Enough ESPN, FOX, Sports Illustrated, CBS, E!, CNN, MSNBC, Animal Planet, BET, MTV, etc…This is not Favre’s “last hoorah!” Berman designated today’s Green Bay-Minnesota match up “Armageddon 4.” Seriously? Favre’s last hoorah was the 2009 NFC Championship, which he threw away and handed to the New Orleans Saints in overtime. This is the Packers, who are seeking the NFC North title, against the Vikings, who are corrupt inside and out, and not going to make the playoffs.  Brett Favre jokes never get old, or at least they haven’t yet. But seriously, can someone please upon on that is holy just credit Green Bay after they shalack the Vikings today and not make it about Brett Favre?

Pregame news and notes:

ProFootballTalk : “NFL hires forensics expert to sift through Favre-Sterger mess http://wp.me/p14QSB-nVP

ProFootballTalk : “Favre still miffed about Chilly’s criticism http://wp.me/p14QSB-nV9

espn_nfcnblog : “Favre still upset by Childress criticism – http://es.pn/ac75Fr”

Wait a second. Is #4 “miffed” or “upset?” Bah, drama queens…

Pregame fan perspective:

acmepackingco : “Packers at Vikings Injury Report http://sbn.to/bCpA6I”

jrehor : “Today could be the last time Packers fans see Favre for a long time. A long time.”

PackerRanter : “I’m overly excited for this game, and that’s saying something. Combo of bye week and Vikings game, I think…and large caffeine intake.”

I could bathe in coffee, mmhmm so good.

PackerReport : “Dome 80 percent empty 20 minutes before kickoff. Everyone’s in a ditch after ice storm.”

Wagszilla : “2010 Packers – Contenders or Pretenders? We find out today.”

***Today marks the 100th meeting between the Vikings and the Packers, and surprisingly Brett Ill-Favor has only played in 97 of them.*** ;)

ChrisLKeller : “The chili is cooking, the dishes done. Let’s see the packers make sure the rest of Bart 4′s season ain’t fun.”

Game on.

1st Quarter:

15:00 Vikings get first crack

olbagofdonuts : “It’s raining and cold in the Twin Cities…Perfect weather for Favre’s funeral.”

14:55 Percy Harvin trots it out to the 25. D-Fence!

14:48 Adrian Peterson should have a big day…Oops, no gain on 1st down. I like. 2nd down equals more of the same.

14:08 3rd and 10, Favre on his back once already…False start, and Philly Loadholt makes it 3rd and 15. Favre rolls right, and um slides to a knee behind the line of scrimmage? Yup, “last hoorah” indeed.

Matthews credited with a SACK! NFL leader, thank you very much.

Aaron_Nagler : “Nice slide Brett. ROFL”

PackerRanter : “Clay Matthews just pointed at Favre, and he fell over. That’s how intimidating CM3 is.”

DomOnDemand : “Hide ya kids. Hide ya wife.. Clay Matthews is sackin err’body around here.”


13:30-12:00 Green Bay at their own 31 yard line. Run, run, incomplete pass to Quarless. It happens…

BillMichaels620 : “Pass too low for Quarless…..Allen was coming.”

…Punting… 48 yard boom by Masthay, no return.

For the first time in a long while, I’m actually stoked at what the Green Bay defense might be able to do, especially at home in the snow. Giggidy.

11:02 1st down no gain for AP, 2nd down and… 24 yard gain to the 43 yard line.

10:23 Favre back to pass, OUCH. Incomplete pass, but B.J. Raji just lit up #4′s world.

BigSnakeMan : “Good to see that Capers won’t let ’4′ sit back there.”

10:10 Adrian Peterson loses 2 on 2nd down. Man, Hawk, Bishop, have really stepped it up this season.

PackersLive : “A.J. Hawk….beast.”

9:14 3rd and 10.  Man I blink and Favre hits Toby Gerhadt for 15 yards and now Greg Lewis for 20 yards down to the 11 yard line of Green Bay. Zombo swings and misses, twice.

Too many big plays, already.

KareemCopeland : “Zombo missed an opportunity to get the Packers off the field on 3rd and long. Completely whiffs on open field tackle of Gerhart.”

