Each Friday during the football season the 3 founding fathers of Pocket Doppler (yours truly, BigSnakeMan & Chris Richards) will pick the winners of the Packers, Sunday night & MNF games with a running tally through out the season.

Welcome to this week’s edition of the Pocket Doppler Prognosticators.  Entering Week 11 the current standings are:

Wally: 19
BigSnakeMan: 16
Chris: 14

Perfect picks?  Perfect picks. Last week I went 3 for 3 while both BSM & Chris got 1.  Rather than write some long-drawn out, gloating rant I’ll just share these classic Mac Davis lyrics:

Oh Lord it’s hard to be humble,
when you’re perfect in every way.

I can’t wait to look in the mirror,
‘cos I get better looking each day

To know me is to love me,
I must be a hell of a man.

O Lord it’s hard to be humble,
but I’m doing the best that I can.

On to the picks!


BigSnakeMan has been in a slump lately and has come to the conclusion that he’s been overthinking the prognostication process. If my fantasy football team has taught me anything, it’s that it’s pointless to try to invoke logic to this football season as nothing has gone according to Hoyle. So we’re going to rely on our instincts this week and see where that takes us…….

Packers over Vikings – This is the type of game that the Packers typically lose. The Vikings have their backs against the wall, they’re coming off a tough divisional loss last week at Chicago and they’re back at home in that annoying house of horrors known as the Metrodome. Not to mention that this is Brett Fav-ruh’s probable last hurrah against his former team (with the emphasis on probable ). As has been mentioned numerous times already, this is Minnesota’s “Super Bowl”. But the hell with all that. The Vikings are a train wreck in slow motion with engineer Chilly leading them over a cliff. The course of their season has played out like the plot of a Roadrunner cartoon and there aren’t enough Acme products in the world to save them. Even with all their personnel losses, the Packers are the better team and all that remains is for them to pound the final nail in the Vikings coffin.

Eagles over Giants – For most of the season, the Giants have appeared to represent the class of the NFC. Of course, that’s akin to damning them with faint praise. Meanwhile, the Eagles have been the league’s hottest team and are coming off a record setting performance last Monday night. Michael Vick’s elusiveness should be enough to sublimate New York’s pass rush and playing at home should help Philadelphia overcome both the short week and the Giants.

Chargers over Broncos – Yes, Denver is coming off a big win over Kansas City last week but I believe that says more about an overachieving Chiefs team than it does about the Broncos. San Diego is following its normal pattern of sucking to start out the season before pulling their heads out of their collective ass to claim another AFC Worst title. As such, they’re right on schedule. There is little reason to believe that Denver will win this game and they won’t.

Packers over Vikings – At the beginning of the year this game scared the hell out of me.  Now, not so much.  While Dallas last week proved that even a down team can rise to the occasion I just don’t think that this train wreck of a team called the Minnesota Vikings can do the same. While the first game in Lambeau was something of a nail-biter this one won’t be with the Packers offense putting up a 2 TD lead and the defense harrassing Favre mercilessly and corralling Peterson for minmal gain.

Eagles over Giants – Yet another reason to thank CBrad Childress for talking Favre into coming back as otherwise the rumors where there the Vikings were going to try and get Vick.  That would have been more than a little scary.  I think the Eagles will ride the momentum of that blowout over the Redskins to take care of the Giants at home handily.
Charges over Broncos – This is just abou the time of the year when the Chargers always seem to ratchet things up for the run to the playoffs.  I expect the same this year as the Chargers will  “bolt” out to an early lead and keep it through out.  Thank you, I’ll be here all week.


Packers over Vikings – MN is a caged animal, a beast backed into a corner, fighting for its playoff life, it’s QB struggling for one last shot of redemption, playing at home with its top WR supposedly set to come off the PUP list.  My initial thought was: This will be the Vikings last gasp, their Super Bowl–they will find a way be beat the Packers. But GB is coming off a bye, and that traditionally means good things. Still wavering, I was pushed into the Pro-Packers camp by Joe Arrigo, our guest on Packers Therapy this week. He convinced me that MN is a sinking ship. I don’t know if Joe is right, but he certainly is convincing. Give me Green Bay over Minnesota.

Eagles over Giants – The Giants crapped the bed v. DAL last week while PHL rode a bulldog performance from Michael Vick and boat-raced WASH. Now the Eagles come home, so this one seems to be setting up well for them. I still think NYG is a serious contender and that Vick is due to stumble and crash back to earth. But I don’t see that happening this week, so I’ll take PHL at home over the G-Men.

Chargers over Broncos – SD is one of those teams I expect to come on hard in the second half. DEN, not so much. I look for this one to feature lots of passing, so it should be an entertaining game. Their records are pretty close right now, but Bolts are just a better team on both sides of the ball than the Kicking Horse, and given the home field advantage, SD should win.


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  • http://Twitter.com/richwardjr Rich Ward

    “…it’s that it is pointless to try to invoke logic to this football season as nothing has gone according to Hoyle.”

    That’s poetry, man. But I think I liked it better when you all picked against Green Bay (Jets). Now I’m nervous…Stupid Bears-Dolphins’ game.

  • Chris

    I’m nervous, too, Rich. But I get nervous when I’m not nervous, so I guess that’s good.