So it is a Sunday, and an odd-day for a “Mid-Week Report.” But our Bucks’ week is unique in that it runs from Wednesday – Tuesday. With 18 Saturday games in the 2010-11 year, there is almost always something new to cover for each Sunday morning Mid-Week Report.

What We Have Seen :

We have seen the Milwaukee Bucks put up dominant performances against two teams in two nights: a combined 44 points against New York and at Atlanta. This came of course after much criticism the week prior when Milwaukee ranked 29th out of 30 teams in offense. I’ll probably continue to say “it is still early” until after the month of November. But it is still early, and if the Bucks can navigate through their tough early-season schedule, there will be a lot to look forward to in 2011.

What We Have Not Seen :

We have not seen the best the Milwaukee Bucks have to offer. Yes, they have started to perform at a higher level. The fact that their best days are still ahead of them, plus knowing that athletic freak Chris Douglas-Roberts has a few more weeks until he returns from eye surgery, and it gives an exciting outlook to what lies ahead.

What We Wish We Would Have Seen :

We wish we would have seen better numbers from Andrew Bogut against Atlanta. Fans, experts, fantasy basketball managers, and most others knowledgeable in all things NBA will tell you that Milwaukee made the off-season moves they did (Corey Maggette, Drew Gooden) to alleviate pressure off Andrew Bogut. He no longer has to excel for the team to win. Still, the Atlanta game (which ESPN’s John Hollinger called “Game 8″, an extension of last season’s playoff matchup) was a great road win for the Bucks, and a way to show they can hang with the talented, heavily-athletic teams in the NBA.

What We Wish We Would Have Not Seen :

Two words: Dan Gadzuric. The Journal Sentinel had this little piece on how “Gadzooks” got the injury start in his first game against his former team. I don’t hold anything personally against the guy. In a league full of self-proclaimed “thugs” and other bad guys, Dan Gadzuric is a genuine good guy. And you cannot blame him for taking the money handed to him, especially since he gave a lot back to the community. I didn’t see the start of the game and really hope Milwaukee didn’t boo him. But seeing him is like seeing your ex-girlfriend who accidentally burned down half your apartment because she was that clumsy. He probably felt just as awkward as we did.

What We Wish We Could See But It Has Not Happened Yet So Therefore We Cannot See It :

Perhaps this category will change names for next week. Time will tell. As stated above, the Bucks have a huge potential waiting in Douglas-Roberts. It will be very interesting to see how playing time is assigned at that point. If this was an elementary school basketball team, there would be a lot of angry parents asking why their son sits on the bench. That has to be a good thing for an NBA team, right?

Corey Maggette came in the offseason from a very selfish Golden State team, but he was quoted right away in Milwaukee saying that he recognizes how effort and defense translate to playing time. It is that mentality that will keep the bench players from always trying to out-perform the starters, and that is a win-win situation to be in.


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