BigSnakeMan : “Zombo, with the ‘whif’f’” …Love the Dan Patrick reference

RahimT12 : “Alright Zombo. Your girlfriend’s starting to not care who you are.” …A bit harsh? Na.

7:29 GB-MN trades penalties, and it’s 3rd down.

Joe Buck: “Favre told me he had a practice on Thursday where he threw the ball the best he has in the past 7 years.”

Doubtful, Joe. Doubtful.

6:14 Green Bay shuts ‘em down, and on comes Ryan Longwell. 75 yard drive and Longwell capitalizes with a 3-pointer. Phewta.

jasonjwilde : “Longwell’s FG after missed Zombo tackle and blown Shields coverage makes it 3-0 Vikings, 6:06 left first quarter.”

3-0 Vikings lead


PackerChrisUK : “Bend but dont break on D – good job.”

Ryan Longwell pops up the kickoff. Are they really trying to keep it away from Sam Shields?

6:04 1st and 10 Green Bay at their own 26. Apparently Jared Allen wants some crowd noise. Draw play to Jackson for gain of 4. Jackson hasn’t been blowing up the boxscore, but he’s been much better than I thought he ever could be. 

5:33 2nd and 6, Jackson gains another 5.

4:28 DJ Nance gets the call on 3rd and 1, first down!

4:03 1st and 10, Ray Edwards and Ben Leiber abuse Boo-laga…Sack. 2nd and 20.

***1st sack for Vikings against Rodgers this season***

2:56 3rd and 13. Come on fellas! Sacked…Rodgers held it way too long.

Jared Allen just celebrated with a hog tie. Didn’t the NFL ban that? Oh nevermind, they just banned his haircut.

TraciMonster : “WTF Rodgers!”

…Punting… Vikings takes over at their own 35.

PackerDrunk “Can I say Rodgers looks a bit rusty?” …Must be the weather.


Hmm, hey did everyone catch the Badger game yesterday? Business as usual. BCS bowl bid next?

2:21 1st and 10, gain of six from 4-shooter to Shiancoe.

1:31 2nd and 4, end around to harvin. Woodson! nice tackle there by the-man.

Troy Aikman: “I marvel at how good this guy at this stage of his career. He is a complete player.” …And he’s OUR complete player.

BillMichaels620 : “Solid play by Woodson after Harvin got around Matthews.”

..1st down from Favre to Harvin on 3rd and 3. Gah.

jrehor : “Just missing Favre on every pass. Matter of time before he is sacked” …Correct, sir.

0:32 Adrian Peterson gains 1 on 1st down. Say what you will about Green Bay’s flat start, but their D-line looks solid thus far.

BrianCarriveau : “Front three linemen are Raji, Pickett, Green. That’s some beef.” …It’s what’s for brunch?


Nervous? Who’s nervous?! Not me, full faith..I never get nervous…ever…

2nd Quarter

…Vikings driving…

14:38 Favre finds Gerhardt on 3rd and long, 1st down Vik…NO! Woodson strips it! PACKERS FOOTBALL!

PAIGER33 : “Mr. Wood-strip is in the building!”

I love the handshake celebration.

jenlada : “Handshakes. Yes.”

***Vikings with their 24th turnover in 2010, -12 ratio on the season***

14:44 Rodgers’ 1st pass batted away. Not looking great.

dexhandle : “Dear Aaron Rodgers: it takes more.”

Patience…I tend to preach what I lack.

14:14 2nd down, gain of 5. 3rd and 4 at their own 44…Chris Cook (rookie) knocks it away from James Jones. Putrid offense. Not like this is a big game or anything.

TomPelissero : “Credit Vikings rookie CB Chris Cook with pass break-up to end that drive. He’s finally starting to look like the Cook we saw in camp.” …We’ll see about.

…punting… 31-yard punt by masthay. Well, so much for winning the field position battle.

BillMichaels620 : “Packers with -2 passing yards thus far.”

Vikings’ football at the 26 yard line.

JermichaelF88 : “Let’s go pack!”

