This is a post from a few weeks ago we put up on another site, but since the NBA season is only 10 games old, it seemed like a good time to repost it here on Pocket Doppler.

This is just a collective gathering of predictions for season standings. Predictions were compiled from,,,, and, as well as input from Rick at Haislip’d and Fell Down and myself at Milwaukee Brian Sports.

Check back often as the season progresses. There is nothing more fun than looking back at past predictions and seeing how right or wrong you were. If you own a future copy of “Gray’s Sports Almanac”, look ahead and let us know if these predictions are accurate.

Central Atlantic Southeast Pacific Northwest Southwest
Bulls Celtics Heat Lakers Thunder Spurs
Bucks Knicks Magic Suns Blazers Mavericks
Pacers Nets Hawks Clippers Jazz Rockets
Pistons 76ers Wizards Warriors Nuggets Hornets
Cavaliers Raptors Bobcats Kings Timberwolves Grizzlies

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