Hat tip to Alex Tallitsch over at Packers Lounge for this video – the Belfast Giants hockey club in a wonderful effort to market their games falling right after Christmas.

These guys are dreamy indeed (I’m a sucker for Irishmen, maybe it’s because of my name, oh and the fact I am part Irish) and the best thing of all? They have a sense of humor. Which is one of the reasons I think Aaron Rodgers fits in as a Dreamy Dude.

Enjoy, and remember, “Tom Bieber” is not dreamy, and should have lost that damn game. That is all.

  • http://25creamcity.blogspot.com MsQuarter


    I told the TV (yes, I yell at the TV during games, sue me), that I didn’t think Brady was good looking in the least.

    Every female in the room gave me the stink eye and told me I was crazy.

    I’m not crazy, so sayeth Pocket Doppler.

  • foundinidaho

    And Pocket Doppler is always right. ;)