13:49 Favre finds some slow FB for a gain of 12 on 1st down. Already up to the Minnestoa 38


I’ll let Joe Buck take this one: “2nd down, and Greg Lewis gets DRILLED by Tramon Williams”

wallypingel : “WOW, Tramon Williams laying the wood.”

Aaron_Nagler : “GREAT hit by Tramon Williams. AND LEGAL > (stop crying defensive players)”

PackFan52 : “BOOM!” …Goes the Tramyn-onite? Weak, sorry.

Defense ratcheting it up a couple dozen notches.

National love —> RossTuckerNFL : “This just in: Charles Woodson is good. Really good. What you might now know is that Tramon Williams is as well.”

12:32 3rd and 7, pass incomoplete. Vikings (thankfully) forced to punt.


12:14 1st and 10 for Mr. Rodgers and company, play action and plenty of time, incomplete pass. Geez…

11:35 3rd and 9. They can’t give it away again. Rodgers in the gun, time, loffffts it deep to Jennings…AND?!

michaeldavidsen : “Oh my Jennings.”

…Gain of 47 yards! What a throw and catch after Jennings bobbled the ball for a split second.

Rodgers hung tough there, been hit 5 times already. 1st and 10 at the Vikings 21.

BigSnakeMan : “Maybe that play will get the Packers offense going.”

Aaron_Nagler : “Alright. Cobwebs knocked off. Time to stop f*ing around in the second quarter.”

10:35 1st down, 2nd down, 3rd down…Wow that was weak. Mason Crosby on to try a 42-yard field goal.

Cobwebs still there. Nonetheless, Crosby is money in the dome.

jasonjwilde : “Crosby is good from 42 and the game is tied at 3-3. Jennings’ 47-yard juggling catch against Cook the big play.”

3-3 Green Bay draws even

PackerDrunk : “Bright side: Favre getting pummeled.”

Optimism, optimism, optimism.

9:38 Minnesota starting at the 31- yard line. Nothing, nothing, make that 3rd and 7.

8:54 Pressure on Favre from Nick Collins, incomplete pass.

Hah! Replay shows Favre wincing and falling to the turf, away from Collins.

BigSnakeMan : “’4′ seems to be spending an awful lot of time today picking himself up off the ground.”

Isn’t Adrian Peterson one of the leagues-leading rushers? Has he seen the field yet?

jrehor : “Dom Capers is acting like the mad scientist coordinator today. He is on a mission to hit Favre over and over and over.”


Do Joe Buck and Troy Aikman spend a bit (WAY TOO MUCH) of extra time praising Favre even when he’s playing like Cade McNown, or am I just losing it?

EddieMidwest : “Why does Joe Buck hate Aaron Rodgers?”

***After 42 starts, Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers have an identical # of wins. Rodgers has 73 pass TDs to Favre’s 57***

I know, I know. Playoff wins, close games, etc…But It’s impressive regardless.

8:05 1st down, gain of 12 to Gregory Jennings.


7:48 Rodgers to Jordy Nelson for gain of 7.


7:32 Rodgers finds Driver for 10.


Aaron_Nagler : “GREAT play design there, using the run action to hold the LBs then flipping an easy one to Driver in the slot.”

Pace just quadrupled.

6:11 Another 3rd and 10…Piece. Of. Cake. Rodgers zips the ball to James Jones down the sideline for GAIN OF 36!

Troy Aikman: “There’s a small void there, but it takes a perfect throw to make the play happen. He was right on the money.”

5:59 1st and 10 from the 11 yard line…Doh! Near-interception. Some guy named Husain flat out dropped it. Favre karma?

5:42 Aardon Rodgers shows his “escapability” (Joe Buck) and drills the ball into the gut of Greg Jennings!! Beautiful, man. TOUCHDOWN GREEN BAY!

***8 plays, 80 yards. Not a single running play***

Are we alive Packer fans?

PACKERHQ : “Awake!”

olbagofdonuts : “Boooooom! Vuvuzela time!”

TomPelissero : “Husain Abdullah almost had 3rd INT in 2 wks. Instead, Jennings runs pivot, then shakes free as Rodgers breaks pocket for 11-yard TD. 10-3.”

