This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme In Honor of Finland’s Independence Day (Dec 6) – Women of Finland.

A Hanna Ek sort of morning.

We’ll start the week off with What We Learned Against the 49ers in the 34-16 Packers win.

A Game Day recap from Jersey Al, calling the game a A Starks Contrast in the Running Game .

Indeed:  All Hail Donald Driver .

Here’s the video of that amazing catch and run by Donald Driver .

CD hands out his  Packers’ Grades vs. the 49ers .

It’s now official, the Wisconsin Badgers football team is Rose Bowl Bound !

The Badgers hoops team was in action this weekend, pulling one out against South Dakota .

Also this weekend, something we haven’t seen enough of, a Bucks win .

The Cincinnati Bearcat mascot got arrested Saturday, at the game .

Yep, know all these people although the last one should be discounted, 8 People You Hate at the Grocery Store .

I’m really on the fence on the whole WikiLeaks deal, if you are to maybe these Five Reasons It’s Okay to Like WikiLeaks may sway you.

May come in handy in the weeks:  9 Fool-Proof Excuses for Not Buying Christmas Gifts .

For when you run out of ibuprofen: 6 Random Things (Other Than Drugs) That Reduce Pain .

It’s Sara Jean Underwood… doing Yoga .

Much Better – I was at the game yesterday and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little concerned going into half time.  In the crisp December air, something just didn’t seem to be jiving for the Packers.  Thanks to Donald Driver though, a play which ended in the endzone we were sitting in, the Packers got the spark they needed to pull ahead.  Another pleasant surprise was James Starks, getting his first action in forever and performing well.  Perhaps the only bad thing from the game was Cullen Jenkins, who had a monster of a game, injuring that that calf muscle.  All in all though a much better Monday that last week.

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    Seriously, nothing on Marcum?

  • Wally

    Brian hit on it in the previous post so didn’t want to take away from that.