This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is women from Holiday/Christmas movies.

A Kristin Davis (Deck the Halls) sort of morning.

Matt Flynn performed greater than anyone could have expected, but in the end the results was the predicted one with the Packers losing to the Patriots 31-27. Mike at GPN has What We Learned Against the Patriots .

Packer Geeks shares their thoughts on the game .

Of course, what did the Packers in last night again were the final minutes of the game.  Total Packers placing that blame on the Packers coaching staff .

No matter the results last night, the good news is thanks to some help from the Lions & Eagles the Packers control their own playoff destiny .

Beyond the Packers game, the Brewers made a huge move when they acquired Royals pitcher Zach Greinke .

The Brewers Bar takes a peek at how Brewers fans responded to news of the trade, Great Moments in Reaction: Zack Greinke Trade .

The Wisconsin Sports Tap and their Official Thoughts on the Greinke trade .

Brew Crew Ball looks at almost every aspect of the Brewers moves and what they hold moving forward .

Cracked Sidewalks takes some time to grade MU’s performance through one semester of play.

A Holy Water black market?  Would appear so:  Seven Insane Black Markets You Won’t Believe Actually Exist .

Some people are harder to buy Christmas gifts than others.  Here to help is some gift ideas for your tacky brother , which maybe applies to me because the 6-pack holster looks pretty cool.

That’s one magic loogey, Seinfeld’s 10 best sports moments .

The Tron movie just came out to some mixed reviews.  Let’s take a look at what was happening in the world when the original Tron was released: Ten Fun Facts About the Year the Original TRON Was Released .

An Anna Kounikova gallery never gets old.

Highs and Lows  – First, let’s cover the Packers game.  While I’m less than happy with how it ended in the grand scheme of things this game didn’t matter.  Yes it would have been a nice story for the Packers to get the win but thanks to the Lions and Eagles this lose doesn’t cost the team.  If anything we now know we have a serviceable back-up QB as Matt Flynn I thought played great.  As for the Brewers, the trade for Zach Greinke coupled with the earlier one for Shawn Marcum make this team an instant contender.  Yes, the Brewers farm system is now pretty much decimated but all in all I like the gutsy, bold moves Doug Melvin here made for what will pretty much mean an ‘all in’ 2011 season.

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  • Brian

    Still trying to figure out why veterans like Chad Clifton and Donald Driver didn’t hurry the team to line up at the end. Those guys should know better. Flynn can still take time to get the play from the sideline and get back to where everyone is already set up.