With the holiday season upon us, many are struggling in their attempts to find that “just right” gift for our loved ones. Over the next two weeks, I will periodically provide some gift ideas for those that seemingly have everything.

Today’s gift suggestion: The Scapegoat

Everyone could use someone to blame everything on…you can’t blame everything on your spouse or other family member. The scapegoat may not actually be the primary reason why things are going awry, but that matters little.

Finding a scapegoat that fits perfectly takes a little research, but in the end you will be able to find one that meets the needs of the gift-ee. There are many models out there depending on the individual’s interests. Some popular models currently available include:

For Hunting and Fishing Enthusiasts: The DNR…that is an easy one and a yearly top seller. The Wolf and The Bear are also seeing increased buyer interest.
For Wisconsin College Hoop Fans: The Jarmusz and The Buycks remain top sellers, with buyers ignoring the fact these products may be slightly miscast in their current roles.
For Packer Fans: The Running Game is currently very popular, although The Crosby, The Colledge, and The Hawk have also been top sellers in the past.
For Viking Fans: The Childress is nearly sold out and if you can find one gobble it up quickly. This model will not be available in 2011.
For Wisconsin College Football Fans: The BCS is a yearly favorite. The Bielema, once popular throughout the state, has seen a dramatic drop in sales.
For Milwaukee Bucks Fans: Many like The Bogut, although some prefer The Gooden or The Maggette. Interest in The Skiles and The Hammond remain low.
For Milwaukee Brewers Fans: The Suppan, unfortunately, is no longer available in Wisconsin, and neither is The Macha. The Gomez, The Parra, and The Fielder are possible selections.
For Political Junkies: The Olberman and The Beck are great selections, although another great option might be The Extreme Left-Wing Media if you can find it in area stores.

Good luck shopping!



  • http://www.pocketdoppler.com BigSnakeMan

    Very funny, Jon. Though I would disagree about the Jarmusz model; since there is no role for him, he can’t possibly be miscast.