With us today is Packers blogger Al Davis from PackerNet.com .  PackerNet has an interesting history as to date it’s the only Packers site we’ve interviewed which actually didn’t start out intending to be strictly a Packers Blog.  Al also shares with us his thoughts on the current season and looking in the to the ‘fourth quarter’ of this 2010 campaign.

Tell us how Packer Net started and you got into blogging?

Packernet was started as an online store selling only Packers merchandise. We figured if we posted articles from around the web and my take on the Packers we could get repeat traffic. It worked! But the store only lasted a few years, until the Packers’ Pro Shop went up.

Is Packer Net solely a one-person show or do you have multiple contributors?

Packernet started as a joint venture of my brother and myself. My brother did all the programming for the site, including the entire store and order process. He left around 2000 to focus on bigger and better things so it is pretty much myself. I do have a guy that helps with the design and maintenance of the site.

We’re coming off of the 49ers game in which we saw a slow first half & solid second.  What do you think was happening in the first half which attributed to the slow start?

The slow starts have been a bugaboo of the Packers all year. I think a lot of it has to do with a meager running game, it would be nice to ease into a game once with a few running plays and get a first down or two before we have to start passing. Teams know the Packers can’t run so they are playing the pass from the get-go and it takes the Packers a while to figure out what the defense is doing. In most cases once they do that though, it’s game over.

A lot of the talk leading into the 49ers game & now is the play of new running back James Starks.  How do you feel Starks acquitted himself in his debut?

I was very impressed with James Starks. This kid has the running style I like which fits the Packers’ so well and if the first game was any indication he won’t dance around the hole when he gets the ball. Now that the tape is out on him things might be different, but I think he has a chance to be the Packers’ running back of the future. At worst it would be great if we could have a one-two punch with Starks and Ryan Grant instead of just Grant and a third-down back.

What did the Packers do right in this game that they didn’t the week prior against Atlanta?

For one they didn’t turn the ball over. Secondly they committed to the run more which does go a long way in having a productive running game. If the Packers can get respect for the play-action pass, Aaron Rodgers will have a big game no matter who they are playing.

What is your opinion of the job head coach Mike McCarthy has done this season in light of all of the injuries the team has had?

I have actually been a little too critical of McCarthy this year. Mainly because of some boneheaded game day decisions he has made. But with the Packers playing so well with 13 players on injured reserve I have to believe that this is one of McCarthy’s best coaching jobs. The Packers may not have the horses to win the Super Bowl because of all those injuries, but McCarthy hasn’t let the players believe they can’t win it all. If the Packers go on to win the division McCarthy should get real consideration for coach of the year.

We’re entering the ’4th Quarter’ of the NFL season.  To this point who is your Packers MVP?

This is an easy one – Aaron Rodgers. In fact I think Rodgers is having an NFL MVP type year and its a shame he isn’t getting more publicity on that front.

The Packers will be in Detroit this weekend, then travelling to New England after.  Any worries the team overlooks Detroit & will be concentrating on the Patriots?

Had the Lions not played the Packers so well in Green Bay I would be more worried about this game. I think the Packers’ defense has a score to settle after the Lions moved the ball at will against them in October. Plus Rodgers has made Ford Field Lambeau East since becoming a starter and the Lions lost two defensive players to injured reserve today. If it were to occur it would be the worst loss of McCarthy’s career, bar none.

Where do you think the Packers will end up record-wise and do they make the playoffs?

I think the Packers win the division with an 11-5 record. I see them winning the NFC games and losing to the Patriots.

Share with us any advice you have existing or new Packers bloggers out there about running a site.

Just go for it! There is room for all of us out there. Packers’ fans are the best. 

…and now for the lighting round.

Your all-time favorite Packers player is: 

Bart Starr

Your favorite Packers site to visit that isn’t named Packernet is:

Probably Cheesehead TV

If there were no Packers, you would blog about:

Heavy metal music

If you were a pro football player, your position would be:

QB, got to have the ball in my hands, but I probably would have been a better receiver.

Should I ever run into you at a bar, I should buy you a _____________for taking the time to answer these questions.


Thank you Al for being our guest for this week’s installment of the Thursday Q & A.  You can get more of Al’s takes at PackerNet.com and also follow the site on twitter at http://twitter.com/packernet .  

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