends up top-3 in the NL. How would Ken Macha’s years as Brewers manager been different with a top-3 rotation?

A:  While I never believed that Macha was a good fit in Milwaukee, I generally side with our PD colleague Chris in that managers/coaches tend to get way too much blame or credit in relation to the performances of the players on the field; at least at the professional level.  Given the Brewers deficiencies in situational hitting and defense, it wouldn’t have been certain that they would have made the playoffs (nor will it be this year) but I believe the improved pitching would have allowed the Brewers to contend for a playoff spot the entire season and that probably would have been enough for Macha to maintain his position in Milwaukee for a couple years longer.

Q: Not even counting the result of the game, if Matt Flynn has a very successful day against the Patriots (to be specific, 100+ QB rating), could he become trade bait for Ted Thompson in the offseason?

A: (Keep in mind that I’m writing this before the game) I believe a good performance by Flynn would go a long way toward establishing his reputation around the league.  However, his situation is a little different than some of the backup quarterbacks that the Packers have had in the past.  Flynn was almost an afterthought as a 7th round draft pick and as such was perhaps a little more lightly regarded coming into the league. Coach McCarthy has a pretty good track record in working with quarterbacks (a quality that some fans discount too easily when evaluating him as a coach). My sense is that the coaching staff (as well as GM Ted Thompson) holds him in pretty high regard, and I believe it will take more than one good game for his value around the league to approach the level where the Packers would be tempted to trade him.  So, I guess the short answer is “no”.  

Q: The Badgers are set to lose a lot of Seniors and perhaps some Juniors after this football season ends. Which key players are set to take over starting positions? Will they come close to filling some big shoes?

A:  First of all, the Badgers had better take advantage of this upcoming opportunity in the Rose Bowl because they’re facing some serious personnel losses after this year.  About the only area of the team that will remain largely intact is the defensive secondary, which unfortunately is probably the weakest part of the team.

The good part is that most of the significant departures will be on offense where they are better equipped to handle them.  The single most difficult guy to replace will be quarterback Scott Tolzien.  It’s looking more and more like Curt Phillips will be unable to stay healthy so the guess here is that the starting job will be Jon Budmayr’s to lose. He’ll be hard pressed to duplicate Tolzien’s production initially but at least he should still have a strong running game to take the pressure off, even if tailback John Clay leaves early. 

The Badgers will also be losing All-Americans on the offensive line and at tight end, but they’ve traditionally been able to plug guys in at those positions without losing much.  Sophomore Ricky Wagner performed well in place of injured Josh Oglesby so I would look to one of those guys to replace Gabe Carimi at left tackle. Other than fellow senior All American John Moffitt, the rest of the line is all underclassmen so there is no shortage of beef to fill out the line. It’s my understanding that the coaching staff is high on freshmen Ryan Groy, who was used a few times at fullback this year so he might be a sleeper candidate there.  Likewise, tight end Lance Kendricks might be tough to replace but I’ve thought that about every Badger TE going back to Owen Daniels and they just seem to get better and better there.  Freshmen Jacob Pederson and Brian Wozniak have already seen some action there with surprising results so I would expect them to step up next.

The greatest loss on defense may be junior defensive end J.J. Watt who, according to CBS.com draft expert and “Packers’ Therapy” regular Chad Reuter, is expected to declare early and go in the first round of the NFL Draft. With defensive coordinator Dave Doeren also leaving to accept a head coaching position after the Rose Bowl, the new D.C. may have to rely more on returning linebackers Chris Borland and Mike Taylor to provide the pass rush, though end Louis Nzegwu should also play a more prominent role.

Funny, now that I’ve been forced to take a closer look at them, I actually feel a little better about the Badgers prospects for next year.

Q: Do you see Brandon Jennings going down a pass-first, Jason Kidd / Steve Nash route for the future, or is he destined to be a shoot-first, Allen Iverson style point guard?

A: I’m flattered that you’re interested in my opinion since you’re probably more qualified to answer this than I. I have to admit I was skeptical about what the Bucks were getting when they drafted Jennings but he has turned out to be a pleasant surprise. I believe his natural instincts tend to echo Iverson’s so he is fighting himself somewhat to go in the other direction. I think he understands the need to get his teammates involved and if he doesn’t, Coach Skiles will impress it upon him.  It’s important to remember that he’s still a very young player so there is plenty of room for him to mature. I’m going to hedge my bet here and suggest that the final product will end up somewhere between those extremes.  But I don’t necessarily think that’s a bad thing for the Bucks; it doesn’t hurt them to have a playmaker at the point.   