Only losing teams live in “shouldas” Tom.

jasonjwilde : “Two pretty sweet throws by Rodgers on that drive (as well as a lucky non-INT). The 39-yarder to Jones, 11-yard TD to Jennings.”

10-3 Green Bay on top, as it should be.

Lori Nickel : “Green Bay offense comes to life: Rodgers has 140 pass yards (instead of 1 INT), GB has 21 rush yards total. On D, Woodson has 4 tackles and 1 forced fumble.”

4:14 Vikings football at the 32 yard line. Short kick offs seem to be a theme today.

RahimT12 : “Keep it up defense. (I realize I tweet as if the team reads these. Let me have my moments.)”

But don’t we all? Of my 94 followers: 89 spammers, 5 actual human living people…Yet I tweet as if Mark Murphy might be listening.  

4:05 Vkings a couple quick strikes and already up to their own 47 yard line. Sydney Rice makes an appearance as well. What mighta been – Moss, Harvin, Rice, Shank-o

Joe Buck: “Sydney Rice might want to get his shoulder checked after that gun from favre.”  We get it, Favre has a big arm…That’s a Jay Leno-esque joke (lazy) Joe. You’re better than that.


3:56 Peterson for 9


3:38 Peterson for 11


2:03 Finally! Clay Matthews slams AP down behind the line of scrimmage.

jrehor : “Sit down AP!”

2:00 Warning


Truth —> jimmykimmel : “Hey radio stations playing Christmas music already – you’re annoying me AND Jesus.”

2:00 2nd and 14 at the Green Bay 41 for Minnesota. Sweet mercy, Harvin takes the hand off for a 17 yard gain.

Grandpa’s going to make a mistake soon…

1:32 INTERCEPTION! Tramon anticpiates slant and read it the entire way! Tack on 15 yards after an illegal block by the Vikings!

…Okay so I wrote the “Favre needs to make a mistake comment” after the turnover. Sue me.

***17 INT’s on Favre this season*** How many does Derek Anderson have?

Brad Childress looks ready to take his clipboard and go home. Maybe not by choice.

A_Carp : “Tramon just made himself some more money.” …It’ll be well deserved.

wingoz  (Trey Wingo): “Favre.. pick #17 on the season..10 more than a year ago.”

1:00-0:45 Rodgers scampers for 5, hits Quarless for 8.

Timeout #1 for Green Bay. I knew there was a reason MM always holds on to those… ;)

0:35 1st and 10 at 34, Brandon Jackson takes a pass in the flats for 7 yards.


BigSnakeMan : “Looks like trouble in ‘paradise’ on the Vikings sideline.”

Darren Bevelle (spelling?) giving it to Brett Favre on the sideline…Throw down! Drop the gloves! Whip it out… oops, not that. But they’re arguing about something.

Video of confrontation —> http://www.nfl.com/videos/nfl-game-highlights/09000d5d81c47c03/Favre-OC-exchange-words-after-pick?module=HP_cp2

leroybutler : “Brett, should be hunting, lol”

PackerRanter “Did you see Favre? I am pretty sure he was crying. Not kidding.”

Even if Green Bay loses, we can sleep well knowing our team isn’t teetering on the brink of destruction.

0:22 2nd and 3 at the 27 yard line. Rodgers rolls right, find James Jones for another 1st down. NFL Network’s Redzone is zooming in.

I think it’s time we forget the “Manning Face” and introduce the phenom that is “Brett Favre Body Language.” He’s wearing his frustration like a snuggie.

0:17 1st and 10, Jackson takes a short pass down and, woah, shows a quick burst down to the 3 yard line.

What a hard run. He’s getting comfortable. I knew we’d be okay at the RB position…I knew it…

RahimT12 : “Oh my god Jackson….wow…wow.”

Need 6, not 3.


Wait, the booth is reviewing whether or not Jones got his feet down.

KCousineau09 : “Was he in? God I hope so.”

I don’t know…

BrianCarriveau : “93% of Cheesehead Nation thinks it’s a touchdown for James Jones.”

I don’t think he got his feet down…

PackersLive : “James Jones must have eaten his good Wheaties today.”

