Each Friday during the football season the 3 founding fathers of Pocket Doppler (yours truly, BigSnakeMan & Chris Richards) will pick the winners of the Packers, Sunday night & MNF games with a running tally through out the season.

Welcome to this week’s edition of the Pocket Doppler Prognosticators.  Entering Week 12 the current standings are:

Wally: 21
BigSnakeMan: 19
Chris: 17

Well, really no change in the standings here as we all picked the same and we all went 3 for 3.  This week we have some diversity so there may be some change.  Of course, only one way to find out so let’s check the picks.


Let’s see if Wally can spell ‘mercilessly’ this week………..

Packers over Falcons – Another game where all the signs on the surface point to a Packers’ loss.  Atlanta has the best record in the conference and is super tough at home.  Meanwhile, the Packers are coming off an emotional win in Minnesota and are due for a letdown.  BUT….  If this season has taught me anything, it’s to expect the unexpected.  I like the roll that the Packers are on right now, particularly on defense.  Green Bay has a respectable record in domes and on the road under head coach Mike McCarthy.  And, as successful as they’ve been, Atlanta’s defense is rather pedestrian.  The law of averages suggests that it is the Falcons that are due to lose a home game so I’ll take the Packers in a close, hard fought contest.

Chargers over Colts – It must be the week for upsets.  San Diego is on it’s usual second half roll after a dismal start to the season and, while I’m not yet completely sold on them, neither am I buying in on this year’s Colts team.  Indianapolis has been battling an almost Packers-like rash of injuries and has struggled on defense without safety Bob Sanders.  Even automatic quarterback Peyton Manning uncharacteristically threw a Brett Fav-ruh type interception to spoil his team’s chance at a win last week in New England.  The Chargers have been riding QB Philip Rivers’ arm this season and have typically played well against the Colts.  I like their offense in this one over Indy’s sagging D.

Cardinals over 49ers – The one who should most upset over this one is ESPN.  This dog of a game is proof positive that the NFL has the ‘four-letter network’ wrapped around its finger.  If this game were on the NFL’s own network, subscribers would be petitioning their cable provider to have the channel  removed from their system.  San Francisco has been the very definition of ‘road kill’, having lost even at lowly Carolina, and Niners’ coach Mike Singletary is already the odds-on favorite to be the next coach fired after playing against the Packers.  For their part, Arizona has been searching for a quarterback since Kurt Warner heir apparent Matt Leinart partied himself out of the role.  The Cardinals have been just good enough to lose most of the season and if they were playing anyone else this side of the Panthers, I would pick against them.  At any rate, I’m guessing I’ll either go to bed early Monday night or maybe even (gasp!) watch “Hawaii 5-0″.


Packers over Atlanta – At the beginning of the season I looked at this game as a no problem, no worry win.  Now?  Not as much.  Matt Ryan has been just tremendous this year and I would like to thank him for throwing so many TD passes to Roddy White, who has single handedly kept my Fantasy Team in many games.  All that being said, while the Falcons have a potent offense I don’t see their defense being able to stop the Aaron Rodgers and company.  This game could very well be the shoot out we expecting last weekend, but in the end the Packers fly home with a W.

Colts over Chargers – This is a tough one.  San Diego is once again getting their act together when they need to be an the Colts are…well, they’re the Colts.  This game could really go either way I think but when in doubt go with the home team so I am.

Cardinals over Niners – Talk about a game that looked like a great MNF game at the beginning of the season that now has those producers pulling their hair out.  My pick is again just going with the home team here as I seriously have no clue (or care) what could happen here.


Falcons over Packers – ATL has the best record in the NFC, and will play at home in what is likely to be a noisy and hostile environment. Packers are primed for a letdown after vanquishing their better foe last week (they beat the Vikings, too).  The Falcons are better than the sum of their parts, GB probably is, too. But I like the home team – give me the ATL inside their dome.

Charger over Colts – SD has been showing us their Lightning Bolt for a few weeks now, making their usual second half  -  ahem  -  “charge.” IND, on the other hand, has been solid but not spectacular.  It is hard for me not to back the home team, especially when the road team has to travel two-thirds of the way across the country. But I like the way SD has been playing, and IND seems vulnerable to me. I will take the Bolts over the Colts.

Niners over Cardinals – Good God! Are they even going to bother playing this game?  I usually like home dome teams, but AZ is not very good right now. And as over-the-top as he can be at times, Mike Singletary gets his guys to play. Both teams are significantly challenged at QB, but I suspect SF will get better overall effort and will win on the road.


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