Yes, Virginia, the Packers have a running game.....we think.

Four days. Wall to wall football. You’d think that would be a football fan’s dream, but by Saturday night, I was spent.

Thanksgiving, three games. Indifference has already reared its head because I actually couldn’t care less about the results of any of these games. But, it’s Thanksgiving and traditions must be observed and that means that the Lions screwing the pooch must be blaring in the background as I shove stuffing up a bird’s butt. It’s bad enough that I haven’t gotten up early enough to watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade since college…wait. There’s no way I got up that early in college. Or high school. When WAS the last time I watched the parade? Underdog is still in it, right?

Day after Thanksgiving. More football, this time college.  If you think I’m one of those loons that gets up at the crack of dawn to fight with people over discounts, you’re crazy. I worked in retail and in a restaurant across from the local mall through college and a bit beyond. After waiting on grumpy shoppers, there’s no way in HELL I’m going to become one of them. EVER. Besides, the last weekend before Christmas has just as many good deals. So, today it’s football and Christmas decorations. Auburn and Alabama! WOW. What a game, even if you don’t have a horse in the race. I guess I was rooting for “Bama, thinking that an Auburn loss helps Wisconsin rise in the BCS rankings. Sadly. Didn’t happen. WOW…Boise State just LOST? The BCS rejoices.

Saturday. More college football. I paid more attention today than I did the day before. Wisconsin rolled over Northwestern, and Michigan was abused by Ohio State. By the time I settled into watch Notre Dame play USC, I was bleary eyed. When Notre Dame actually won, ending an eight game losing streak to the Trojans, I was happy, but I wasn’t dancing around the room, which is what I figured would happen when that day finally came. I just smiled in relief. I might have done a fist pump. I’m actually disappointed that I couldn’t muster up a scream, a double bird flip at the TV or dance a jig in my living room (full disclosure: I’ve been at ND since ’92 and am a season ticket holder). Maybe if Pete Carroll was still there. I think he took some swagger with him when he left town.

Sunday. Pleased to see that the Packers are being broadcast in my area (I live in the Bears/Colts media market. Yes, it sucks, thank you). I’ve actually had a good season. All the Packer games have been broadcast locally except for Washington and Philly. Only twice this season have I had to go to Wings Etc. and watch the Packers on the Sunday Ticket with the sound turned down (and pay way too much for wings and beer). Actually, if Matt Millen or Brian Billick are broadcasting a game, having no sound becomes a blessing. The game was actually good, although I wish the outcome had been different. Aaron Rodgers was lights out, for the most part. That fumble lost in the first quarter pissed him off. He seemed to play the rest of the game with it on his mind, and instead bringing him down, it elevated his performance. That fourth down shovel pass? I screamed so loudly that the Labradors left the room and the cat hid under the bed. It’s too bad that the special teams screwed Rodgers after he engineered a BRILLIANT drive to bring the Packers back to tie the game with less than a minute left. It was amazing. Coach Mike McCarthy said that it was the best drive he’s ever seen out of a QB in all his years of coaching (and we all know who else he’s coached).

Note to obnoxious shitheels like Colin Cowherd, who like to throw out the misleading stat that Aaron Rodgers can’t win the close ones. Shove it up your ass. Before you waste your listeners time talking about it, why don’t you have one of your minions research and see how many of those losses came after Rodgers DID HIS JOB, brought the Packers back to either lead or tie the game, only to stand on the sidelines and watch his defense or special teams blow coverage or commit a bad penalty and let the other team score in the final seconds.

Speaking of defense, did Clay Matthews make the trip on Sunday? Because he was rather invisible the entire game. But I guess you’d be too,  if you were being held most of the time.

So, I really wasn’t angry after the loss. Didn’t bother me too much. Atlanta is considered the best team in the conference right now and we basically matched them in their own place. Would have been nice to come out with the win, but sometimes, a loss is just a loss and not a reason to slash your wrists. The other three losses pissed me off more, because those losses  never should have happened. Watching current Sports Illustrated cover boy, Michael Vick, run around with his tail between his legs (pun intended) against the Bears, ticked me off more than the result of the Packer game did. So much for the new “darling” of the league, who after one lights-out, record setting performance that had fantasy owners wetting themselves, and people anointing him the MVP of the league, laid a deuce on the 50 yard line of that crappy turf in Chicago. Seriously, City of Chicago, take some of the taxes that you bleed your citizens dry with and DO SOMETHING ABOUT THAT TURF before someone blows out a knee without even being hit. That field was dirt brown in September!

The Packers are now a game behind the Bears in the division. Still not overly concerned. They have some difficult games coming up, including a rematch at Lambeau. The Packers have no wiggle room left to have a bad game. Every game counts, at this point.

Monday. Day FIVE in a row with football. If you could call it that. Monday Night Football featured two 3-7 teams. No, I didn’t watch. My love for football does not include sadomasochism. I couldn’t sit through that. I think I watched Cake Boss on TLC instead.

Brandon Chillar and Spencer Havner are the latest Packers to join the IR? Damn. Our IR could kick the crap out of ANY OTHER team’s IR, that’s for sure.  How many guys is that? 14?

And a Happy 27th Birthday to QB1 on Thursday, December 2! I think a brilliant way to celebrate would be to put a beatdown on your childhood favorites on Sunday and give their fans a friendly reminder of just how short-sighted their team’s “brain trust” was on that fateful Draft Day in 2005. Not that Packer fans minded one bit.

Someone needs to inform this person who is impersonating Aaron Rodgers on Facebook, that you may want to get the birthdate right! Looks like only 184 people actually believe him, though.

Ladies, please meet Brett Swain. A future Deamy Dude of Doppler, I'm thinkin'.


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  • foundinidaho

    I think I rejoiced every bit as much as the BCS at Boise losing. He. Hehe. Hehehehehehe.