Usually I seem to end up reviewing what happened with the Packers last week. Since it was the bye, and I refuse to give any in-depth analysis on the Vikings or Bears or their game, (other than they both absolutely suck) I guess I have to look ahead.

In looking at this game with the Vikings, there are some déjà vu aspects. As with the last meeting with the Vikings, it’s a key game in the conference, it’s a chance to humiliate BrINT, this time in the Humpty Dump; and lastly to propel the Packers into the rest of the season with momentum and spirit.

I’ve seen and heard a lot of commentary that the Packers can’t “take their eye off the ball”, can’t “look ahead to next week”, “must look forward not back” and of course the obvious nugget that they have to take this game seriously.

The beauty of the current quarterbacking situation in Minnesota (if such a thing can be said to have beauty) is that it ensures the Packer are going to be supremely focused. This is a chance to really “stick it” to the Vikings. This proclaims dominance. This makes further arguments for CM3 getting a DPOY or (in my opinion) a deserved MVP award. This gets Childress fired. I know, I know, I’m of two minds on that one as well.

The Packers mean business. Look out, Gramps, your shoulder and your foot are going to be much sorer come Sunday. And Aaron Rodgers will have a look of sheer delight on his face that has NOTHING to do with that.

Yeah, right.
Go Pack Go.


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  • Anita

    Matthews needs to have another dominant game to fend off the “Michael Vick for MVP train.” Gag. Seriously.

    We need the win for QB1, as well. The one argument that the (dwindling number of) Favre fans still cling to is that Brett defeated his old team twice last year. Returning the favor this week puts that argument to bed forever.

  • foundinidaho

    I hear you, Anita. Count me among the Favre supporters that cried foul when TT traded him. Not knowing as much of the story, of course as would come out in due course. I love ARodg and the chip on his shoulder. It won’t come off by beating Brent again, but it sure will make him smile. Always a good thing.