Anita asks Pete…

Q: Matt Flynn had a memorable performance last night against the Pats. Should the Packers keep him as a back-up option, or trade him to possibly move up in the draft?

A: The Packers have a long legacy of letting starting caliber backups leave in free agency. Think of how many quality NFL quarterbacks have come through Green Bay; Hasselbeck, Brunell, Warner. I would like to see the Packers hold on to Flynn, but for the sake of his own career, I’d be surprised to see him stay.

Q: Who do you think the Packers should go after in the 2011 draft?

A: There’s too many areas (LB, CB, DL, OL) where the Packers can add depth. This situation is where Thompson shines, I trust him to pick the “best available player.”

Q: Do you think the trouble that the Packers have had in winning close games ends up being a confidence issue in the locker room? Or is this just a symptom of the injury situation?

A: I don’t think injuries are to blame. It’s a combination of inconsistent play calling and inexperience. Offense and Defensive play calls get very conservative with a lead, and small mistakes by young players get amplified, preventing the Packers from coming back, or maintaining a small lead.

Q: Clay Matthew hair? Yay or Nay?

A: I like Matthews’ hair. He’s gotta stop dumping water on it and doing the hair flip though.

Q: The Packers MVP this year?

A: Packers MVP is Tramon Williams. He has taken a huge step forward this year, and effectively replaced Al Harris. Not to mention, he took a new deal to stay with the Packers when he probably could have made a bit more on the free agent market.

Q: Do you think that some heads will roll on the coaching staff after the season is over?

A: McCarthy won’t get canned, and he shouldn’t; he’s a decent (not great) coach. Shawn Slocum needed to be fired a couple weeks ago. He can’t scheme, and he can’t teach discipline or tackling.

Jayme asks Wally…

Q: What is the biggest challenge you face while running Pocket Doppler (and seemingly everything else I touch on the Internet), blogging, working and having a family?

A: Well, balancing it all really.  Truthfully I get too much credit for some things.  While I may be the ‘face’ of it all, my company employs a team of 4 incredibly talented guys and it’s really them who do a lot of the work and should get the real props when it comes to keeping sites up, getting them back up should they go down or maintaining them.  These days I mostly concentrate, as it relates to blogging, on content for PocketDoppler.com.  Being self-employed I learned, somewhat the hard way, that you have to compartmentalize things between your professional and personal lives. I try to keep a set ‘work’ schedule and then a set ‘off’ schedule.  Doesn’t mean I’m not working during those ‘off’ times (I’m pretty much always checking email unless I’m asleep) but I’m a little more choosey as to what and how I may respond to requests or what not if it’s not an emergency during the ‘off’ time.  If you don’t create some boundaries you’ll either fail at work because you’ll burn out or you’ll fail at life as you won’t have one.

Q: What’s your favorite post/online thing you’ve been involved in?

A: Beyond just getting PocketDoppler.com to the point where it’s actually a recognized name these days, the thing I most enjoy is helping other people out when they have an issue or even just a question.  I’ll be the first person to admit I don’t everything, but after being in this ‘business’ for over a decade when it comes to websites and the Internet I have a pretty good grasp on things.

Q: If you had to focus on just one sport or team what would it be?

A: You know, this is actually a tougher question than you may think.  I like to consider myself a pretty well rounded sports fan and one of the reason’s I started PocketDoppler.com was I thought there was a need for a place which covered all Wisconsin sports equally.  If push came to shove though I would most likely have to say the Packers.

…and now for the lightening round.

Your all-time favorite professional athlete is:

Anita: Paul Molitor

Brian C: Ryne Sandberg or Charles Woodson

Brian H: Reggie White

Chris: Bart Starr

Colleen: Jerry Kramer

Jayme: This is a really tough one to answer, but I’m going to stick with Robert Brooks.  He taught me how to love football.  And I cried when he retired.

Jon: Fran Tarkenton

Mike/BSM: Tie between Gorman Thomas & Oscar Robertson

Pete: All time, I’d have to say Brett Favre. If we’re talking the past couple years, it’s Charles Woodson.

Rich: Leroy Butler, by far. I remember that first sideline Lambeau leap, and the rest is history.

Wally: Can you consider Stacy Keibler an athelete?  I mean she was a Ravens Cheerleader & “Professional” Wrestler after all.

Your favorite Wisconsin sports blog/site to read that is not named PocketDoppler.com is:

Anita: Ol’ Bag of Donuts

Brian C: CheeseheadTV.com, but I’m a little biased in that regard. Also love CollegeFootballNews.com.

