It is cold, I have had a frustrating weekend fixing a laptop with some new friends in the Dell Technical Support Department , and it is Sunday night when I traditionally get a bit crabby. It is time to share 10 THINGS THAT ARE BUGGING ME TODAY!

1. Clay Matthews’ Hair: My wife and I are in total agreement on this one. It is gross.
2. AJ Hawk’s Hair: Not quite as bad as his linebacker-mate, but still rediculous.
3. Marquette Men’s Basketball Rebounding: Note to MU…you need to get the ball before you can even think of scoring the ball.
4. Fox Sports Wisconsin: Great concept, just doesn’t cover enough Wisconsin sports that I think they should (i.e. Wisconsin Hockey…show us an away game!).
5. Joe Lunardi – Bracketologist: No college basketball NCAA tournament projections until after the first of the year, please.
6. Mike Greenberg and Mike Golic (ESPN Mike and Mike in the Morning): Both guys are actually fine, I just don’t like all the fluff that goes along with their morning show.
7. Anti-Train Between Madison and Milwaukee Folks: The line will eventually be built in ten years at an enormously multiplied cost. This is a long-term project that is a huge opportunity missed. My idea…connect downtown Madison to downtown Milwaukee with hubs to State Fair Park, Miller Park, and The Summerfest grounds.
8. James Starks Fans: Maybe he isn’t quite ready for the Pro Bowl just yet.
9. No College Football This Weekend: OK, Navy beat Army Saturday, but I really missed not having a Badger football game this weekend.
10. Sunday Mornings: They are way too short.
There…I feel better. Have a great week everyone.