This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme In Honor of Finland’s Independence Day (Dec 6) – Women of Finland.

A Vera Jordanova sort of morning.

Back in the Land of 10,000 Lakes, Ol ‘ Bag of Donuts recaps their trip to Lambeau & the beginning of the final assault .

PackerNet takes a look at the remaining Packers’ opponents as  down the stretch we go .

Bitter Border Battle asks  was that a running game I saw?

Total Packers thinks that  James Starks’ Future Looks Bright .

The Bucks were  shivering cold against Heat  last night, losing 88-78.

Courtside Analyst takes a little stronger tack, calling the Bucks  a bunch of underachievers .

Brewed Sports on the Brewers trade for Shawn Marcum, calling it a classic win-win .

Wisconsin Sports Tap starts with  Step 1: Pitching .

Clay Matthews made this list, never heard about what it’s talking about though:  6 Athletes Who Ruined Their Careers (or Came Close) on FB or Twitter .

This is pretty impressive: From Birth To 10 Years Old Time Lapse .

I’ve often wondered why so many aliens on Sci-Fi shows/movies always looked so human: The 9 Laziest Attempts at Aliens in the Multiverse .

About time we have a Dr. Seuss/Star Wars cross-over:  Horton Hears a Midichlorian: Dr. Seuss Meets Star Wars .

Seeing as this list starts off with Harrison Ford, there was no way I couldn’t not post it: 11 Celebrities Who Were Secretly Total Badasses .

How  Amber Heard has not been a Daybreak Doppler Dame is almost criminal.

So Is He or Isn’t He? – Over the course of the last day or so I’ve read that Packers running back James Stark is either the next big thing or akin to Samkon Gado.  For all of us, I hope at a minimum it’s somewhere in the middle.  While playing against the 49ers, Starks was more than adequate, but it was against the 49ers.  Next week against the Lions should be fun to watch, but I don’t think we’ll get a real good handle on what Starks is capable of until a couple weeks against the Patriots and their D-Line.  The best case scenario is the hope that between Starks and Jackson, coupled with short yardage specialist John Kuhn, the Packers can create a viable running game that will keep defenses honest & also provide positive yardage when called upon. No matter what though, Starks’ gave Packers fans some reason to be optimistic about the running game.  Whether those hopes remain is yet to be determined.

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