Brian H: JSOnline.com or National Football Post (I know, not Wisconsin sports)

Chris: The Bucky Channel

Colleen: CheeseheadTV

Jayme: The Lounge?  If I can’t pick myself, then I pick PackerRanter

Jon: Cracked Sidewalks

Mike/BSM: I visit JSOnline most frequently to stay informed but I enjoy TundraVision.com and GreenBayPackerNation.com for opinion.

Pete: JSOnline’s Packer Coverage

Rich: Used to be PackersLounge, but Alex is so misanthropic it makes my head hurt. Haha (scratch that) … Right now, I’d say it’s the JSOnline blog. Bernie’s Crew, OlBagofdonuts, PackerRanter, GPBN, there’s too many to name but all great to follow.

Wally: It’s a four way tie betweeen CHTV, Bucky’s 5th Quarter, Brew Hoop & The Brewers Bar.

When you’re not blogging about sports you are:

Anita: Watching sports or playing with my black Labradors.

Brian C: Sleeping

Brian H: Playing music, working with Excel, or kicking back brews with the family

Chris: Probably at work…but I blog from there, too, sometimes. Otherwise, you’ll find me at home, reading, hanging out or, when I can, sleeping.

Colleen: Reading, mostly about sports and wishing I would hit the lottery so I wouldn’t have to work in HR.

Jayme: Sleeping, drinking wine, or blogging about my day job.

Jon: Reading up on politics, current events, or for a class.

Mike/BSM: Working, yelling at my kids and paying bills.

Pete: Spending time with my newborn son, Jackson.

Rich: Aside from reading anything and everything I can get my hands on, right now, it’s definitely snowboarding. I could live on the hill.

Wally: Pacing

If you were a professional athlete, your sport & position would be:

Anita: I’m short. Second baseman.

Brian C: Football, free safety.

Brian H: Basketball, small forward

Chris: Volleyball setter…or some other sport in which I could oil up and wear Oakleys.

Colleen: Football – blocking FB a la Korey Hall

Jayme: Has to be football, I’d like to think I’d make a great linebacker or free safety.  I think I would really like to hit people and I lack the hand eye coordination to be any sort of receiver/QB.  Need to bulk up first. 

Jon: Football…running back.

Mike/BSM: Only by inclination and certainly not by ability: Point Guard in Basketball or Pro Golfer

Pete: Football, Strong Safety

Rich: Bullpen catcher. No pressure, no playing time, free rides, steady paycheck…endless room service.

Wally: Outside Hitter, US Men’s National Volleyball Team

Wally should make sure he buys you a ________________ if/when he has chance to get together with you.

Anita: A Wisconsin brat and brew!

Brian C: Sweetgrass by Grand Teton Brewing Company

Brian H: Irish Car Bomb, or simply a Guinness.

Chris: Diet Pepsi (because I likes me some carcinogens)

Colleen: Ravenswood San Giacomo Chardonnay

Jayme: ACME Packers ski hat because I really really want one.  That or a 40.

Jon: Can hardly go wrong…this time of year how about a Sam Adams Winter.

Mike/BSM: Miller Genuine Draft (as if you didn’t know that already)

Pete: Bloody Mary, extra bloody

Rich: Cab ride home, because I owe him more than a few frosty beverages.

Wally: Seeing as I am buying this for myself, a Tanqueray & Tonic.

Well, there you go.  Thank you to everyone that contributes here on the site, there is no way it would be to the point it is today without all of you.  To our readers, thank you for taking the time to visit us and if you got all the way down here, donating however much time it took you to get this far.  Next week we’ll be back to our normal Q & A format with Dave Heller from the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel talking Badgers football and the Rose Bowl.  Thanks again and to all a good night.

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  • http://www.pocketdoppler.com BigSnakeMan

    Wow, told ya you should’ve broken it down to daily parts. ;)

  • http://www.cheeseheadtv.com/lounge Jayme Joers

    wow, we really do love to write! Loved reading everyone’s questions and answers!

  • http://greenbaypackernation.com John Rehor

    The Q&As on Thursdays are great reading every week-this one was monumental, having all of the crew in one place. Fabulous read!

  • foundinidaho

    We’re an interesting bunch aren’t we? And loquacious. ;)

  • Anita

    I’ve been called that before. Is that a BAD thing?!

  • http://www.pocketdoppler.com BigSnakeMan

    Depends on your point of view. ;)