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A Rashida Jones (Ann Perkins - “Parks and Recreation”) sort of morning.

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Take That – Yesterday we got the news of veteran Packers tackle Mark Tauscher being placed on the IR.  We also got the new then that Tauscher has been asked to stay with the team “in the meetings and travel with the team and so forth”.  For every one out there that says Mike McCarthy & Ted Thompson don’t care about veterans, never have any loyalty to players and about a dozen other items this only proves you’re full of crap.  The Packers could have just tossed Tauscher aside once he was placed on the IR, but instead are embracing him as in integral part of the team whether he can play or not. Will this lead to an eventual coaching position or something similar?  I would find that a little hard to see but I could see Tauscher joining the Packers in some other capacity, not unlike Rob Davis when he retired.  No matter what, keeping in the fold was Tauscher was a class move.

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  • Tarynfor 12

    I don’t get the uproar about running up the score.You play to score and win and if by chance you have the ability to score at will and three times as much as your opponent than do so without reservation.Instill in them the fact of what to expect every time they dare to challenge you either at home or away.

    Some will say that revenge will be a strong motive the next game and personally I think that’s bullshit.Players change and move on to quickly for that mentality to linger in reality.

    What does remain is the fear,as when you may be forced to walk down an alley or through the park late and alone and if unfortunately something were to happen,the fear stays and resurfaces every time you go there.

    Running up the score is a good thing is this manner,make them think about the previous visit and rue the day when so daring to come again.

    Now TT and MM have shown the utmost level of meaning of Packer Family.Mark Tauscher is Family and is and should be made an integral part for years to come.Rarely does a player of his stature of play,intelligence and plain old moxey come around.

    I’m not privy to GB practices,but Tauscher I’m sure has played a huge part in the play of Bulaga and will again with whoever is next when Bulaga moves to LT.Actually,Clifton and Tauscher as coaches can be awesome,as when they played as bookends for so long.

  • Chris

    To reiterate, the “running up the score” nonsense comes down to this for me: IU was still trying to score, so why shouldn’t UW? Had IU capitulated, then it would have been proper for UW to do so as well. But that wasn’t the case. I don’t think any coach should put reserves in the game and ask them to lay down. That isn’t right; it’s certainly not fair to the goon squad guys who come to practice and work hard every day, sometimes for years. This was their shot. Of course they should play hard. I assume that is how they are coached to play in practice.

  • Anita

    Don’t get me wrong. I’m a Badger fan (well, they’re my #2 team behind my Irish), but trying to talk people into thinking that they didn’t run up the score on Indiana is like listening to a Bears fan try to convince me how disallowing Calvin Johnson’s game winning TD catch in Week One and screwing the Lions out of a win, was the right call.

    OF COURSE IU is going to continue to try and score. THEY WERE LOSING BY 50 POINTS. Doesn’t mean that Wisconsin should be throwing 70 yard TD bombs on 3rd down. Get the first down and kill some clock. Like I said, I’m a Wisconsin fan, but I was embarrassed.

    Embarrassing a team like that inevitably comes back to bite you in the ass. It becomes bulletin board material, and maybe not only for the IU football team. You think Tom Crean didn’t just circle the Wisconsin game on his basketball calendar? I’m thinking he just might have.

  • Chris

    Sorry, I’m not buying the notion that UW should quit while their opponents get to get playing. That’s ridiculous.

    Why not let second and third string players play for real? It is in UW’s interest to get them real game experience. Moreover, it is insulting to send them out there to absorb body blows from the other team.

    I mean, this isn’t the Saturday morning touch league at the Y — the is no mercy rule or running clock. As one coach famously said “It’s Division One Football! It’s the Big (10)!”

    Besides, as BigSnakeMan noted, it’s not up to UW to roll over, it’s up to IU to stop them. The only thing that I find embarrassing is how many people are concerned about this.

  • Tarynfor 12

    Anita,since you were embarrassed by the Badgers for running the score,are you saying you DO NOT want the Packers to score on every possession against the Vikes.Where as every game we hear about the lack of killer instinct to put the game away.

    Be careful as to not show Hypocrisy.

    As for things coming back to bite your ass(karma)I would prefer to worry about that with something more important in life matters,not a football game.If we were to get bit in the ass later,it’s fine, simply because “we were able to bite first”in this case.

  • Anita

    I’m fine with plastering the Vikings in a similar fashion as last week vs. the Cowboys. Put them away early and hold them. But hanging 83 on team is never going to happen in the NFL, because in the pros, karma is a bitch and much more likely to happen than in college, especially when dealing with the egos of the spoiled and overpaid. So, it’s not even a fair question or comparison. For the record, I thought Oregon hanging 70+ on a few opponents at the beginning of the season was overkill as well.

    Tossing a 70 yard TD with a 53 point lead was unnecessary and slightly douchey. Short swing pass for a first down? Not so much.

  • Chris

    Why not throw that deep pass? UW had it’s second team on the field–I thought it was a good test for the QB. Moreover, that success might give him confidence when he has to play for real.

    Blowouts provide a great opportunity to reserves to get some meaningful reps, and that might help down the road. In fact, that is an important reason why D3 Mt. Union has put together a dynasty: They have been good enough to allow their back-ups to play much of the second halves of their games over the years.

  • BigSnakeMan

    I could understand the charges of running up the score if the long TD pass was a called play, but it wasn’t. It was a busted play where Budmayr was flushed out of the pocket. As a backup QB with limited opportunities to impress the coaching staff in game action, he was just trying to make a play as any other player in his position would do. It was a longshot play at best and I don’t think Budmayr gave any thought at that point to running up the score on the Hoosiers.

    Besides, IU did a pretty good job of embarrassing themselves without any help from the Badgers. It didn’t matter if the Badgers passed or ran since they weren’t stopping them on the ground either. When they allow the slowest guy on the team to score on a 17 yard naked bootleg, they have no complaint. As far as karma coming back to bite the Badgers in the form of the Hoosiers, bring it on!