This is the first update of the Milwaukee Bucks’ roster rankings since the preseason rankings. The preseason ranking was based on potential. Future updates will be based on the impact each player is having at the present moment.

Rank Player Height Weight Position Exp Age
1 Brandon Jennings 6-1 169 Point Guard 1 21 did a piece, calling Jennings “pound for pound” the toughest player in the NBA. In his second season he has already stood up strong to Kevin Garnett and Kobe Bryant. “Fear the Deer” was created for him.
2 Andrew Bogut 7-1 260 Center 5 25
While Bogut’s defense has held steady since the arm injury, his shooting has clearly fallen sharply. His offensive presence around the hoop and at the free throw line are nowhere near 100%. This team doesn’t success unless Bogut is at that #1 ranking.
3 Corey Maggette 6-6 225 Small Forward 11 30
His shooting percentage dropped heavily (just like everyone else on the team) but he continued to attack the basket well, get to the charity stripe, and improve at his free throw percentage.
4 Drew Gooden 6-10 250 Forward/Center 8 29
Gooden has been doing what Bogut is supposed to be doing – shoot a high percentage in the paint. Gooden has gotten a bit of luck hitting shots in the 15-20 foot range, but his consistency to average 10+ rebounds is proving to be most valuable.
5 Carlos Delfino 6-6 230 Guard/Forward 6 28
The Bucks’ shooting woes were ongoing before Delfino missed a stretch of games. Still, Delfino is one of the more aggressive players and shooters on the team, and his long-range stroke has been sorely missed.
6 Luc Richard Mbah a Moute 6-8 230 Small/Power Forward 2 24
Like Gooden, Mbah a Moute fills in temporarily for the absence of Bogut in some areas. He doesn’t shoot often, but has been reliable so far this season when he does.
7 John Salmons 6-6 207 Guard/Forward 8 30
Salmons has had the worst drop-off in shooting percentage on the team. He has chipped in with a few rebounds and assists here and there, but that is not what he is needed for.
8 Ersan Ilyasova 6-9 235 Small/Power Forward 5 23
9 Keyon Dooling 6-3 195 Point Guard 10 30
10 Earl Boykins 5-5 133 Point Guard 12 34
11 Jon Brockman 6-7 255 Forward/Center 1 23
12 Larry Sanders 6-11 235 Power Forward R 21
13 Chris Douglas-Roberts 6-7 210 Guard/Forward 2 23
14 Darington Hobson 6-7 205 Forward R 23
15 Michael Redd 6-6 215 Guard/Forward 10 31

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  • BigSnakeMan

    As of this point, I’d place Drew Gooden at #2 on this list. Beyond Jennings, he’s been about their most consistent performer so far.

  • Brian

    Hard to argue with that. It wasn’t a great start for Gooden, but then again who has had a great start? I’m still holding out hope that after Nov 30th, it will no longer “still be early” and they will have finally figured things out.