This photo of the Badgers’ John Clay has nothing to do with the Packers. But, I thought it was cool.

Some random Packer musings:

Throwback uniforms. The jerseys were nice, other than the fact that the biggest complaint from fans watching the game was that the numerals on front were too small and it was hard to tell who was who. Although, let’s be honest, if you can’t tell the difference between Aaron Rodgers, Scott Wells, and Greg Jennings without the benefit of a number, then maybe you need an eye exam ( or you have the I.Q. of a Bear fan ). I guess seeing a Green Bay Packer team on the field in a color other than green upsets my sensibilities. I liked the jerseys at first. I even contemplated getting a #52 throwback jersey. However, once I saw the jersey paired with the dog poo brown helmets and the vomit brown pants, it became less attractive.  Although as a female, I can appreciate how ass hugging and somewhat revealing the pants were. I mean, it was nice knowing the religion of the starting line-up without having to ask.

That said, I did put THIS up as my wallpaper the other night. I think it’s kinda pretty. Who doesn’t love a little pasty O-line sumo beefcake? What? You doubt my reason for admiring it? Okay, I confess. It’s Josh Sitton’s flow. He has nice curls. Still don’t believe me? Sigh. Whatever.

THE CATCH by Donald Driver . You saw it. Even if you missed the game, you SAW it. It was rerun on every sports and local channel multiple times, with good reason. It was beautiful. Not just the fact that he caught the pass and got some kick-ass YAC afterward, it was the manner in which he did it. Shaking off tacklers, rumbling and stumbling the entire way. It was also amazing in the fact that in recent weeks, Donald Driver has been ( sort of ) written off. Age has been mentioned more than usual. Injuries have hampered him. His numbers are down. There has been talk of James Jones over taking him on the “depth chart.” (Yes. Coach McCarthy, we know you don’t have a depth chart….in other words, Graham Harrell is starting at QB this week, right? Come on, dude.) That catch was pure guts, determination and heart. Announcers said it the “Catch of the Year.” One of the PTI dudes declared it the best he’d ever seen. Everyone ( except for the Bear fan on my Facebook page who sees everything through navy and orange glasses ), thinks it was one of the year’s best. I put it right up there with Antonio Freeman’s MNF OT circus catch , which is my all time fave.

This week’s Sports Illustrated is coming out with another Brett Favre article . Wait, before your eyes roll painfully into the back of your head ( my normal reaction ), this one is rather good. First of all, the Dongslinger refused to be interviewed for it. Ditto for his famewhore agent, Bus Cook. The author interviewed Bonita Favre, Jeff Favre and Brandi Favre, the Mississippi relatives watching from afar, and some say, the people who have been riding the Favre money train for years and have just as much to lose once he retires.

“I hate that it ended the way it did,”  Bonita Favre says. “It was such a wonderful experience, those years in Green Bay. It’s just the way it ended … and he should have stayed retired then. But we can’t go back.”  Brett should have listened to his Momma, who has not attended a single Vikings game this year.

It’s worth a read. And Irv Favre was an asshole as a parent. Just sayin’.

In case you missed the memo, Aaron Rodgers is a good guy. Here is a write up of the most recent fund raising event for the MACC (Midwest Athletes Against Childhood Cancer) Fund . And unlike the Boys and Girls Club story circulating around the Packer blogosphere last week, this one actually happened THIS YEAR. Wink.

I still want to know where Ol’BagofDonuts saw J-Mike .  Dancing on the bar ( the establishment would have to have high ceilings )? Downing shots of Jagermeister (that shit is PURE EVIL )? Please don’t say he was partying with Brandon Underwood.


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  • foundinidaho

    Is there a girlie bar in GB? That’s my theory on the Jermike sighting.

  • Anita

    I’m thinking the same, actually. Plus, we know from Twitter that the wifey was out of town.