This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is Rnd 2 of Girls That Are Famous & I Don’t Know Why.

An Ashley Tisdale sort of morning.

The big Packers news yesterday was the announcement of an extension for CB Tramon Williams.  While well deserved & something the Packers should have done, Ol’ Bag of Donuts wonders  what will the fallout be?

John at GPN on the Packers spreading ‘em out .

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How many of these do you remember?  15 Iconic (and, or Ironic) Wheaties Boxes .

Wait, what? Man caught fondling want during Harry Potter, Emma Watson suspected .

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Because Ninjas are cool…until they’re chucking throwing stars at you some night -  Stuff You Should Know: Ninjas .

This is a hell of a time killer, but worth it:  The Sexiest Woman Alive Atlas .

The Throwbacks – This coming weekend the Packers will be wearing their third uniform, throwbacks to the team’s uniform from 1929.  If you don’t know what these look like yet, head over to as they pretty much hit you over the head with it from the get go.  While I get the whole honor the past deal, I am a more than a bit superstitious when it comes to sports & very much a creature of habit.  So that being said I’m not sure I really like the idea for no other reason that it’s not the norm.  I also realize that the reason I stated is about as rational as…um…something that isn’t very rational & to the players that play the game it may not and probably doesn’t make one bit of difference what they wear. So what’s your take?  In favor of the throwbacks or not?

Lastly, not that he’ll be reading this, but Happy 5th Birthday to my son Carter! 

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  • BigSnakeMan

    Not opposed to “throwbacks” as a general rule. When they’re like the old Chargers unis, they’re actually kind of cool. But the ones that have been picked for the Packers have been decidedly ugly. The Packers should stick to the classic ‘green & gold’.

  • Chris

    I support the position of the Right Honorable Gentleman (I-BigSnakeMan). But I would argue that the Packers wear “throwbacks” every week given that they have had basically the same uniform for over 50 years. So why bother throwing it so far back that no one can relate?