This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is Rnd 2 of Girls That Are Famous & I Don’t Know Why.

An AnnaLynne McCord sort of morning.

Heading into the weekend match-up with the 49ers, PackerNet says the  Packers are still in good shape .

Mike at GPN has  A Closer Look at the San Francisco 49ers .

On this upcoming game, 4th & 26 gets in the Way Back Machine to observe  14 years of bitchdom .

Sort of agree with Monty here when he says the  Packers Offensive Line Hyped, But They’re Really Not That Good .

Even though the Bucks lost on Wednesday night, there was one bright spot, Larry Sanders and his shoth-blocking exploits . gets retrospective, Inside the Numbers: season recap .

Miller Park Drunk continues on with the ‘What are Brewers gonna do’ ideas with Plan #2: Do nothing .

Yeah, I can see some of these causing some problems:  The 7 biggest dealbreakers for a woman dating a guy .

When a picture is really worth a 100 words,  CHEWIEEEE!!!

The inspiration for this should come as no surprise:  The Top 10 Embarrassing Athlete Endorsements, in Honor of Tom Brady’s New Deal with UGGs .

Informative and entertaining:  12 Actresses Who’ve Played Strippers .

Our time honored link to totally blow your Friday off with,  125 Best Albums of the Past 25 Years .

Now You, Yes You, Can Barcode Yourself!

There almost wasn’t a Daybreak Doppler because of this link – The 90 Hottest Women of the 90′s .

What Might Have Been – I was having a little fun with this NCAA football playoff generator thingy …highly technical terms, I know, and the results were a little surprising. I didn’t mess around with the ‘Create Your Own Bracket’ option, but in 2 out of the other 4 options the Badgers got to the National Championship and in one of those they actual won it.  It got me thinking about what could have happened had the Badgers beat MSU. This line of thinking is of course always a colossal waste of time but it was hard not to.  While I am very happy with (presumably) a Rose Bowl appearance for the Badgers, how much greater would of a National Championship appearance been?  It’s almost inconceivable as for the most part I’ve always been conditioned to think the Rose Bowl was the best the Badgers ever could get to, but maybe now the bar should be raised? Only time & Bret Beilema can answer that.

Pocket Doppler Prognosticators will be up later this weekend, have a great weekend and we’ll see you back here on Monday.

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  • foundinidaho

    Two comments – Pamela Anderson #2? REALLY? Ugh.

    Also, I did the NCAA bracket off the AP poll (since my school was in the mix that way). It ended up Auburn vs. Nebraska with Auburn winning. I didn’t even make it past TCU. Sigh.

  • Wally

    Yeah, I questioned their the Pamela Anderson at #2 but over all a solid, walk down memory lane inducing, list.