Welcome to a new Pocket Doppler feature – this one to show the love to the guys out there from the female Pocket Doppler staff (Anita, Jayme and me) and viewing pleasure for anyone else who likes the male form. This will appear a few days a week – the three of us selecting images of those men who, for a number of reasons, qualify as a Dreamy Dude of Doppler. We may also link to some things of interest that have been posted recently.

There will be no pictures, I repeat none, of guys’ junk. Or Brett Favre in any flattering pose. I am trying to find one of Jordy Nelson; because as Wally Pingel says if I find him in the Piggly Wiggly, I may hug him and kiss him, despite the obligatory phone call to the police that will follow.

I can predict most of my Dudes will be football players, but that isn’t necessarily a requirement. We’re equal opportunity appreciators of men.

Because this is a Wisconsin sports focused site, usually I wouldn’t discuss non Wisconsin related items here. Today, however, I’m taking my chance to sneak in a picture celebrating both a moment of crowning triumph (for me) as well as Colin Kaepernick, starting QB for my Nevada Wolf Pack. Colin was born in Wisconsin and then adopted by a couple in the Central Valley of California. Obviously, I don’t have much of a “beefcake” photo here (expect better from here on out), just Colin with his parents at this past weekend’s game -it was Senior Night. Awwww. And yes, I do seriously find him extremely handsome.

Nevada football and Colin had a defining moment this weekend. This year is the first time the team is nationally ranked since 1948 . Yeah – a while before I went there. Beating Boise State didn’t do much ranking wise; in fact the Wolf Pack (please note, two words) still ranks behind the Broncos. I don’t care – this is a quality team with a tremendous quarterback who is…dare I say it…Packer People. Ted Thompson, please take note. He may not play QB but he has lots of potential in other positions.

Some points of interest out in teh interwebs – Jayme from her BrentFavre.com podium (who DOESN’T she write for these days?) throws out something I completely agree with (and will add some thoughts to tomorrow in this week’s A Violent Femme’s View).

Oh, and Robert Greenfield at Packer Ranter talks about Douchey McDoucheface (h/t Corey Behnke) and his evil twin finally splitting up. More’s the pity, since it apparently inspired the Queenies to win this weekend.

Lastly, congrats to Badger Nation on securing, it seems, a trip to the Rose Bowl. I will be resolutely avoiding Disneyland the last week of this year. Made the mistake of going there on vacation one year when the Washington State Cougars went to the Rose Bowl. Whoa.

Feel free to give us ideas of who you’d like to see as a Dreamy Dude of Doppler!


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  • Anita

    Douchey McDoucheface won on Sunday? Wow. I didn’t even pay attention. It’s nice when the Vikings are parked in the cellar (well, almost…come ON Lions! Do your part!) and you really don’t have to care about them at all.