The Packers are my number one love, but after yesterday I found it rather difficult to find anything remotely sexy or dreamy about the team.  Therefore today, let me share with you a very sexy European who has also stolen my heart.

Meet Nemanja Vidic.  He’s super sexy.  And totally kind of a bad a$$ AND his name kind of sounds like ninja.

Vidic goes for the ball He plays center back for my favorite team, Manchester United.  Serbian born, he’s one of the top defenders in the English Premiere League and also scores a mean header off of set pieces.  Sometimes he totally has a sexy-ugly appeal to him, but watching him play on the “pitch” always makes my heart swoon.

And right now he’s playing in a crucial match vs. Arsenal.  After a weekend like Packers fans have had, staring at him for a while is all I really need to feel better.

Vidic red card

Definitely has the bad guy appeal




  • Anita

    Love the legs in the B&W pic!

  • foundinidaho

    I like. I admit I am a Becks fan. Thus I extend to MU. Small son has MU shirt.