They say a picture is worth a thousand words.

See that look on Aaron Rodgers’ face as he greeted his former non-mentor following the Packers 31-3 throttling of the Minnesota Vikings? It says everything. It is the very definition of a “shit eating grin.”

Oh sure. We get the stock, politically correct answers out of Aaron Rodgers every time someone sticks a microphone or tape recorder in his face and asks him a question regarding Favre and the Vikings. He chooses his words carefully. Always does, which is part of what endeared him to fans during the entire nasty divorce of 2008, when Rodgers was the kid caught between two battling parents. He said all the right things when asked, and said nothing else otherwise. This season, especially, following a SEASON SWEEP OF THE VIKINGS (I just had to capitalize that!), Aaron tells us that beating the Vikings is just as important as any other divisional rivalry game, how it doesn’t feel any more special than beating the Bears or the Lions, how he’s happy to win, but now he needs to focus on the next opponent. Yeah. right, Aaron. You know none of us believe a word you’re saying, right? That look on your face gives it all away.

If you don’t believe me, go to and listen to Rodgers’ post game press conference . The guy is talking a mile a minute, especially as the interview goes on.  He may SAY this is no big deal, and that the game was “not personal,”  but he’s clearly excited and wound up. Not only beating Favre AGAIN, to even the score in head-to-head battles (between the two QB’s), but to march in to the Humptydump, throw for 301 yards, 4 touchdowns and no interceptions (a 141.3 QB rating)? Awesome.  It was also the 100th meeting between the two teams. I mean, I’m not exactly calling QB1 a LIAR, but I think it IS quite personal to him. Winning twice this season to even the score was personal, after putting up with the mountains of crap that was thrown at him in 2008 by Favre, the media, and SOME fans, and the subsequent and constant comparisons between he and Brett that the talking heads at ESPN, the NFL Network and FOX Sports just can’t let go of. But I’ll let Ol’Bag of Donuts handle that one. Check it out. Nice network smackdown, Chris.

He deserves to feel a little giddy. So, stop hiding it, Aaron. We know.

Observations and Notes. (Things that make me go “hmmmmmm.”)

  • Do they sprinkle glitter on the floor of the Humptydump? Every time I watch a game broadcast from Minnesota, the field sparkles more than a bunch vampire wannabes at a Twilight convention. I’ve also noticed it on the arms and uniforms of players after they’ve gotten up off the turf. Glitter? Seriously? So, does that make the Viking offense the “Greatest Drag Show on Turf?’
  • Aaron Rodgers had a little conversation with Jared Allen at midfield post-game. It seemed friendly. However, I couldn’t resist the impulse to yell at my TV, “Don’t get too close Aaron. We don’t want the stupid rubbing off onto you.” Anyone notice that since Allen whacked off his mullet for his wedding this past offseason, his mojo seems to have diminished? Maybe Viking fans should call his wife “Yoko.”
  • The best part of holding the Vikings to three points? That fucking horn was silenced. Clearly, the most obnoxious sound on the face of the earth.
  • I had Aaron Rodgers and Greg Jennings active on my fantasy team. Hee-hee. I love double points on touchdown passes! However, I still LOST. Why? Non-Packers: Darren McFadden, 2 points, Ahmad Bradshaw, 0 points, Andre Johnson, 2 points. Hey, Matt Schaub, Arian Foster is not the only one on your team, dammit.
  • Just out of curiosity: who drove Chilly to the airport?

Former Green Bay Packer Al Harris took out a full page ad this week in the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel , thanking Packers fans and the people of Wisconsin for the kindness and support that was shown throughout his tenure with the team. Aaron Kampman did something similar when he signed with Jacksonville during the past off season, as well. Hmmm. So that’s what having class and integrity is like? You mean, former players aren’t supposed to manipulate the system to play for a divisional rival, simply to enact some childish form of revenge on his ex-coach and GM (but in actuality, the FANS are the ones who feel the sting)?

Huh. Go figure.


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  • Colleen

    Aaron Kampman and Al Harris have shown how to exit the team with class, especially towards the fans. Future non-Packers, please take note.

  • Colleen

    Or, ex-Packers I guess I should say.

  • http://PocketDoppler Carol

    Thanks for mentioning the “thank you note” that Harris and Kampman left for us…I don’t hear about these things down here (south of the Wis/Ill border). It shows the man is *truly* a class act—and Favre pales in comparison.

  • Ron

    LOL.. I have to check for twilight glitter when the viks play at home. XD

    Great Article.