He was definitely out…

And 7% were wrong (including me), TOUCHDOWN confirmed.

Points. Off. Turnovers.

Troy Aikman: “You can’t defense that. Perfect throw.”

jasonjwilde : “What a turn of events. Favre, Vikings driving for tying TD, Williams INTs, Rodgers hits Jones for great TD, 17-3 Packers.”

17-3 Packers Extenze the lead, thank you Jimmie Johnson. Anyone? Nothing?

LoriNickel : “I missed the spat with Bevell, what happened?? Anyone?”

Okay enough Favre chatter. Can we move on already? Maybe one more… ;)

jasonjwilde : “FOX Sports’ cameras catch Favre, Bevell arguing on sideilne — Bevell says, “Come here, come here’ and Favre snaps back “No” and walks away.” …You go to your bedroom Mr.

TomPelissero : “Vikings easily are going to improve to 5-for-5 in getting booed off the field at halftime of home games. Quite a feat for any team.” …I can appreciate the brutal honesty.

BillMichaels620 : “Could that be the daggar with :05 seconds to go in the game??????”

Too much time left. Too much.

0:05 Crosby kicks off, nothing doing. That’s it for the 1st half.

I would give up the tip on my pinky to be a fly on the wall in the Vikings’ locker room right now. Maybe even entire finger.


NFC North Blog : “Halftime: Packers 17, Vikings 3 http://bit.ly/9rOf7s”

Fan reaction?

wallypingel : “Suck it Vikings.” …Well said, Mr. Pingel.

Jimmie Johnson: “We may be looking at history, Brett Favre’s last start.”

+1 —> patmayo : “Jimmy Johnson wants Favre to pull his magic out. Didn’t that get him into trouble with the league?”

TundraVision : “Tramon Williams’ INT seems to have been a real tide-turner.”

Howie Long: “No one turns turnovers into points better than Green Bay.”

Can the defense keep it up though?

Will Childress keep his job? Is Wade Phillips sitting on his couch or in the recliner?

Will Brett Favre make it through the entire game?

Do we care?

wallypingel : “Would it be hilarious if Favre got pulled against the Packers? Yes, yes it would.”

Sternhe : “You know what’s better than the Packers leading 17-3 at the half is? We get the ball to start the third.”

3rd Quarter


Anyone catch the “let’s eat” NFL-Thanksgiving preview? That’s still a few days away, but for today Packers’ D, “let’s eat!”

15:00-12:00 …

Oh my sweet baby Jesus.


Apologies. I step out for a quick 3 minutes and it’s 24-3 Green Bay?!? No excuse. But what just happened?!

Somebody help me out.

kareemcopeland : “Oh my. Starting to get ugly in here. Rodgers to Jennings for 46 yd TD. Jennings straight ran around Asher Allen in coverage.”

theandyman : “Booyah! Nice move by Jennings.”

BigSnakeMan : “And the route is ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” …Knock on wood! Now.

greenandgold19 : “I like that Rodgers doesn’t jump around like an idiot when he throws a TD…like other QB’s I won’t name.”

Would you rather Favre do the championship belt celebration?

24-3 Green Bay

Vikings horn still booming. Really?

jsutlookin : “I hate that frickin horn!”

@ BillMichaels620 : “That’s one way to silence that Viking horn, STICK IT.”

TheTeditorial : “Where’s your horn now jacka–?”

11:48 Vikings to start at their own 30 yard line, Peterson gains 2.

Joe Buck: “What does Brett Favre do now?”

Come on Buck/Aikman! Green Bay is dominating this game, and all you have to talk about is whether or not Favre should have come back this season? Good Lord.

10:31 Favre finds Rice for big gain of 20.

10:11 Favre hits Peterson now for 16. Nice screen play though.

Impressive drive…

9:59 Phillip FatLoad holds Matthews and sets the Vikings back 10 yards. Their needs to be a stat for that, good as a sack.

..I spoke too soon, Vikings shoot themselves in the toe.

9:30 1st and 20, Peterson gains 3. 2nd and 17 at Green Bay’s 39, incomplete pass.

