This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is December Birthdays.

An Elsa Benitez sort of morning.

Jersey Al is crawling through the wreckage of the Green Bay Packers post-Detroit.

I’m sure most of us are still stinging from Sundays Packers loss so hopefully the latest installment of Packers Therapy will help ease some pain.

The backlash against Packers coach Mike McCarthy continues, with We’re Bucked venturing into football land and advocating the Packers should go after Jim Harbaugh .

The Bucks got a huge road win, beating the Mavericks 103-99 & snapping Dallas’ 12 game W streak.  Bucksketball says changes were made and lessons learned in the win .

Oh yeah, there was another streak that ended last night.  John over at GPN puts that streak in perspective .

Ol’ Bag of Donuts also chimes in on the end of the ‘streak’ with a Requiem of the White Knight .

The Badgers beat UW-Green Bay last night, sweeping the in-state ‘rivals’ and restoring order .

A rundown of the new Big Ten Logo and Divisio names from Badger Branded.  My thoughts on this below as if the today’s title didn’t give that away.

When animals attack… on the field of play , actually most of them are just running around but you never know when a squirrel may get a little rambunctious with you.

Some NSFW language in these, but some pretty funny one in here none the less:  The 75 Best Protest Signs Of 2010 .

More Redneck innovation , just as entertaining as the other entries in this genre.

Not sure on some of these, but a couple of these could end up my Christmas list:  18 Christmas Gifts Guys Want This Year .

I think we may be reading too much into some of these 11 Christmas Songs With Surprisingly Dark Lyrics .

Olivia Wilde at the Tron Premiere.

The Best You Could Do? – Pretty sure that when the new Big Ten Logo & Division names were released, Big 10 commissioner Jim Delany was expecting anything but the reaction it received.  While I appreciate the intent, the result is bad.  I’m not the only one as many, many people took to twitter, making the Twitter hashtag #rejectedbigtendivisionnames a trending topic for the day .  Of course, it was Wisconsin’s own Trenni Kusnierek who may have stole the show with her suggestion of ‘Cock & Balls’ . Beyond the division names, there’s also the logo which is blah to the point of making the word bland exciting.  The only thing that came out of this whole thing that was good is the various trophy names for the top football players in various positions.  The Ameche-Dayne Running Back of the Year Trophy?  I can get behind that..

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  • Anita

    The Big Ten left themselves open for all sorts of ridicule with those pretentious division names. Come on. “East” and “West” would have sufficed. But, I have been amusing myself reading the reactions since yesterday on Twitter and the ND message board I frequent. My fave “rejected name” so far is “Suck and Blow.” I think it flows a little more nicely than “Cock and Balls,” although that WAS pretty good.