This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is December Birthdays.

A Bridget Hall sort of morning.

Ol’ Bag of Donuts is  examining the many layers of Rodgers’ concussion issue .

Total Packers isn’t pulling any punches here when they say  News Flash: Packers Have Shitty Offensive Line .

Packer Geeks laments the Packers defensive prowess lost in the Lions game .

Numbers & Notes for the upcoming Packers vs Patriots game .

The Badgers’ football team is getting come recognition as  five from Wisconsin honored as AP All-Americans .

The Wisconsin Sports Tap’s take on the new Big Ten Logo & Divisions .

In the latest round of how can the Brewers bolster the pitching staff, Take Your Pick: Pavano or Blanton?

Bound to happen I guess:  Michigan Loses Top Recruit Who’s More Interested in Being a Leader Than a Legend .

Tis the season to get ripped off,  The 7 Biggest Holiday Scams .

Solid choices here:  Casting The All Female A-Team .

This seems like the perfect link and it’s SFW:  10 Playboy Playmates Who Got In Trouble With The Law .

A non-profit media organization dedicated to bringing important muppet-related news and information to the public – WakaWakaLeaks …shocking stuff.

The newest Victoria’s Secret Angel – Katsia Damankova .

Sure Why Not – I was going to avoid this topic but couldn’t think of anything else for this space so what the hell, let’s talk about Favre.  As I’ve said previously, my level of scorn for Favre has greatly diminished almost to the point I really don’t care.  I know this because when I learned of the ‘streak’ being over my reaction was…meh.  I couldn’t even muster a half-hearted attempt at nostalgia or contempt either way. I both understand and appreciate the myriad of emotions many have for Favre still.  For me though, this person that I once respected greatly and then despised just is much, has faded in my collective consciousness to the point that he’s just not even really there anymore.  Thinking about it that way, it is a little sad, isn’t it.

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