Favre is clearly in “throw-it-as-hard-as-I-can” mode and hope for the best.

8:52 3rd and 17, nope delay of game. Make that 3rd and 22…

8:31 4th and 12. With the boo birds, on comes the field goal unit.

***Longwell’s season long is 41***

51-yard field goal is good for Ryan Longwell.

Defensive victory.

24-6 Green

RahimT12 : “95% of America just yelled ‘Holding!’”

…Field goal is waived! Holding Minnetosa. Longwell will NOT be attempting a 61-yarder. Bring on the punting team. Wow, this is ugly.


Joe Buck: “It has been literally all Green bay since the start of the 1st quarter.”

6:19 Green Bay driving, Nance gains 12! Dimitri Nance, I need to somehow remember that name. Who is this guy? All I know is he’s in motion 99% of his plays on the field. 12 yard gain though, nice.

jenlada : “Nance in motion – only this time it’s of the north-south variety. Weird.”

Joe Buck: “Green Bay now looks like they are having fun.”


4:42 Rodgers finds B-Jax off a play action for gain of 12 and another 1st down.

PackerGeeks : “Been noticing the last few weeks that if the ball is within the vicinity, Jackson catches the ball effortlessly.”

BillMichaels620 : “Move the chains….dink and dunk and eat the clock.”

Num-num, nearly 6 minutes off the clock so far.

2:29 Vikings defense holds, and Masthay set to punt from the 50-ish.


kareemcopeland : “Good drive for Packers to not score. Eat up 5:41 and get a good punt from Masthay to pin the Vikes inside their own 10.” …Great point.

Minnestoa to start at their own 9-yard line.

***Minnesota 91-yards away from making it 24-10 and only being down 14, at home, with their season on the line***

Psh, and I rip on Joe Buck’s lame jokes?

…commercials… A guy picturing his wife as Adrian peterson? What were they selling?

wallypingel : “Only a Vikings fan would picture what I am thinking is an attractive woman as Adrian Peterson.”

1:29 Brett Favre passes to Sydney Rice for 20-yards. He can still throw it hard, at least.

1:13 Quick slant to Rice, AH near interception! Favre throwing his hands up. Baby.


1:10 2nd and 10, another drop. This one by Adrian peterson. Favre might cry…He might actually cry.


1:04 3rd and 10, and? Another drop. Well, Favre threw it too far and too high, but it hit finger tips.

Dropped passes.

kareemcopeland : “More boos after the last Favre overthrow…”

Ugly offense for Minny.

Chilly, you there? Is there a pulse? Anything? Medic!

***Favre’s QB rating ranks 31st in the NFL***

TomPelissero : “Aaron Rodgers 20-of-29, 271 yards, 3 TDs. Brett Favre 12-of-26, 162 yards, 1 INT. Barring a miracle, time to bury the Vikings and their QB.”

JermichaelF88 : “Man we are looking good.”

jrehor : “Two weeks in a row of total domination is what we are witnessing Packers fans.”


*** Brett63088 : “Jennings kinda quietly having a big year, 8 TDs n 680 yards through 10 games.”***

0:49 Green Bay takes over at their own 33. Gain of 3 for Jackson on 1st down.

0:38 2nd down, nothing.


15 minutes to victory

BillMichaels620 : “As much as you want to talk about Rodgers and Jennings, the Packers D has played exceptional only giving up 3 points thus far. 1 qtr left.”

4th Quarter

15:00 3rd and 7 for Green Bay, Rodgers sacked by Ray Edwards. As long as he’s not hurt, we can live with that.



14:14 1st down Minnesota. I’ll let Joe Buck handle this one…

Buck: “Favre back to pass, he overthrows everybody.”

But wrecked by Troy…

Troy Aikman: “They’ve still got a chance. Don’t count them (Vikings) out.” 

Who’s paying you Troy? What do you have to gain coddling Favre like this?

Brilliant —> RahimT12 : “If aliens from Mars ever watched an NFL game by Fox, they’d assume that Brett Favre is our god, prophet, savior, and messiah.”

13:37 2nd down, incomplete pass.

