This will be a brief post (Rich breathes a sigh of relief) because as some of you know I had the misfortune of recently breaking my arm. Typing one handed dampens the verbosity.

As usual, I noticed this week the immediate cries of “Fire Slocum” that showed up when the special teams missed tackles and Masthay’s punts weren’t quite as long or precise as one would have liked. It’s humorous to me how fast Masthay goes from “ST Player of the Week” to “Goat of the Week.” I would hate to be a punter.

I agree that the special teams, much improved as the year has gone on, haven’t been stellar the last two weeks. This Femme is not a stat geek, so I am not going to trot out a bunch of numbers that support my position.

I will say this though – if you want to look at last year – Kapinos suckage, missed tackles, poor blocking, you name it – I’ll take this year’s ST play. Even this last game.

That said, pull it together Slocum…or I will be happy to fund and supply the tar and pitchforks brigade. To win out, which I feel is key (possibly with the exception of the Pats) the special teams must become…special.


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  • Anita

    Hope your arm is better soon! I don’t mind your long missives (maybe because I tend to be guilty of being the same way!)

  • Tarynfor 12

    Special Teams is NOT synomynous with the Green bay Packers except in an over-all fact that every team “Must” call part of theirs Special.

    When our SPT’s play is consistantly erratic and appears Slocum is going nowhere(on field or off),I would be hard pressed and I am already,to find an answer to why we DO NOT or if he CAN NOT(Crosby) consistantly kick the damm ball DEEP into the End Zone to eliminate that part of SPT’s mal-functioning part.