Bet you were thinking this was going to be another Matt Flynn post.  Well I’ll tell you what, I thought of that, searched the guy and turns out he looks a lot like this UWM basketball player that I used to think was cute and would see at Judges in Milwaukee all the time, and let’s just say, that ship has sailed.  So I couldn’t really bring myself to post pictures of the guy here and think of dreamy.  So instead today, I would like to focus on a man that makes me all warm inside at the mere mention of his name.  And that is Charles Woodson.

When the Packers first signed him, I ran around my one bedroom apartment screaming, “Charles Woodson, Charles Woodson, Charles Woodson!”  I went out drinking the following weekend and cheers’d everyone with “to Charles Woodson.”  I had an amazing amount of faith that he was going to be our savoir.  And, boy did he deliver.  Every time I see him, I smile.  Now, this year has been on the down turn for Woody, but I think we all feel a little bit better about life when we know that he’s in the game; anything can happen.

So on the eve eve of the BIG game, I’m sending out a little love to Mr. Charles Woodson.  Because honestly is there anything better in life that a guy on our defense streaming down the field to return an interception.  Nope.  Not at all.

Charles Woodson

  • BigSnakeMan

    I found it interesting to read your initial reaction to the Woodson signing because mine was just the opposite. I looked at the ‘baggage’ he supposedly was bringing with him and was afraid it was going to be a total disaster.

    But props to you on your foresight (not to mention Ted Thompson’s) and to Woody himself for being the impact player the Packers defense so desperately needed at the time. In my defense, though, I sometimes think Woodson himself is as surprised as I am that it has worked out as well as it has.

  • Jayme

    I did have some people who tried to tell me I was a fool for being so excited, but thanks to the greatness of the internet, here’s the proof, that I really was that excited:

  • foundinidaho

    Like BSM, I was a little worried about Woodson (really, a Raider?) but he’s been a joy. And I don’t think he’s at all shy about saying how surprised he is that this all worked out. He seems to be glad too. :)