This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is Sit-Com Ladies!

A Sofia Vergara (Gloria Delgado-Pritchett – “Modern Family”) sort of morning.

Our guest for this week’s Thursday Q & A is sports reporter Jen Lada from Fox 6 in Milwaukee. We cover almost every team in Wisconsin and more so make sure to check back for that this afternoon.

Brian says that the  Packers Better Equipped To Stop Peterson  this time around. on  The Claymaker for Defensive MVP .

Total Packers on  Why It All Went Wrong For The Vikings .

Seeing as ‘the legend’ seems to have vacated this spot, I can start linking to Lombardi Ave again, starting with their  Week 11 Packer Fantasy Focus .

Anonymous Eagle has your recap of last night’s Marquette game as they beat UW-Green Bay 89-69 .

Hopefully this be the last of this, but thought I should link to this post as  Bielema addresses criticism of Wisconsin running up score .

From The Sports Bank,  Analysis and Previews: NFC Intraconference Games .

Reading through this was a trip down memory lane, not necessarily all good memories mind, but memories none the less -  The 15 Greatest Gym Class Activities .

These are all pretty cool: 21 Awesomely Creative Bag Designs .

We all gotta aspire to something, right?  The 13 Most Historically Important Perverts of All Time .

Happens to the best of us -  Hungover At Work: A Guide To Pulling It Together On The Job .

Thanksgiving is next week and a lot of you may be travelling, perhaps by air as well.  If you are flying, here to help you out is  Your Guide to Navigating Airport Security With Ease .

Seeing as news broke of Eva Longoria & Tony Parker splitting up, thought that this would be topical…sort of:  The NBA WAG’s Hottest Pictures .

Maybe its just me  - As I take my strolls around the Wisconsin sports blogosphere, things out there seem a little different than the first time this year the Packers & Vikings met up.  Then, there seemed to be a post out there on almost every single aspect of the game and of course on the full range of emotions as it related to Brett Favre.  Love him, hate him, feel sorry him, still reverie him…you name it everyone had something.  This time though it all seems more, I don’t know, workmanlike.  I’m sure things will amp up quickly, as the week closes out and the game gets closer but for now it really does seem like the calm before the storm.

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