This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme In Honor of Finland’s Independence Day (Dec 6) – Women of Finland.

A Ninni Laaksonen sort of morning.

John at GPN calls Packers WR Greg Jennings The Main Man .

Packer Geeks and thoughts on the final four games coming up for the Packers.

Chris at OBD details the the non-football highlights of his trip to Titletown .

Adam at Jersey Al’s Packer Blog asks Why is the Green Bay Packers Offense Struggling to Score TDs on Long Drives?

The Brewers Bar on the rumors of the Brewers looking at Rich Hardin: Do Not Want .

The Wisconsin Sports Tap wonders if the Brewers should Run the Risk as it relates to pursuing Zack Greinke.

While I don’t condone ‘Badger Hate Week’ (more on that below) this from Anonymous Eagle is pretty funny,  UW-Madison Basketball: A Timeline .

Putting aside the National Championship game, The TOP 5 Bowl Games This Season .

Huh? Inside the Surprisingly Delicious World of Cat Food Taste Testing .

Some serious lapses in judgement here with  10 Stars Who Followed Up Oscar-Caliber Movies With Stinkers .

Yeah, these all make sense,  8 decisions that should only be made while sober .

This is video pure genius:  Rudolph (You Don’t Have To Put On The Red Light) .

Alright, in the spirit of full disclosure I watch & for the most part enjoy the show Glee.   A couple of reasons I do watch are included here,  Don’t Hate: Five Reasons It’s Okay for Guys to Watch Glee .

25 Hottest Models Who Play Sports …playing sports also including being associated with sports but who’s counting.

I Really Had No Idea – While I did go to a ‘UW’, it was in Eau Claire and not in Madison & for the longest time I thought when people referred to Marquette they meant the city in the UP of Michigan.  In my defense, as I have stated before, I was a late bloomer as it relates to my sports ‘fandom’ and now dedication to pretty much all Wisconsin sports teams.  So once I started this little project called, it came as something of a shock there was such a rift between Marquette fans & Badger fans.  Not being an alum of either school, I obviously have a different perspective about this and while I’ll always consider myself a Badgers fan first, I still root for the Golden Eagles when they aren’t playing the Badgers. Does that make me not a true fan of either?  I don’t think so, it just means that I support all our states’ team, just in a certain order.  Where do the rest of the non-UW/Marquette alum fans stand on this issue, I would be curious to hear.

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  • MZ

    UW v Marquette is tricky. I didn’t go to Marquette but grew up in Madison and worked at the UW many summers.

    I think the biggest difference being the players Marquette brings are often out of state and therefore less profile for Wisconsin sports fans. (Aside from the occasional Steve Novak and now Vander Blue)

    Long story short….I would never buy a “I wouln’t root for Marquette if they were playing Iraq” T-Shirt like I would the Ohio State version.

  • JB

    UWRF alum. I am with you, Badgers first, but cheer for MGE whenever they aren’t playing Bucky.