Favre wants a facemask I guess?

olbagofdonuts : “Um Brent? Guys with 45 QB ratings don’t get those calls…..”

13:23 3rd and 7, Favre underthrows Peterson, dropped.

BigSnakeMan : “More ‘gator arms from AP. Classy.”

4th and 2, Chilly waves off the punt team. Queens going for it.

12:59 And Favre, yet again, overthrows Toby Gerhardt. Packers take over on downs. GREEN BAY FOOTBALL! So impressive.

BillMichaels620 : “There’s the dagger. You can hear GO PACK GO in the Metrodome.”

Vikings look to be done. Seriously, they’ve got nothing. Forget the dagger…Thy throats have been slit. Nothing but gurgles coming out now.

PackerDrunk : “Bold prediction: Vikings move to LA before next week.”

The UFL is looking to expand too I hear.


Time to take this in a different direction. Green Bay is going to win. It’s over. The Vikings are forlorn. Their tanks are empty. Favre checked out a few weeks ago. Chilly doesn’t have control of the team. Their defense is playing like middle schoolers. From now on, let’s just take it all in and hear from you all.

Oops, wait.

9:59 TOUCHDOWN GREEN BAY. Rodgers tear drops a pass to Jennings! 4th TD pass for Rodgers and 3rd receiving TD for Jennings today.

jsutlookin : “Another dagger!!”

Oprah Winfrey : “And you get a dagger! And you geta dagger!”

sweden527 : “Where’s the horn now b-’s?”

PackerChrisUK : “Go Pack Go! Clearly audible, even here in UK!!” …Packer Nation is worldwide.

foundinidaho : “Nice little dance by @ AaronRodgers12 there.”

Personally, I dig the championship belt. But I’m not complaining!

31-3 Green Bay is relentless

NFLONFOX : Jimmy: “Aaron Rodgers is showing he can be one of the best quarterbacks in the league.”

On the heels of the Badgers’ football team shelling Indiana by 70+ and Michigan by 20, it feels good seeing Green Bay pouring it on.

realfreemancbs : “Packers running up the score. Hahaha!”

Aaron_Nagler : “Its a Wisconsin thing. ;)”

Should they apply the breaks?

MidwestFan : “I don’t want to see the Packers let up AT ALL.”

Guess not.

***100% of Packer fans say, “Keep scoring! I want Brett to have nightmares about this game!”***

Fantasy update:

BamaCheesehead : “Jennings has now scored 42 points for my fantasy team today!”

WallyPingel : “Greg Jennings is killing me in Fantasy Football today & I couldn’t be happier.”

You two playing each other?

***Kevin Williams has his last name is spelled wrong on the back of his jersey! Haha, man oh man***

When it rains, it pours eh?

QBKILLA (Warren Sapp): “Fire Everybody In Minnesota! Kevin Williams Name On Jersey Read “Willaims” WOW! Everybody Must GO!!!!”


…Vikings with the football…


Oh dear, your 2010 Minnesota Vikings everybody…

JuddZulgad : “8:50 left in the fourth quarter a “Fire Childress” chants that’s the loudest I have heard this season.”

PackerLadyC : “FIRE FAVRE !”

8:00 Capers still sending the blitz. I love this.

7:00 Turnover on downs, Packers football

TomPelissero : “This date will go down as one of the low points in Vikings history. An ‘all-in’ season over in 10 games. Total, unyielding disaster.”

In comes Matt Flynn. Keep your eyes on this guy Childress. You might need a QB next season and seem to like Green Bay’s scraps.

Joe Buck: “Flynn gets a chance to stretch his legs and do his thing.”

Remarkable, against a team that was 1-2 plays from being in the Superbowl last year.

jasonjwilde : “Rodgers’ numbers today: 22 for 31, 301 yards, four TDs, 0 INTs (third straight 0 INT game) , 141.3 passer rating.”

6:00 …Green bay driving…

RyanGrant25 : “How chaotic do you guys think it is in Minnesota right now? .. Just glad we swept them for the year.”


TundraVision : “Ray Edwards and Jared Allen dropping F-bombs to each other on the sideline. It’s over Vikings fans. It’s over.”


