When I was preparing to begin writing “A Violent Femme’s View”, I had a conversation with a friend about writing sports opinion from a “female perspective.” Whatever that is. Initially, she (and I) believed that women are more emotional about sports; I still think that is true in the sense that I care as much about WHO a player is as a person as much as HOW he plays. One of the reasons I think I’m such a devoted Packers fan because I’m all about “Packer People.” I see more of an ability to separate the two in male fans.

I’ve noticed something over the course of this season though, and it came to the forefront again this week after the Atlanta game.

Generally speaking, guys are WAY more emotional, during/after a loss than women.

Don’t get me wrong – I’ve been plenty distraught after a loss. I’ve screamed at the TV and then went off to cry. (Damn you Brett Favre in the 2008 NFC Championship game, damn you.) Online I tend to be more circumspect. Especially now that Jayme has trained me out of using the “F” word on Cheeseheadtv’s Live Blog. Note: My mother couldn’t have trained that out of me. Jayme’s tough!

I’ll see references on Twitter or the blogs to “The Season’s Over”, “McCarthy should be fired”, “Kill Slocum” etc. and in looking at who I know are men and who I know are women – the women are much more philosophical. (They want to win every bit as much too. More philosophical does not mean more wimpy.)

A sampler from both Twitter and different Packer blogs (names dropped to protect the innocent and not-so-innocent):


“Rodgers dropped ball today – put in Flynn!”

“Where’s slocum live? pitchforks and torches you prick”

“Cut Wilhelm!”

“Collage is a joke, off sides next to the center” (note: It’s Colledge, and another note – I don’t really disagree with this one. Or think it’s much of an overreaction. Just had to include it.)

“McFatty is wasting our chance for the playoff’s”

“The people who are saying fans need to chill out are the ones overreacting.”

Here’s my favorite – because another fan (man) was being practical about the loss he freaked out, whereas most of the guys above are really reasonable people and just were venting, understandably. This one’s different – this is someone I personally would vote out of Packer Nation, and this is only part of his repetoire:

“your not even from wisconsin. your a bandwagoner, i dont care when you jumped on, youll never be true.”

Rigggghhhhhtttt. The face I didn’t set foot in Wisconsin until I was 29 makes me a total fraud as a Packer fan. No doubt. Don’t even get me started on the comment you made about women not knowing anything about sports. Plus, learn to spell and use proper grammar, even online. Dumbass.


“I’m disappointed but surprisingly okay.”

“We played a tough team tight. there were some problems and some good things, and I’m not going to be depressed all week at all.”

“The G-rated version of my inner monologue. Son of a biscuit.”

“This is a show-me game? What the Pack is showing me is that they’re not there yet.”

“We lost by 3 points to arguably the best team in the NFC on the road…it’ll be ok…”

I know, I know, I’m being selective here and many of the guys were calm and pragmatic in their thinking, but I honestly think if you tallied the “out of control” comments vs. the “I have a grip” comments in male vs. female columns….you’d see that positive girl power is alive and well in Packer Nation. Frankly, guys, I think you need us as a voice of sanity. Oh, all right, I admit it. We need you too.


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  • Anita

    I was disappointed in the use of a certain word directed towards two women on Twitter. A word that I rarely utter because I find it so repugnant (and let’s say that I’m Italian and we are a swearin’ people who use the “f” word rather freely. The word in question is worse than the f-bomb) Since when is THAT okay? Or necessary? There were people on Twitter acting like….Bears fans after a loss.

    Harsh, but absolutely true.

  • Colleen

    Yeah, Anita, by the same dumbass referenced above. I don’t understand that either. Be mad, call names, but there are certain things you don’t call someone (especially women). And I think Courtney Finley was called that by this person – she hasn’t said or done anything to piss someone off.

  • djbonney138

    I think the bandwagoner comment was way out of line. Not to mention the offensive words being thrown around, very unfortunate. SMH. The last female comment was almost identical to a comment I left so I just want to make sure you know I am a dude. Great read as always!

  • Anita

    I’m thinking that the guy who called Mrs. Finley that word is just damn lucky he doesn’t have a 6’6″ guy in a #88 jersey, standing on his doorstep, ready to beat him down. I think Twitter suspended his account, which is a very good thing.

    The second person to be called that word is a college student, who I think is still a teenager. Not cool.