This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is December Birthdays.

A Marisa Tomei sort of morning.

Have to say, I generally don’t rail on Mike McCarthy but that last play call was asinine.  Starting to agree with Ol’ Bag of Donuts when they say its  time to move on from McCarthy .

CD at Tundra Vision hands out his Packers grades vs the Lions , as you can imagine they ain’t good.

Jersey Al says that Stupidity Rules .

Finally, John at GPN has  What We Learned Against the Lions Part 2 .

The Badgers on Saturday retained their ‘Kings of the State’ title, beating Marquette 69-64.  Swingtown has some observations from the game .

Anonymous Eagle isn’t taking the loss very well though with their take,  I Hate Everything and Everyone Recap .

BQ5 is saying that the  Badgers are on pace for 13th straight NCAA Tournament .

Bucksketball has some  signs that the Bucks offense is coming around .

For better or worse,  9 Ways Technology Changed Sports Forever .

Past Heisman Trophies, Where Are They Now?

Over doing it?  I’m thinking yes:  It Costs $82,000 to Light the One Million Christmas Lights at this House .

Yeah, most of these would be unwise to utter: Top 10 Things To Never Say To Your Boss .

Both disturbing and funny: 20 Creepy Santas You Might Want To Keep Your Kids Away From This Christmas .

Anything with Carrie Underwood will get posted on this site,  10 Of The Most Ridiculously Hot Hockey WAGs On Earth!

Still can’t believe it  – You know, my disbelief is not necessarily that the Packers loss, their overall performance didn’t warrant a win but it’s that last friggin call of the game.  It’s 4th & 1 with back-up QB Matt Flynn in the game and Mike McCarthy decides to go for it all.  I haven’t been that pissed off all season as I was after that play was done.  As McCarthy said, “I probably should not have put him (Flynn) in that position”…well no shit. Matt Flynn was playing well enough to allow the Packers to win, so I don’t blame this loss on him, it’s solely on Mike McCarthy.

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  • Anita

    If Aaron Rodgers is in on 4th and one, yeah, you might take that shot. But, Mike McCarthy must have had a Favre-lovers (you know, the ones that will always hold Rodgers responsible for the Dongsliger drama and claim that Flynn is the better QB) brain fart. WTF, Mike? You don’t take that shot with your freaking back-up QB (unless his name is Tebow and you tell him “RUN FORREST RUN.”)