JermichaelF88 : “The fat lady is warming up in the back. Lol”

Workinonit24 : “The fat lady has been singing since the 2nd Quarter.”


wallypingel : “What a perfect Packers win today.”


mingala : “Special shout out to the da Bears fans rooting for the Viqueens today!”


awbartel : “We were dead wrong about this being a close game.”

jasonjwilde : “Yes, I was 10000% wrong. I apologize to those I said were nuts. :)”

But doesn’t it feel so good to be so wrong sometimes?


My mother just texted me. She texted me! It reads: “Hehehehehehhehehe! Wooooooweeee!” …I couldn’t have said it better.


TundraVision : “Favre finally got his wish: he always said he wanted to go into the Metrodome and hand the Vikings an embarrassing blowout.”


jeffblumb : “Hoping that someone besides me notices soon we’ve had only 8 penalties total over the past 4 games.”


cpisula: “Can’t spell Domination without “Dom”, right Mr. Capers?”


31-3 Packers win.

foundinidaho : “THAT WAS AWESOME!!!!”


RahimT12 : “Been dreaming about this game for so long. A great game by Rodgers, a miserable failure by Favre.”


michaeldavidsen : “Last 3 games : Packers - 85, Opponents – 10″

realfreemancbs : “Dear Brett Favre: unlike others, we still love you and can’t wait for your return.” –Signed, tractor pulls”


olbagofdonuts : “Let the record show that – if this is it for Judas – he was finished off by Matt Flynn and Dmitri Nance.”

Music to my ears.

BillMichaels620 : “Packers 0 turnovers and only 1 penalty in this ball game.”


theandyman : “Best part of holding the Vikes to 3 at home? Very little of that dang horn!”

The best?

Dom Capers was masterful today. With those blitzes hitting home often, what was his secret?

packfanRyan : “Dom Capers knows your social security number!”

Other reaction:

acmepackingco :” Packers Game Ball: Packers Embarrass Vikings, 31-3 http://sbn.to/aDr8tZ

JerseyAlIGP: “Packers 31, Vikings 3 – Destruction in the Dome http://bit.ly/dsmn1e

PackersTherapy: “Chris and Dave discuss the 31-3 Green Bay beatdown over the pathetic Vikings in this week’s Packers Therapy podcast — http://ow.ly/3dpbJ  ”

Let the “Will Childress be fired” questions rain down. I’m going to enjoy this…

zcalvelli : “I hope Zygi Wilf hitches his wagon to Childress, tries to get a stadium, all while CBA meetings ensue. Gotta hold on to a coach like that.”

jrehor : I want Chilly to get fired before he even leaves the Metrodome. Pack up your crap and leave

jaymelee1 : “I’m still taking Chilly getting fired in the middle of press conference in my ‘fire Chilly’ pool”

BigSnakeMan: “I still have  [Chilly getting fired]  an hour after the season ends.”

PACKERHQ : “I want him to get an extension…. 4 more years of inept leadership please.”

It’s win-win. I wonder how the Vikings’ higher ups feel about the situation…

TomPelissero : “Zygi Wilf exited the locker room scowling. Did not speak to reporters. Got in elevator and left.”

Okay, okay. That’s enough. This is Green Bay’s day, their victory. With today’s win, we can finally put the Favre-Chilly-Vikings jokes to bed…tuck them in tight…Enough! Sorry. It’s been good. It’s been fun. It’s been good fun. Let’s revel in a dominating performance, and move on to more important matters. Green Bay is 7-3 and tied atop the NFC North, while the Vikings are 3-7. Sorry Minnesota, but you’re no longer relevenant. Time to work on a playoff run!

Happy Thanksgiving guys/gals! I plan on sitting in one spot, filling my belly with food, watching some football, and enjoying some quality time with friends and family. I hope you all have a chance to do the same.

Celebrate with me: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ (video)

ps. Get it while it’s hot —> lotfautographs : “Brett Favre 500 TD Limited Edition Autographed Memorabilia http://conta.cc/atBrPL” ;)


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    RE: ’4′-”He’s wearing his frustration like a snuggie.”


  • foundinidaho

    Bwahahahaha. Still awesome.